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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. ADD MY CASE TO THE WINNERS' LIST! Just got home to a voice mail from Jamie McGill telling me that he was obliged to credit my account the total I had claimed and he has! Fantastic! Thank-you everybody who made this possible! Next stop, the donation to The Consumer Action Group. Chow for now.
  3. Just read your post Jonni. I read a post somewhere where they got into a dialogue with the bank and got paid out. I'll take control.. I'll fill the form and deliver it in the morning. Thank-you!
  4. I'm feeling quite disheartened by all this. I tried one last phone call to Jamie McGill. He said he had to confirm if I was entitled to the charges that I was claiming. I pointed out that my account is computerised and access would surley be very easy for him. Also, the Judgment had been ordered in my favour. He said that if it could be proved I was entitled then Halifax would pay. He still wouldn't give me a time scale so I told him that I would be seeking an enforcement order today. He said that is what I said on Friday, to which I replied that I thought it might of been simpler to tal
  5. I rang Jamie McGill in the legal dept this morning to, hopefully, avoid the hassel of going to the court for an enforment of judgment order. He had established that my case had been listed only as a complaint and that no payment could be made without the paperwork and that he would need to investigate my claim when he did see any paperwork. I asked him if would make the payment the Judgment has ordered once he saw the documents. He said the judgment had been made in default (implying it wasn't a valid judgment and open to question) and couldn't say when he would get back to me. I rang the cour
  6. I used the calculator from The Consumer Action Group's site map. Go into 'Site map' at the top of this web page and then click on 'On-line calculator'. I could never delete a mistake, so you have to be precise! Also, for some reason, I couldn't access it via my Mac and had to use a PC for it to work. You may want to make a note on the print out of which charge is which.
  7. ...I rang the legal dept of Halifax today and spoke to a Jamie McGill. He said that my claim was not listed with the other bank charge claims. I gave him Halifaxs' reference number regarding this claim, the name of my bank manager and the customer relation manager who had written and offered me a partial payment. He said that he would find out what had happened by contacting these people as he couldn't authorise a payment without the paperwork. Also, that he would ring the court. He wouldn't give me a time scale on when he would call me. I told him that I would apply to instruct the court bali
  8. Thanks Jonni and Andybhoy! I'll phone tomorrow. Andybhoy, regarding your questions my; claim has been made in London, England. I had requested judgment to be made immediatley as Halifax had failed to respond to my Notice of Issue. The court sent confirmation of my request, dated 27th October, saying that judgment had been refered to the District Judge for directions. I was then sent a copy of the 'Judgment for Claimant (in default)' dated 31st October. Addressed to the Defendant it read: You have not replied to the claim form. It is therefore ordered that you must pay the claimant £918.74
  9. Please can someone help me!!?? I have still not received my payback from the Halifax. They were meant to pay by 31st Oct. Should I ring them and if so who do I speak to? Or is there another way to make them pay? Request for refund: 20th March 06 Reply: 24th March LBA: 3rd April Reply & offer: 10th April-£156 Exceptance and LBA for the rest: 20th April Been away and ill but now need to make a claim through the court..... Issued Claim through court: 8th August Halifax did not reply to claim. I make a Request for Judgement: end of August Court replies, Judgement ha
  10. Sounds promising! Maybe I should ring the Halifax, although I have never actually spoken with them on this claim. Did you phone head office or your branch? Regards,
  11. Hi, I have also recieved a 'Judgment for Claimant (in default) ordering Halifax to pay the debt of all my charges and interest by 31st October. This has passed and Halifax have made no payment or reply. I have posted for advise on what to do next and wait with baited breath... In the meantime, have you had any progress with yours and did you take out a warrent of execution?
  12. Dear All, I have recieved from the court a 'Judgment for Claimant (in default)'. This is because the Halifax did not reply to my claim. They have been ordered to pay ALL MY CHARGES AND INTEREST!!!!!! Yipppeeee!!! A total of £918.74 by the 31st October. They have not done so. There is a warning on the bottom of this judgment saying 'If you ignore this order your goods may be removed and sold, or other enforcement proceedings may be taken against you. If this happens further costs will be added..' What should I do now? Regards,
  13. Hello! I'm back again...kids summer hols, half term etc... This is taking ages to get sorted. On 21st September I recieved a letter from the court saying my Request for Judgement had been refered to the District Judge for directions. I waited and waited for an outcome. On 18th October, I rang the court to find out what was taking soooooo long. Can you belive it?! they had sent my reply and paper work to somebody else! A prompt letter arrived the next day informing me that: The District judge replied to your request for judgement as follows: " This is a claim for a specified amount - the cl
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