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  1. Thanks Dx100uk They definitely weren't there when I first got it as it was brand new car. They definitely weren't there when he collected it and I know that they have no photographs of it at collection as I was there the whole time and he only took images of the two small stone chips. I'll wait and see what they come back with and then I'll ask them to send me the evidence. I'll keep the thread updated with any developments. Thanks again
  2. Hi all Hoping for some advice. I recently returned my Peugot 208 following the end of my PCP agreement. The car was well looked after and unmarked inside and out with the exception of two small stone chips on the bonnet. Mileage was well under. On the day the car was collected, I was there in person, the inspector went through it with a fine tooth comb, checking everyting off. The weather was dry and sunny so any marks would have been visible. The inspector actually stated that the car was in perfect condition and the best he had seen. He took photographs of the stone chips and logged them and I signed to say that I agreed with what he had found. I asked him at the time where he was taking the car as it was quite late on a Friday afternoon. He said that he was taking it home for the weekend and then taking it in on Monday. Surprise, surprise a week later I receive a letter from RMS Receivables indicating that there were dents on both front doors and that there was a charge of £50 to pay for the damage! This is absolutely not the case. There were no dents or any other damage on that car other then the 2 small stone chips when the car left me. I have emailed both RMS and Peugeot Financial Services today to say that they are wrong, there was no damage other than what I signed for and suggested that if there was damage they should speak to the inspector who collected the vehicle as he took it home for the weekend and that there was no damage when it left me. I have told them that I reject this claim in its entirety and ask them to confirm this. I haven't received anything back from them as yet, but I'm not expecting them to say "Oh sorry our mistake". I flatly refuse to pay this out of principle. If there was damage then fair deal but there was not! Does anyone have any experience of dealing with these people and any idea what I can expect next please? Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Jan
  3. Thanks very much for the advice. Really appreciate it. I will continue to post when, or, if anything else happens.
  4. Hi all So the 35 days from date of appeal is today. Obviously, as there is no post on a Sunday nothing has been received. However, if there is no response from them by end of tomorrow would you recommend contacting them or should we wait longer? Also, Ericsbrother, re your last post, if they don't provide the POPLA code with the rejection of appeal and we need to request it, does this eat into the 28 days we have to appeal to POPLA? Thanks in advance. Jan
  5. Sorry clicked too soon. If we don't actually receive the rejection by the deadline date they give what do we do? Thanks so much J
  6. Hi ready to appeal through POPLA once we receive the inevitable rejection, which I estimate is due 28 April. However I'm wondering how long we get to put our appeal in to POPLA once received I have an upcoming holiday and don't want to miss my timeslot.
  7. Thanks very much. We have a copy of Land. Registry bought for£3 as Ericsbrother advises. However how do we get a copy of deeds? nothing in land registry relating to this. Interesting though. The site is owned by large banking company for £Millions many! Any advise?
  8. Hi thanks for the replies. Yes, he has appealed. He did that yesterday by email and has received an automated response. He has asked for a POPLA code should the appeal be rejected. As I previously stated, my son lives in a rented apartment with allocated parking space. He has a permit for the space which is displayed in his car. However, the car is registered in his name but at our address (his parents). The first contact he received from VCS regarding his "contravention" was when he received at our address the notice to keeper dated earlier this month - March. It is referring to the contravention taking place end of January and that a notice was placed on the windscreen or sent by post. However, there was no PCN placed on the windscreen nor posted. They couldn't have posted it because the car isn't registered at his address but at ours (his parents) so they couldn't have found this information at that time And posted the PCN and evidence am I correct with this? Yesterday, therefore, when my son appealed to VCS he stated that the car did have the permit on display - because he believed it was. He also advised that he was resident and the car was parked in the bay allocated to him. And, finally pointing out that he had received no PCN prior to NTK. He finally asked for the POPLA code should his appeal be rejected. Today he contacted the company he pays rent to and who administer everything related to the flats to ask for assistance - see above post. They did contact VCS to ask that the PCN be cancelled. However, VCS came back rejecting this and sent images taken at the time clearly showing no permit on display. My son did recall at some stage months ago getting in the car one morning and the permit had fallen off so he simply stuck it back on the windscreen thinking nothing about it. As they didn't receive a PCN showing these images he obviously didn't connect the permit falling off to this. Anyway, following this company he pays rent to advised him that they can't help further. Ericsbrother - you are correct. They are not the landowners. They are the agents employed to look after the site. Although they did say that the parking system was set up at the request of the management company. Not sure if management company and agents are the same thing?? Regarding his rental contract it simply states under "individually negotiated terms " car parking included - yes" and then gives the parking bay number. Really hoping that in the appeal my son innocently advising that the permit was on display and then the photographic evidence received today showing no permit won't go against him when he appeals to POPLA. Sorry for the length of this post. Trying to give as much info as possible.
