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  1. Ah,my annualised contract,this thing changes depending on which way the wind is blowing that day Nights were introduced last year,been working there since 2010,no mention of nights in my contract only that I've got to work 37.5 hours from Sunday to Saturday
  2. You may have a point about not being suited to nights although I don't fancy looking for another job at my age as I was hoping this one would see me through to retirement
  3. I paid for the note I gave my employers. I'll have another chat with my doctor to see if anything else can be done. Well i wouldn't say fighting fit as my left shoulder is going the same way as my right,I'm having injections in the left at the same time has having my right shoulder looked at. I've tried 'reasoning' with my employer saying I'll do 1 in 10 night shift but they not interested.They're worried if they let one person off then it'll open the flood gates!
  4. Trust me I've tried everything but it's the pain I get in both shoulders that stops me from sleeping,more so during the day.My condition doesn't effect my work but the lack of sleep is making me ill when I do nights.I can get by,just,on the 6/2 , 2/10 shifts but these nights have just killed me.Thanks for your reply.
  5. Hi all,hope someone can give some advice on this. Here's a brief history,I had a subacromial decompression operation back in Dec.2014,I returned to work in Feb.2015,by this time they had introduced a night shift on a rota of 1 in 9 weeks aswell as the 6/2,2/10 shift.I managed to do 2 night shifts in 2015,by the end of 2015 my shoulders have gotten worse and sleeping has become more difficult,averaging 5/6hrs of interrupted sleep each night. This year they have increased the night shift rota to 1 in 5 weeks,I did my first one at the beginning of January where i averaged 3hrs sleep per day over the week. I went to see my manager and asked if i could be taken off nights,they came back to me and said if there's a medical reason they would look into it.So I went to my doctors,they prescribed me some tablets to ease the pain and aid sleep on a short term basis.I'm also due for another operation in March. The doctor gave me a doctors note/recommendation to be taken off nights until my shoulders are sorted out.Problem I have is that I've no idea how long this will be and work want me back on nights asap otherwise I could be out of a job,with work stating I'm not fulfilling my contract(I'm on an annualised hours contract) The works doctor has seen my note and said I should have no trouble doing the work but didn't understand it wasn't the work that was making me ill,it's the lack of sleep. I hope thats clear to understand,there are a few things in my doctors note I don't wish to disclose but believe me it was strongly worded. Any help appreciated
  6. The 'unlawful' bit is I can't remove my PPE as I'm on the factory floor.
  7. Thanks for the reply sidewinder,we have a 30 unpaid break where we are allowed to use the proper canteen and 2 x 10 min breaks,these are the ones they want us to take on the factory floor
  8. The company are forcing me/work colleagues to use a 'makeshift' rest area consisting of a couple of tables pushed together and 4 chairs on the factory floor where we work as they say it takes to long to go to the proper canteen upstairs. The environment is noisy with machines running/radio on etc. I've challenged this stating the fact I can't remove my PPE in this 'rest area' as it's still on the factory floor as per HSE ,'facilities for rest and eat meals' as I'm on my feet most of the day and I like to take my boots off when I get the chance as my feet ache etc. http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg244.pdf As a side note,The tables and chairs partially block the route to the fire exit. It also states I'm not allowed to bring food onto the factory floor but they're willing to 'over look' this as they say we can bring snacks in! Am I right in challenging this or should I consider myself lucky to get a break? Thanks for reading,any advice much appreciated
  9. Cheers Emmzzi,not what I wanted to hear but guess I'll just have to suck it up.
  10. That's not the point,I've done my 37.5 hrs during the week,the question is can I be forced to work the extra if I don't want to? No I don't Sidewinder
  11. Hi,Hope someone can help me with a little problem I/we are experiencing at work. I work an annualised contract,my working week is from Sunday to Saturday,37.5 hrs a week.Currently we're working Monday to Friday on a 2 shift rota pattern and have been for the last 3yrs.Problem I'm having as are a few others is that we're being 'forced' to work a Sunday even though we have worked the 37.5 hrs already.I've been threatened with a 'absence' and then a disciplinary if I don't work the Sundays My contract states: It is a condition of your employment that you work flexibly in accordance with the annualised hours working scheme we operate.Your hours may be flexed to accommodate additional reasonable additional hours as may be necessary for the efficient performance of your duties. There are no fixed daily or weekly normal working hours applicable to your employment.Your normal working hours are based upon you working on average 1695 paid hours per year when working a notional basic of 37.5 hours per week,Sunday to Saturday,(allowing for holidays)but you may require to more or less than 1695 hours per annum on average to a maximum requirement of 2241 hours.Your normal working week will not exceed 48 hours when averaged over a 17 week reference period. The company will notify in advance of the hours you will be required to work during each week.In accordance with the flexible nature of your employment,the company reserves the right to alter the hours you will be required to work at short notice.You may be requested to work revised hours in accordance with current arrangements or business needs" My only gripe is the "reasonable additional hours" I don't mind working overtime during the week or even a Saturday morning but working Sundays doesn't seem reasonable at all Is there anything I can do or say or should I just be happy I have a job and put up with it?
  12. Thanks for the reply Andy. Well a bit of good news,rung the mortgage provider yesterday and they said because the debt isn't 3yrs old and/or over £300 they won't take any action.No doubt I'll get a letter from simarc charging me for the letter to the mortgage provider!!
  13. Thanks Andy,looks like they've covered all the bases,the Summary of Rights is printed on the reverse of my letter. I know it's my own fault but how can they justify £50 for what amounts to a letter
  14. Thanks Andy for the reply.I've been in touch with the JSA and they did pay my ground rent with my dole like you said but I didn't realise they did this Simarc are the property management company who I'm dealing with and they could have sent me a demand last year but I may just have ignored it thinking that the JSA would pick the bill up,my mistake again. I've just read my lease agreement,sorry no scanner,it basicly says that if after 21 days(same applies for 3 months)the ground rent hasn't been paid then they can come onto&enter the property and I quote "to hold & enjoy & receive & take for its own use & benefit the rents & profits thereof until it shall be fully paid blah blah......" No mention of admin fees but I've attached their list of fees in pdf form they sent me which is on the back of the rent demand.It does mention "breach of lease" on there but no mention of costs. 20110525141137524_0001.pdf
  15. Evening all. As the title suggests I have a problem with the company that deals with our ground rent. Just a brief history of what has happened so far. Last year I was unfortunate to be on the dole.Ground rent demand came in for 2010 and the dole said they would pay for this so I thought that was the end of the matter until a few weeks ago I got a demand for last years ground rent and 'administration' costs bunged on top of that,brought the total to £105,£55 ground rent,the rest charges.Not one for forking out money willy nilly I emailed the management company to ask for a breakdown of the charges and they wrote back to me saying "the charges were for failure to pay which is a breach of lease" No where on their list of fees does it mention "breach of lease" so subsequently could charge anything they wanted? Again I emailed and asked for a breakdown of their charges and today I received a letter now stating that they were contacting my mortgage provider. Was I right in asking for a breakdown in charges or have just made things worst? Any advice on this matter much appreciated.
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