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  1. Thank you for your advice, the lady concerned is recently married after a whirlwind romance of 12 weeks. Its a delicate situation and had the position before her marriage and is well respected. Its come to my attention after a school reunion and unfortunately I wish it hadn't as the messenger is always the one who gets shot! not only is there a drug dealing conviction with a prison sentence but violence.
  2. hi everyone is it an offence or a problem if a social worker /area manager at a housing association for vulnerable adults and young people with learning difficulties/mental problems has a husband with a criminal conviction for dealing class A drugs The charity provides housing for this section of the community and works closely with Social services I have been put in a difficult position where I have this information and although dont wish to report it, because of the nature of work I feel I might have to. I dont even know If Im duty bound to or if she is aware of her husbands previous conviction. I feel terrible that I might be putting people at risk however feel equally bad that someones livelihood could also be in jeopardy Thanks
  3. Thankyou, once again wise words.... yes it helped Sushi
  4. Spamheed, once again some positive comments and suggestions ...thankyou and for your advice through experience, it is v valuable...im sory you went through that at the hands of your ex ashmk, thanks for the thought, re ebay and believe me I have...however I dont have a logbook for the motorbike and i have no idea whether the thing is legal so putting it on the street is a very good idea. I dont like the idea of reducing myself to his level to make him feel or look better...as i said hes accused me of harassment already, and threatening to open a can of worms re a paper trail...we lived together when i was very sick and i didnt declare it you see. he was my carer.. i will run that risk Im afraid, i want to make my life right now. im hoping if i do things properly and legally with or without court he will get the message...he has the impression I dont want it over. I even thinking of paying a solicitor now to write me a letter so he knows I mean business
  5. Spamheed Thankyou very very much ...sometimes i wonder if I am unfair, but now I feel better do you know the court forms I might need? PS. he didnt "borrow" the items, rather took them when he left, along with the key...rather bizarre behaviour the more I think about it.
  6. Thanks for your reply, yes your concern are my thoughts too he has no claim on the property, its rented in my name. he didnt pay the bills or contribute to costs I supported him for the duration....partly because i am sick and partly my stupidity. Re the children, they are not his.. they are 11, 13, and 15....their father would go beserk at the thought that he had their possessions. they are ambivulent to the situation tbh..he was in their lives for 4 years,and has let them down they have a father who they love and who has a good relationship with them...that at least works well shouldnt he just return their items? i have sent him money to do so there is no family member, we are alone..their father would just add more trouble to the list his stuff is boxed and locked in my shed, the valuables in the house. i read that landlords can claim that possessions are abandoned after a certain time... I gave him a deadline of a month...that has now passed how can I return it if he wont communicate? or collect i darent pay out for more costs eg storage, he wont pay me pack which was why I was wondering if I could apply to the courts for costs and to get back my girls things
  7. Im not an expert.... many other people here can probably help with legals .....but had something similar with veolia water. I was able to supply my new tenancy agreement and as I was on Housing Benefit /CTB , this was further proof. presumably you lived there for a little while and they provided estimates for some of your bills...if you were able to give a leaving date they will be able to work out with your monthly usage if you owe them money or not. hope that helps
  8. Hi everyone. Im not sure if this is the correct place to write this so please apologies in advance, My ex of four years walked out on New Years Eve taking nothing but the clothes he was wearing, the keys, a dongle for internet and my daughter's ds lite accesssories and game and my other daughter;s phone he was borrowing. he left everything, bank books, paperwork, a motorbike, personal items belonging to his late father and other things of sentimental value. i am reluctant to throw them out out of respect...he knows this. I have asked for my things back, even sent money so he could do this...nothing. he expects my daughters to collect their things, without me...but this is not possible as i am sick and cant drive them accross London to do so....which is why I sent the money in the hope he would see sense as it is not safe for the girls in that part of London I have changed my locks and asked him politely to remove his things...each with the reply I will do it ASAP He has also said that if i touch/ sell his motorbike he will inform the police its got to the point he is even accusing me of harassing him to remove his stuff...all I want is him out of our lives...my eldest has her GCSe's and we dont need the aggro Legally what can I do? he knows I am in the difficult position, being sick (I am registered disabled) I dont need stress as it is my trigger to my very poor health Can a court make him remove his things? and can a court make him return my children's posessions..both given to them by their father... I am presently saving up my benefits to hire a man and a van ...will take an age but Im wondering if i can then appply for costs (its annoying I should have to do this) any ideas? thankyou