  9. Yep... that's about the score. Actual words from the landowner were: " Please see the email below from Vehicle Control. The attached photos show that no permit was being displayed and for this reason I will be unable to assist any further. If you wish to contest this ticket you must contact Vehicle Control directly to make your appeal. I am sorry I cannot be of more help on this occasion, but please do not hesitate to contact me for any future enquiries regarding communal issues on site." Good isn't it?
  10. Ok so not what we expected. It appears that the permit had fallen off at the time the warden was there. Neither my son or his partner can remember this as they never put a notice on the windscreen or sent the PCN. The "offence" took place in January and the weather was cold and wet and it seems that the permit - and most of the tax disc peeled off due to the bad weather. However, VCS have submitted photographs to the owner of the land clearly showing no permit and basically saying "tough - the "motorist" clearly has thinks that the rules don't apply to him. He needs to appeal". Firstly, my son is not "the motorist" but "the keeper". However, landlord has emailed back to say that in view of this they can't help further sorry. Son has just emailed them back to ask for a breakdown of their losses and to disagree that they can't help further because he feels they could if they chose to do so. He has also pointed out that his contract with them is up for renewal in a couple of months so he may be looking for a new place to live if this is an example of the value they place on their tenants. So, appeal is in. Obviously it's going to be rejected based on the response from VCS to the owner of the land, so I guess we just wait for the POPLA code and go down that route? Grrrr
  11. f16 is quite right. There was nothing affixed to the vehicle neither did they post the PCN on to him! However, there have been a couple of developments: We sent the appeal in to VCS yesterday, asking for the POPLA reference if it was rejected. Also, my son emailed the landowners (the people he pays rent to for his flat and parking space) and they have emailed VCS as follows: Dear xxx I have received an email from a very angry resident at xxxxxxx who has received a parking ticket even though he was parked in his own allocated bay and was displaying a ticket. This is the second ticket he has received for no good reason and we can only assume that this is an error by your parking attendants. The ticket number is xxxxxxxxxxx. We would like this ticket rescinded as this issue is causing bad feeling and the resident is, with good cause, very angry about the situation. Please confirm that this ticket will be cancelled by responding to Mr xxxxx who is copied in on this email. Many thanks for your assistance. How good is that?? We are awaiting response from VCS........
  12. Hi again. So, I now have a copy of the correspondence. It is headed "Notice to keeper/driver". Basically it is saying that a PCN was issued on 31/1/14 and that a notice was either affixed to the vehicle or posted. It states that the car was parked in a privately owned car park without displaying a permit. This document is dated 5/3/14 and is the first notification received. There are a couple of issues here: 1. My son has not received the PCN. There was nothing fixed to his vehicle on 31 January, nor did he receive this via the post. The notice received on 5/3/14 is the first notification he has received from them. 2. The car WAS displaying a valid permit. It has been on the car for almost 18 months. It was put on the windscreen when he received it when he moved into his flat, it has never been removed and it is still there now. So, I assume that we have to "appeal" even though he never actually received a PCN? And. Then when they reject the appeal we ask (or they should issue) a POPLA reference number? As the privately owned car park to which they refer belongs to the company he pays rent to and includes the space in his rent, should we also be writing to them to ask how much their loss is? I'm thinking not since my son maintains that he did display his permit and therefore did nothing to cause a "loss". Hope this makes sense. At advice greatly appreciated. Thanks J
  13. Thank you renegadeimp My son is currently scanning the letter over to me so that I can see dates etc. and put the appeal together for him. I'm going to put an appeal together for him but I'm wondering if we should ask to see evidence of the original notice that he never received from them? I'll wait for some expert advice from the regulars. Thanks in advance Jan
  14. Hi all I'm posting on behalf of my son. Hope you can give us some advice. My son lives in a privately rented flat. It is a gated community and each flat has one parking space and all cars must show a permit. We have just received a letter to my address. My son's car is still registered at our ( his parents) address. Basically the letter is advising that his car was parked at the flat in the parking space but not displaying a permit. They also say that they have either put a sticker on the car or previously contacted him about this. They have done neither and this letter is the first they have been contacted about it. My son is adamant that the permit has been displayed on the windscreen at all times. They are asking for £100 from him! Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Previously he received a parking charge invoice from Parking Eye which we ignored and it eventually went away but this was a couple of years ago now - not connected to his flat but in a cinema car park - but I understand that ignoring these notices is not now recommended? Would be grateful for your thoughts please. Many thanks Jan
  15. Hi san_d yes, he has to live with us. He has no income whatsoever so he, and we, have no option so no housing benefit due to him. Lily_Monroe - yes, the programme was Despatches. On there they said that the JobCentre would be reviewing their practices and that they would, in future, give job seekers to people finding their own work placements. Hmmmmm.... obviously not!
