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  1. My car was stolen in February, it was recovered on the same day and went to Tesco's appointed garage for repairs. It went on for weeks.. I would phone the garage and get no response and then phone Tesco and they would call back and say the car would be ready by the end of the week and it would never appear etc etc. After much complaining and back and forth I finally received it back in APRIL I complained to the theft team and was told to make my complaint in writing, which I did. Then I heard nothing.. no letter, no phone call.. nothing. I phoned to confirm receipt of the letter - they had received it and I was told they didn't know why the lady it was addressed to hadn't replied but she would. She didn't. So I phoned again and was told that it had been passed to a team leader who would contact me. He didn't either, that was in May... I cant get anyone to deal with it or phone me back, I've threatened them with the FOS and still nothing. What can I do?
  2. yes. however everytime we phone Whitegates we get the same response "The landlord is responsible for repairs", all they did in the first instance was advertise the house on their website 5 years ago and they collect the rent... thats it. To be fair though when we couldn't get hold of the landlord via the mobile number he gave us on the day we were burgled my husband phoned whitegates and they gave us his home telephone number (he didn't answer that either) and they did email him to tell him to contact us urgently so they were of some help albeit not much but still they are unwilling to get involved in matters such as repairs. I don't want to stop his rent or take money out of the rent, I'm not a bad tenant, I don't ask for money for decorating and I'll do most small jobs myself if I can and like I say we are very happy here.. we've made it a lovely family home and to be honest we're pretty shattered that not only have our young children of 2 5yr olds and an 8 yr old been deeply distressed at having an intruder in their house whilst they were sleeping but now they may have to move from the place they've called home all this time too. So I am worried that if I force the issue too strongly he may decide to give us notice to move out too. I'll never understand why people can't just do the right thing by people. Thank you very much for all your replies
  3. The spare was my key on a personal key ring, it wasn't a new key, it was pretty old and tarnished to be honest.. and the plastic had been marked, I suppose they could have changed to metal, I never thought of that but the garage were checking with Peugeot on Monday to see if they had replaced the locks or just cut new keys. They said they had sent it for new locks and 2 new keys but all 3 keys (the 2 new and the old spare) that they returned opened the car and ignition and as the garage werent answering the phone there was no way to check that evening to see if they'd actually put new locks on so Tesco arranged for the car to be picked up from the driveway and put in their secure lock up for the evening. Tesco insurance were going to chase up the garage on Monday of this week too but they haven't phoned me back yet either. Have to admit I'm feeling more than a little defeated by all this now..lol I'm beginning to wonder if it would have been better not to have recovered the car in the first place...it sure would have been less hassle. Thanks for the reply
  4. I bought my first car in november 2009. I'm a learner so I insured it on my provisional licence and it cost over £950 which I paid in full. The car was stolen during a burglary at my home on the 10th February. I reported it to Tesco and gave them the details they needed. The car was recovered by the police that evening with some damage to the rear axle. I took my spare key to the police who were with the recovery vehicle and they took it away for forensics to have a look the next day, the police then passed the car to a garage nominated by Tesco to deal with the repairs on the 12th february. The same day (12th) Tesco contacted me asking for my documentation, MOT certificate etc and a lovely man went through my claim. I was to fax copies of the documents to Tesco that day, which I did. I was advised that the work would be completed and someone from the garage would contact me when the car was ready to collect. After that I heard nothing. After 2 weeks I phoned Tesco, they told me the garage would be changing the locks the following Monday and then they had to look at the damage to the back of the car - basically they had had my car sitting in the garage for 2 weeks and not done anything with it. Then they claimed they hadn't got the documents but I had a fax confirmation to prove they'd been sent.. they quickly 'found' they did have the documents after all. Eventually after much to-ing and fro-ing and horrendous service from the Garage who never answered their phone (how they ever get business I will never know) I finally got my car back on the 18th March - 5 weeks after the garage received it. They delivered it and parked it on my driveway whilst I was at work. When I returned home the keys had been put through the letterbox as arranged. There were 3 keys in the envelope, 2 new keys and my original spare that I had given to the recovery man when they found it. It took me about 3 seconds to realise that all 3 keys opened the car and the garage hadn't changed the locks etc and there was a huge scratch at the back of the car that hadn't been looked at either and so it went back... I had to phone Tesco who arranged for a recovery truck to pick it up because at 4pm the garage weren't answering the phone again but even though customer services had said they'd phone me back I still had to phone them repeatedly to get someone to do something as obviously the car wasn't secure and was sitting on my driveway whilst some burglar still has a key... The garage have been useless and insist they returned the car to peugeot who they say changed they cant have because the spare opened the car. The customer service people at tesco's were supposed to be finding out what had happened and would call me on Monday of this week to let me know when I could expect my car back but its now Thursday and they haven't.. I STILL have no car and not only that but the excess was a massive £350 which I paid last week when the work had supposedly been "completed". I've had terrible service from both Tesco and the garage and my phone bill is an astronomical £40 this month in calls to 0844 (customer services) and 0870 (theft team) telephone calls trying to sort this out because they're not calling me back.. what can I do?
