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  1. Yes very old, the lines are still there and I only park on them when the school is closed (I.e) weekends if I can’t park outside my parents’ house. Police presence is high down this road as it leads to the fire station and they are based there at times
  2. Ha, well... it's outside a takeaway...?! So you're probably right!!
  3. Well - I've sent off my £30! Live and learn, eh?! My only hope is that the police are cracking down on this throughout my whole town... nearly every night there are cars parked on a double yellow line, just around a blind bend... about 200 metres from the police station! Drives me mad!
  4. Thank you all for your advice and perspectives - currently writing a cheque out for £30
  5. Jimmy - I happen to think my knowledge of other rules of the road is pretty good - I didn't imagine I would have to mention on this post that I consider myself a very good citizen and road user - this being part of the reason I was shocked to get a fine for parking on the yellow zig zags!
  6. Sailor Sam - No there are no signs up stating times or days of enforcement. Green & Mean - am beginning to think this is the case - in my opinion I wasn't causing anywhere near as bad an obstruction as the police car was! Think I may have to let this one go...
  7. First of all - thank you for speedy reply! At the time the PC said it was because I was on the zig zags - I moved my car straight away - I did ask where she thought should move it to but she didn't comment on that. Up until that day I had no idea what the yellow zig zags were for. Is it true that the PC should put a time "from" and "to" ? As it happens I parked up a couple of mins before she wrote the ticket and moved it couple of minutes after - bet this doesn't make any difference but like to give full story. I don't believe I was causing an "ubstruction"... but take your point about arguing this in Court - my word against theirs... I've gone from thinking I'll just pay it and not bother with the hassle but the more I think about it and the more I talk to people about it, it comes down to the principle! And I'm annoyed!
  8. Also - note the officer couldn't spell obstruction - putting "ubstruction" ! Does this make it void?? I am a little narked at getting a ticket from someone who can't even spell the offence they are trying to fine you for!!!! Thanks
  9. Right, here goes! Got a ticket from police last week: see attached image of ticket. This was outside a school next to my parents' house. It's a very quiet road apart from the school, only two house on it. Space outside my parents' for 3 cars but as they had company on the day I got the ticket, I parked the other side of their neighbour's drive, on yellow zig zag lines. Was totally shocked when my grandad pointed out a policewoman was looking at my car. Went out and she handed me attached ticket. In order to write the ticket the police car was parked beside mine on the other side of the road therefore blocking the WHOLE road so nobody could get by at all. At this time there were many other cars parked on the zig zags up and down the road as it was school pick up time. I have searched online a bit for rules re the zig zags and reasons for them. General thing I found was that they are there so children can cross the road safely (i.e. not between cars/unseen). Where these zig zags are, there is not actually another side to the road - there is just a hedge right up against the curb. So there is nowhere for children to cross to - and therefore they don't cross!! There is actually a subway for children to cross under the road (and one parallel to it) to the estate on the other side. Only part of that road that children do cross on is about 200 yards further up where there IS a pavement on the other side. There are no time limit/day restriction signs up. Family have been asking various PCs and PCSOs about the rules and they are very unclear and vague with their answers. One PC said buses are exempt from this rule. The school bus that takes children to swimming lessons parks on there too - when we asked him if he should park/wait on the lines he said "oh no not really, i shouldn't be". Where can I look up the precise ruling these? From what I have seen, I am not sure the lines should be there in the first place, or even stand legally. Can't see any point with them at all! I've read the lines should be clear to see/read and unbroken, this is not the case either. Any general advice on whether I would stand a chance appealing this? I am told on the back of the ticket I have two options; pay it or appeal and go to court for it. However, it does say on the ticket that "any other correspondence should be addressed to the Central Ticket Office at the address shown below within 28 days" - is this an invitation to appeal in writing without going to Court?? I may have missed something to please ask questions if something is not clear. Many thanks in advance.
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