  9. BUMP!!! went to court yesterday and Ealing Borough Council didnt show up after hours of me waiting around. Im sick at the moment as my asthma is border line being admitted so as you can imagine it wasnt funny. The judge was really nice and sympathised with me, ( he has a blue badge) saying the whole case was ridiculous and that EBC were pretty much useless as I still havent recieved the original PCN. I couldnt comment on it as I havent seen it So all he can do is return the bundle to the TEC to decide Sushi
  10. Hi everyone. Further update. I am due in court on the 28th of this month to let a judge decide whether Ealing Borough Council should, accept that it was out of my control and I didnt recieve the PCN. (I think accept my out of time declaration) I have submitted my defence, however do I need to request anything regarding evidence from the other side ? I have countered what they have said in my defence eg: not my responsibility to inform DVLA of a change of address as I dont hold the V5 cert, the fact mobility knew of my change of address,My new tenancy agreement, and hopefully if in time a hospital discharge sheet stating I was in hospital following my move so I couldnt go and get my post from my former address Do you also advise writing to EBC one more time in the hope that they will see sense, or is it too late at this stage to halt the court case. I have no problems with going to court to prove my case, but I am not well and mobility is an issue Thanks Sushi
  11. Hi Pixy. Im certainly no expert like the other members of the team, but have gone through homelessness and moving with a disablility and wish you luck. A GP's letter will always help. As far as I remember there is a clause which refers to vulnerablilty in the housing Act, and whether a move will be detriomental to you health. Im sure a good welfare rights lawyer can help. Secondly although a side issue which was my main reason for writing was the impact your health has on your little ones. Do they care for you in any way because the Young Carers Project will help them. Most Borough Councils have one. My children have support and help from them. Oh and before I forget, get your MP on side, meet with them it wont do any harm, and get as much paper work from relevent Dr's /consultants /agencies to endorse your disability and hopefully get you more care. I wish you luck. Sushi
  12. Thank you Leemack....it was the wording Integrity that made me wonder whether they were questioning my integrity. They know all about me. Ive kept them up to date because Ive been ver sick the past 4 yrs. Thanks again Sushi
  13. Hi merry Christmas to you all. I have just received a letter from the benefit integrity centre and was wondering if there was anything I should be worried about? I am on income support because I cant get Incapacity benefit as I am severely sick and have been for a while now. I also receive DLA, and sever disablement supplement with my IS. I have recieved a letter saying I have to fill in a Income Support A2 review form. Is this normal.? Sushi Thanks in advance.
  14. Thankyou thankyou thankyou! I will get started
  15. thanks silverfox. Ive been paying various companies a goodwill monthly payment on my debts and I suddenly realised through this fab site that maybe it wasnt going to the original creditors. Noone is chasing me at present, but I dont see the point paying if its not enforceable. If I miss one of these monthly payments with the DCA, will that show on my credit file regarding the original debt as a default? what Im trying to say is that some of these DCA Ive been paying for 2 years and have I extended the 6yr life of the original debt by doing so?
  16. Hi, quick question Im sure one of many! Do I CCA the DCA or the credit card/store card company themselves or both? I am concerned now that the tiny ammount Im paying may not be going to the right people Im going to use this template I hope its right http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?414-CCA-request-letter Sushi
  17. Hi all, Some time ago I employed a company to help me claim back charges and PPI from my credit cards. I know I could have done it myself, but I hadnt found you then! However when I discovered that They had misinformed me about where the refund would go, I cancelled their services. I havent heard from them since. They had told me I would recieve a cheque and that I could pay them out of that, not that it would be put against arrears. Fortunately they admitted they were wrong and they told me they had cancelled their services. I am in such debt I would hardly get into more just to get the arrears reduced slightly! I had already recieved charges for one card but because it was a small credit limit I have some left over and was able to pay their commission from that. My question is this: Tesco have now agreed to pay £1,236.70 which was the premiums for 6 years. I am assuming now that the third party either didnt cancel their services or Tesco have continued their investigations as the ball was already rolling. Should I accept? I havent the funds to pay the Claim company their 30%. Secondly, I have been sick since 2007 and unable to work. Would I do better to claim for this. I was unemployed when I took out the card and then self employed before sickness so not sure if this means I will be able to claim. Any suggestions on my next move please. Sushi
  18. Incidentally, can I ask a court to change a payment order because I cant afford it ? I have a judgement with an order to pay monthly but need to lower it.... are there special forms i need to fill in? thanks
  19. Hi thanks all I did that one with two of the fines and they dismissed the appeal. I havent admitted any of them. I figure that it will be less hassle to just pay because then the fine doubles with extra costs etc. Ive written to Harrow council to ask if they will take mayments direct from my benefits...i know they can only take a small ammount. They previously wanted fifty pounds a month and with my other debts I couldnt do it. If they insist of fifty again I will have to write to all the creditors and send them the council demand letters explaining that i cant pay them anymore becasue a priority debt has taken their money! No I havent CCa'ed everyone, i know I owe the money you see so I thought id better make arrangements to repay even if it is at £5 per month.
