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  1. So basically if I can't come up with the entire amount before the deadline I will end up in court and have bailiffs after me? Is there no way I can arrange to pay by installments now? Surely if I present my income/outgoings on court I could arrange to pay in installments there?
  2. Ok, took your advice and contacted Newcastle Council to arrange to pay by installments. Pretty shocked that they refused and said they will only give me another 14 days to pay the full amount after which I will receive a court summons. I was always of the understanding that if I offered a reasonable payment solution and they refused it whenever it went to court it would be thrown out. Is this the case? My plan now is to send a recorded letter with my income and expenditure detailed along with a fair and affordable amount to pay back in installments. Surely if they refuse this an
  3. Yes, one other in a similar financial situation. He's currently living in Leeds.
  4. Hi guys, I've used this forum to great success in the past and hopefully you guys can help me out again. I received a letter yesterday with a Council tax bill for £1300 that is supposed to be paid within 14 days. It's from last year and possibly foolishly I didn't even bother to look into paying council tax last year as I would not of been able to make the payments anyway. My total income for the last tax year at this property was £7000 (in Newcastle, Upon Tyne), I was barely scrapping by never mind paying over £100 extra a month in council tax payments. I now have a new addr
  5. Hi all, This may seem a trivial matter compared to some of the issues raised in this section however it is a matter in which I have no knowledge and seek advice from someone who has. My brother who attends a school in Northern Ireland (free to attend) has been recently asked to pay £100 a term towards extra cirricular activities, this has been described as non-voluntary. The school gives access to the yearly expenditure and income every year and it is clear form this that there is no need to ask for this £100 per student. What I would like to know is it legal to ask for such a
  6. I Joined the company in March 2010 but I left for 3 months over the summer and came back in September, I then moved to another bar in Feb although it is still owned by the same company.
  7. Hi all, would appreciate a bit of help on this matter... Basically I'm a bar tender in Newcastle and was in work for food on my day off and the owner asked if he could speak to me. He said that I had not clocked out 3 times in 2weeks and that he was going to involve the police as it was serious gross misconduct. I normally work 8.30am-4.30pm and usually stay for a drink after work, I can recall one of the 3 occasions and I made the receptionist aware of this. When he mentioned it to me I remembered a second time but explained that it was a complete accident, which it was. He als
  8. I have no written agreement, looks like I may just have to accept this. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Hello all, I have recently been sacked from my job as a DJ in a Newcastle bar with only 2 days notice. I was due to play the Saturday night and was told on the Thursday afternoon. I have been a resident there for 6years and although I was 'self employed' while working there I was wondering if I have any rights? This has basically left me in grave difficulty financially and put me under serious pressure to find another job quickly. Can I take any action? Thanks, Peter.
  10. The tenant is a student so can't pay until her loan comes in which could be late September.
  11. Hi all, I am in a situation where my Landlord will not release the keys to my flat because one tenant out of 6 has not paid the first months rent. Everyone else has paid in full in addition to a £200 deposit. It means I am having to stay in a hotel until the last tenant pays the rent, what are my rights in this situation? Surely I could move in as long as the person who hasn't paid stays out? Thanks!
  12. I was told by my employer this evening that the entire bar staff including myself at my place of work have been over paid by £49.50 and that they will be taking it out of my next wages. I understand that they are allowed to do this but I did not notice the extra money in my account and when I asked for some proof of the overpayment they refused, can they still make a deduction if they refuse to provide proof? Thanks, Peter.
  13. I have been having recurring arguments with my Landlord regarding the cleanliness of my property. He, and I quote says the place is a "Bloody **** hole" and I strongly disagree. He is currently threatening to send in cleaners at £7.50 an hour plus materials and take it out of our deposit. I have posted photos below of the bathroom and stairs which he says are "disgraceful", the place is not sterile but I am struggling to find what could be cleaner in a student house. I do not find anything wrong with how the house is at the moment, can he do this? Please advise..
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