  5. The landlord has confirmed today that the reason he's only giving us £250 as opposed to the £350 it cost us is because there is a £100 excess and he doesn't see why he has to pay that.
  6. I see what you're saying. I find it all so very unfair to be honest though. We're not asking him for anything more than it cost us, we know we can't claim for the other things we've already paid for and we were willing to stand that as a loss. But to give him a bill for a job that needed immediate attention and not his usual useless response and then for him to wriggle out of £100 of it - which is obviously his "excess" for his insurance - just makes my blood boil really. Still, I thank you for your reply again, I'll get to writing that letter and let you know what happens
  7. thank you for your reply With regards to the door locks we didn't really have any choice but to go ahead and fix it as the door was wide open with the handle broken and the lock busted too. We were burgled overnight and it was discovered at 6am, first phonecall was to the police and then the insurance and then the landlord... who didnt answer the phone (I wonder if he's screening me actually..lol), a message was left and he didn't respond and so we called again at lunchtime and left another message and again no response.. we had to get the door fixed. Eventually the landlord phoned us at about 7pm so we actually saved him the call out charge of a 24 hour locksmith.. not that he sees it that way.
  8. Just checked my notes on the things we've fixed.. We also have replaced an inner room door because it came off it's hinges whilst it was closed and had to be broken down to open it. We replaced the bathroom floor tiles that were peeling up and broken in places, we also replaced the broken ball cock in the toilet and paid for it fitted and at the time the plumber advised it would need a new pump as it was "on it's way out" but to be honest I just can't afford anymore repairs. The plumber was right, the pump is gone and we are struggling to get the toilet to flush.. the landlord says he's not responsible for this as its "wear and tear" and we should arrange for it to be fixed.
  9. My family and I moved into our home almost 5 years ago now and in all that time the landlord has been pretty much useless We found the house via the Whitegates website, they did all our credit checks and we paid them various admin fees to continue our tenancy over the course of the last few years. We always pay our rent and even when my hubby was made redundant we had the rent covered from our savings until the housing benefit were able to fix our claim. When we moved in the garden looked like a jungle... the landlord openly stated he knew nothing of gardening and so had just left it. We fixed it up and put a load of new plants in.. we removed a dangerous rockery and paid someone to build a wall in its place and put up a gate to keep our children from running on to the road (which we paid for out of our own pockets as we wanted the gate for the children's safety) and we bought all the plants and extra soil, stones etc. When the neighbour complained our fence was leaning and she was worried a particular panel would fall down we replaced it and asked the landlord for a 'donation' to the cost of £50 (the cost was actually in the region of £150) which he never gave us. All of this was fine but then the real problems began. The drains to the property became blocked and the landlord was not answering his phone, Whitegates gave us a "We are not responsible for repairs, the landlord doesn't pay us for that, you'll have to get in touch with him".. which we couldn't. We had sewage backing up onto our driveway and 3 young children and so we had no choice but to call out Dyno Rod. It cost approx £110. This happened twice and we paid twice from our own pocket. The landlord has never refunded our money, as it turns out he has the drains covered by British Gas Homeserve which he neglected to inform us of and consequently he decided that had we left it over the weekend (both times it happened on a friday) he would have got them to come and repair it. Since then things have gone from bad to worse. The guttering at the front is blocked and when it rains pours water onto the front steps below which was particularly dangerous in January when we had all the bad weather problems and a six inch thick layer of ice formed on top of the step. The guttering at the back is blocked and pours water onto the top of the conservatory roof which is now leaking into the house.. there is damage to the patio doors which now will not close properly and the joinings between the conservatory and the house are damp and dangerous and falling down. We have repeatedly asked the landlord to sort out the guttering problem and his reponse was to say he would "borrow a ladder from a mate and go up and have a look" but he didn't turn up and the last time we saw him he asked my husband if he knew anyone with a ladder cos if he did then my husband could go up and clear them!! The last straw came this week. In February we were burgled. They broke in through the conservatory door by breaking the lock..the door wasn't secure and of course the landlord wasn't answering his phone. we had no choice but to arrange a locksmith to come out and fixed the locks and put new safety handles on too in accordance with a request from our contents insurer. This came to a cost of £350 which again we had to pay from our pockets. Today (6 whole weeks after our burglary) we have received a text message from landlord saying he could only get £250 from his buildings insurance. I cannot take anymore. Every time I phone him to ask him to do something he either doesn't call back or he makes excuses. I have paid him £30000 in rent over the last 5 years and he does nothing. I'm at my wits end..but I LOVE this house (even if its falling to pieces) and my children are happily settled with friends on the street and school round the corner. What can I do? Please help me.
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