  20. thanks dx Ive gone down every road I can except bankrupcy and IVA both of which I dont wish to do. Im guessing that if there is no available money left after the priority debt is paid, the other creditors cant make me pay. Im annoyed because I had settled everything and they were all happy with the repayment plans. Now the letters will start again. But I cant pay what I havent got can I? and I want to avoid bailiffs for the parking fines.
  21. BUMP! Hello all Further to my previous posts i have a further question. I have just been notified of some priority debts from the council regarding unpaid parking fines. I cant contest as in my ignorance I have committed some of the offences. However this is not my issue My question is regarding the priority debt. The council want me to pay more than I can afford. If I didnt pay the other debts I could afford it. Can I write to my creditors and inform them that because they are not a priority debt the priority now takes precedence and as soon as that is paid off I will resume payments? Its taken me three years to sort them out so I am abit annoyed but Im left with little choice. Ive written "begging" letter to the council but dont hold out much hope. Any thoughts please
  22. Hi Im asking this question on behalf of a friend as she doesnt have a computer, so apologies in advance if you need more information. My friend is a receptionist in a doctors surgery, she works 30 hours a week and has signed a contract and been employed for over three years, the thirty hours are split over afternoon clinics and a couple of morning ones in two different surgeries. because the practise need someone to work a daily shift of 8am - 9 am five days a week they offered it to her. she couldnt do this because she couldnt afford to travel for just an hours work so they told her that they would cut her hours and add them to the 5 mentioned above to make a part time vacancy viable. she was then asked which hours she would be prepared to lose. Can they do this? It would mean she no longer would have the 30 hours needed for working tax credits and other problems Im sure. She has a problem as it is as her manager is ineffective as they both share the same religion and as the other staff members accuse the manager of favouritism shes often very harsh on my friend any thoughts?
  23. Hello Mr Shed. I spoke to the Insurance company but couldnt speak to the legal dept themselves and I didnt hear back. However my solicitor has just written an email to me I quote: Hi Good news your legal cover people have agreed to reinsstate your legal cover as long as you now found in the eyes of the court to be a fraud. Nice huh? I am at a loss to know what to say or do. 1. The medicals that the defense had were three and a half years after the index incident and as I understand are saying that I wasnt injured based on these medicals and my health now 2.They have used a photograph in their evaluation that wasnt even reliable evidence as it didnt show the point of impact. 3. In their opinion because I sought treatment for my asthma (respiratory failure) and dealt with my homelessness and benefits tribunal before my injury, I didnt have one. re point 2, I was advised by my solicitor to write to the consultants themselves if I disagreed or had a query!!! I feel like giving up. my health is poor, and my asthma is borderline being admitted
  24. hi sequenci no disputed debts and let me clarify that these debts are personal and not for my business. Im a director of a dormant company at present. i run up debts when I took the local borough to a tribunal and they refused benefits etc....all that is settle but Im left about 30K in debt and im trying to start again, which has been quite sucessful, except for the credit rating, and thats what made me think, "hang on, im going to be paying these off forev er and my credit rating will still be rubbish" Im going to try and get the charges back on my credit cards and a tesco PPI which was sold i feel inappropriately and eventually didnt pay out when I was sick and unable to work! so these will help the balances.
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