  16. Hi Della Thanks for your comments. I think that we are going to appeal. I know it will come to nothing but he's so frustrated that he's doing it for the devilment in him. Think we are also going to contact our MP. Hopefully he will have a job soon as the work placement may come up trumps but we feel strongly that if you get off your backside and try and sort out (relevant) work experience you shouldn't be penalised for doing so. It's coming to something when the people at the Job Centre actually openly admit that they are embarrassed to work for them.... Jan
  17. Yes. He definitely would have left the placement if a permanent job had come along. In fact he attended an interview during this period. It's so frustrating. He's trying so hard to get employment yet he is penalised for trying to improve his chances.
  18. Hi everyone Wondering if anyone can help with this issue my son is currently faced with. He graduated in July this year with a first class degree and is now looking for work in his field. He was fortunate to get a month's unpaid work experience with one of the world leaders in his field. This is a massive opportunity for him and although it will probably not give a job with the company it will look fantastic on his cv. It's not a company that you apply to. They approach you so that's how big a deal it is. Sorry, forgot to mention the company is in another city over an hour away and about £55 a week in petrol. My son, prior to starting this placement, signed on at the job centre and was paid for the 2 week period up until the start of this placement. He was totally up front and honest with staff and told them about the month placement and asked if he could be paid job seekers while he was doing it. Long story short, but the dragon at JC said no way as it was not a placement organised by them. Now no disrespect, but this is such a specialised field that there are no placements in this field organised by the job centre. My son did say at the time that he would be applying for jobs and would attend interviews during this period but the guy was not interested. Yes, he could have lied and called up and made excuses on signing on days but he's more honest than that. So, he did his work placement and we paid his travel, accommodation, etc. Not that we could afford it really, but he couldn't not do it. At the beginning of this month when he signed on again he actually met with a very helpful lady who said that she totally understood his situation and that he should apply retrospectively for the benefits he had missed due to work experience (my son spoke to her about the recent Despatches programme regarding the Job Centre wrongly penalising people who got of their backsides and organised their own work experience). Anyway yesterday my son received a letter stating that they had "looked at your backdated claim and decided that you have not satisfied the labour market conditions for job seekers allowance from 29 July to 2 September 2012" and that "We have also decided that you have not shown good cause for the delay in making your claiim from 29 July to 2 September 2012. This means we cannot backdate your Jobseeker's allowance" What?? There was not delay .... he tried to claim and they said he couldn't! And, what does it mean he hasn't satisied the labour market conditions"? Then, today another letter arrives which states: "We have looked at your claim again following a recent change. We cannot pay you Jobseeker's allowance from 29 July. This is because we recently told you that a decision would be made about a doubt on your efforts to find work from 1 August to 2 Sepember 2012. We have now decided that this doubt no longer applies". I think that they need to go on a course to learn plain English but I think what it means is that: "You chose to try and get a job by taking unpaid work experience but because you got off your backside and did something we aren't going to give you the benefit of the doubt and because you didn't lie or take a morning off your work experience to come in and sign on, we don't believe you were really looking for work". Actually, my son did apply for jobs during this period of work experience and can prove it, Sorry for the rant but I'm really angry about this and plan to speak to our MP about it but before I do this I wondered if anyone on here could give us any advice on action to take. Of course, he will appeal but it's like wading through treacle - they just don't get it!!! grrrr. Thank you muchly if you have managed to stay with me until now J x
  19. Hi 42man Thanks very much for your reply. Yes, it was paid for by credit card. Normally I would have filed a claim to get the refund but I'm just a bit confused as to whether I can do this as it is "bespoke" and we had to agree to no returns when paid for. The thing that I'm confused about is whether we "have to" give the seller the opportunity to fix it or just whether we "should do"? Really we don't want to be messing around with them "trying to rub it off". It's for my daughter's wedding day so it's important to her that it's perfect. I'll call Citizens Advice as you suggest. Thanks again for taking the time to reply. BW Jan
  20. My son was sent a parking charge notice from this exact same company in this exact same carpark in August last year. He had 3 threatening notices in total and then we have had nothing since. He ignored each one. Not sure if things have changed since then but we followed advice from this forum and it's been all quiet for 8 months now.
