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  1. I found there thread and have posted thank you for your help
  2. hello I have similar problems with asset recoveries,I am out of work and have been for over a year ,every 6 months i get a request asking for details re bank accounts utility accounts etc ,I was paying £15 per month and completely out of the blue without even discussing it with me they have increased it to £25 per month saying that I agreed to this increase which I most certainly didnt. .this person got really really nasty and I ended up giving her as good as she gave me ,I have never in all my life spoke to someone with such a nasty attitude.I have a very limited ammount coming in and even by paying £15 a month is a struggle let alone increasing it to £25, On my bank statement there was several small ammounts paid to paypal which ammounted to less tha £50.00 for items Id purchased from ebay for christmas presents ,she told me that if I can afford to buy presents then I can afford to pay them more,I am really struggling with this as I have so little comming in as all I get is job seekers allowance .This whole episode is making me very depressed ,I ended up putting the phone down on her after I told her that I would not increase my payments and that if she was not happy with that to take me to court.please advise me as I am at my wits end with this horrible bully company... thank you
  3. I am new to this forum and need help reguarding asset recovery uk.can somebody give me advice about this company ?:-?
  4. Hello new to forums but need advice about assett recoverys uk,does anyone have any experience with these bully boys before i go into detail thank you:???:
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