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  1. Hi ALL, Thank you all for your support and assistance . The agency has paid me my wages. in full .They transferred the money onto my bank account. This website is really helpful .I wounder how Can I contribute money to keep this web site going? Best regards
  2. Hi , Finally,the agency forwarded my warning letter to the security company and the security company said that lady in the accounts was on holidays since September and no one confirmed or checked my timesheets. She also promised to pay me by tomorrow She is the same same lady who threatened by not getting paid for the shifts . Here what the agency said : Hours have now been confirmed and we will process your payment to clear tomorrow. Apologies for the delay. I will update you tomorrow when the money is transferr
  3. Hi, I have got their physical address and telephone number.I have already sent them an email .I sneaked to the sites ,where I worked yesterday and managed to copy all documents that proved my working hours .I have sent the copies with a warning to the agency .
  4. Hi, I was paid for the previous work via a bank transfer .I'm going to the bank in a minute to get the reference .
  5. Please see below: 5. Pay You’re entitled to the National Minimum Wage for all the hours you work, even if you haven’t recorded them on a timesheet. After 12 weeks you can ask to be paid the same as a permanent employee doing the same job. If your agency withholds your pay Your agency can delay paying you while they get proof of the hours you worked, but only for a reasonable period of time. Your agency can’t refuse to pay you because your hirer’s unhappy with your work - this is a contractual issue between your agency and the hirer. You can make a claim to an emplo
  6. 1/I contacted the person who is in charge of the security shifts by phone and sent him a text message and copied the same message and sent it to the administrator. 2/I did not apply for any holiday and the holiday was not included in the pay. 3/Actually,I went to the shift on time and while I was working I was informed by the security to go to an other site.The agency said to me on the following day .If they wanted you to be stand by they had to inform you at least at 20:00 to get yourself ready to move from a site to an other.The security company said you would not be get paid as I refuse
  7. Hi, Thank you for the reply. Firstly: The agency provide the security companies with security officer when they suffer from shortage of staff due to sickness ,absence and so on. Secondly:I did not apply for any holiday. Thirdly:I did not work for the agency since they refused to pay me my wages and I did not do any shifts as no Payments were received. Fourthly:I phoned the contact person who is in charge our shifts but he blocked my phone number so that I could not get in touch with him.I also sent emails to the administrator, but she did not reply. Fifthly:The agenc
  8. I'm emailing in respect of Temp work problem.I have registered with an agency to work on during the weekends. I joined the agency in May and I have been working for the agency ever since.I did not singed a contract with them and all I did I sent them my Security licence ,NI,British passport ,proof of address and bank details. Everything was fine I used to receive my pay slips and get paid on Fridays.The agency hire me to work for a company to cover luxury shops and night clubs and bars in London. on the 25th of August around 22:30,I was working in a bar in London, I got a cal
  9. Hi, I would be grateful if you could kindly send me a model letter for the PPI claim . Regards
  10. Hi, I took a capitalone credit card with PPI in 2005.The sale adviser advised me to take the PPI on the phone though I did not know what is it mean.I feel that I was mis sold the PPI and bought something I never needed. I want claim my my PPI. Thanks
  11. Hi, I took a capital one credit card in 2005.I purchased the PPi for the card on the phone .I did not need it but the sales advisor proposed it on the phone.I had never used the PPI since 2005 .Can I claim my money back bearing on mind the sale of ppi was on the phone. Thanks
  12. Hi, Thank all for your help. My company has finally agreeed to pay me off all my holidys pay from 2007 up to now. Once again,Thank you,
  13. Hi, Thank you for your reply. The picture is still not clear for me in regard of resignation .The company doesn't want to pay me the money and i'm still waiting patiently for them though there is no ray of hope.I dont have problem with the Department of Work.The Department of Work will ask me about the reasons of resignation espcially in this economic atomsphere,they dont want to increase the number of job seekers . I want to hear about my leagal situation .
  14. Hi, It's 6 weeks now since ,I have calimed my hoilday money.The company did not reply and from the way the talk to me ,I understood that they dont give me the money. I would like to know my legal situation if I resign now so as to take them to the court?will I have a problem with Department of work,HM Inland revenue and other work Departments ? Thanks
  15. Hi, Thank you very much for your reply.The purpose of the CCTV is monitoring and detecting thieves and intruder around the building.I cant understand why the camera has been fixed inside my office.The camera has fixed in office before I came to monitor in coming and out going mail. Do you have the information commissioner's office Number? Thanks
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