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    I am a bit confused!! The other day i realised i had a direct debit due to be taken from my account. I phoned my bank early in the morning to see if i would have time to put the money in the bank when it opened in the morning. They informed me that the money had already been tried to be taken from my account, so i will be charged £15. When i went into my local branch (halifax) to put the money into my account so it could be taken on a later date, i asked the cashier if she could tell me when the charge would be taken from my account. She said that there was no record of any charges on my accou
  2. thanks for your reply. I will do this tomorrow when i sign on again. Was half thinking not to let them know until nearer the time so i dont get left with no money for a month, was just a bit unsure what to do
  3. I am claiming jobseekers allowance andI just accepted a new job, but i dont start for another month, can i still keep claiming up until i start?
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