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  1. Hi there, I called them and they have told me that they cannot amend the payments or re-negotiate, regardless of the circumstances, which seems very cut and shut to me. Would it make a difference if I write to them or maybe get Citizens Advice to do it on my behalf? I feel totally helpless. Thank You. xXx
  2. Hello All, I am about to take my daughter leave my marriage due to domestic violence and I have a vehicle on HP with Capital Bank. It is a 4.5 year agreement with a balloon payment at the end in Nov 2010. I am desperate to keep the vehicle as it is my freedom and ability to get away should anything errupt. Is there any way of keeping the vehicle once I notify Capital Bank of the change of circumstances and the fact I'll be struggling to pay the monthly repayments. I will be in receipt of certain benefits and will also be studying at university. Thank You.
  3. Hello All, Bit stuck but need to know where to go with this one so here goes... I have just finished paying off my loan with Natwest and the outstanding balance was 2 payments of £139.95, a total of £279.90. I had missed payments in January and February this year and agreed with Natwest that both payments would be made by 1st March. At the end of February I called Natwest to transfer the remaining £279.90 from my savings account to my loan account and was advised by the call centre operative that if I got someone else to pay it off on their debit card then I was entitled to £80
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