  21. Hello all I'm wondering if anyone has advice on this one. My daughter is due to get married in a few weeks time. She ordered a wedding veil from a supplier that sells over the internet as a bespoke service. So she chose the style of edging, length, etc and they make it to her specification and posted it out to us. When it arrived as she was trying it on we noticed that the netting was marked in several places that looked like lines of a glue-like substance. My daughter was really upset about this so I told her that we would return the veil as faulty and we would go to the bridal shop where we bought her dress and get one from there that was a better quality. My daughter emailed the supplier of the marked veil this morning to explain that the veil they had supplied was faulty and explained what was wrong and asked for a refund. She received a terse reply from the company to say that it "was probably" starch and to send it back to them and they will try and remove it. They say that they will not refund because it's custom made and my daughter agreed to no returns when she bought it. My daughter argued that she agreed to purchase a veil that was in perfect condition and that they should have good quality control systems in place before sending out faulty goods if the items were non-returnable. My daughter advised that she will be taking photographs of the faulty veil in case she needs evidence if she takes it further. She has just received another long email from the veil supplier accusing my daughter of "holding her to ransom" with threats of taking photographs and taking the matter further. They have reiterated that they will not refund any cash unless they deem it faulty on inspection and after they have received advice from Trading Standards. She finishes the email with a rather terse "I await your reply". I have told my daughter not to reply until I have sought advice from you guys. Does anyone know where we stand with this and where we go from here. I have to say the cost of the veil was not massive - around £40 but it's the principle that makes me annoyed! BW Jan
  22. Hi I'm just wondering if anyone is able to give me some advice regarding changing our car and our car insurance policy? My husband curently has a car insurance policy which he pays monthly by direct debit. He currently has 3 months to renewal. He is currently in the process of changing his car and is due to collect his new one on Saturday. The car he currently has is a 2.7 L Jaguar XF and he is changing it for a 2.0 L BMW 5 series. He has just called the insurance (Post Office) to change the car details thinking that he could pay the premium for the next 3 months and then look for a better deal via the comparison websites. We did expect that they may slap a little bit on the premium for the next 3 months - although as its a smaller engine we didn't think it should be really. Anyway the outcome is that they say that the current underwriter (Premier) won't insure the new car and he has, therefore, two options: 1. Transfer to a new policy with a different underwriter at a much higher cost for another 12 month period. 2. Pay a cancellation fee plus the remaining 3 months payments and close the policy. Does anyone know whether there is any way around this please? This seems strange to us as in the past we have simply paid the difference in premium (either higher or lower) until the renewal date and then either renewed or moved to a different insurer with more attractive rates. Any advice would be appreciated please. Thanks very much. Jan
  23. Hi Thanks very much for your response. Hopefully it was her credit card then (and not debit card). I'll advise her to go down the route you suggest rather than the Moneyclaim Onliene route in the first instance. Thanks again. Jan
  24. Hi all A very quick query if I may. My daughter arranged her works Christmas meal and dance at a large well known hotel. On the evening the food was terrible, potatoes cooked in old fat that had previously cooked something very strong(!), fatty meat, etc, just generally awful. They complained to the Manager who acknowledged that the meal was not satisfactory and told my daughter that he would contact her the next working day to discuss compensation. Her party was not the only one complaining. A lot of food went back and the manager was, apparently, hopping around the tables apologising. My daughter and her party, being very hungry, had to leave the hotel and go and eat in another restaurant, meaning that they had to pay for an edible meal and also missed the dancing, etc at the first hotel. A couple of days later the manager did, as promised, contact my daughter to again apologise and to advise her that he had refunded 25% of the cost of the price they paid back onto her credit card. She told him at the time that 25% was not enough as they had not eaten any of the terrible meal and because of this the party had to leave early to find edible food and so missed the entertainment. I guess, in fairness, the hotel could quite justifiably say that they made the decision to leave and the hotel provided the entertainment as promised. However...... She and the party do not feel thaqt 25% is enough compensation as they ate literally nothing of the meal. She has, therefore, told the manager (in writing) that they feel that they should be refunded at least 50 - 75% of the overall cost. This has been ignored by the hotel so far. My question is this. As the hotel refunded 25% back onto her credit card she had no chance to reject this payment. However, would it be appropriate to write a Letter Before Action outlining that the refund was insufficient and ask for further compensation or does the fact that she already has 25% already refunded kind of close the issue? Would be really grateful for any advice. Thanks Jan
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