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  1. Thanks guys it is CWP but I always thought that was only for pensioners.
  2. Today I checked my bank account and found I have received £25 in ESA I take it this is a christmas bonus or a mistake? Anyone else received this?
  3. The form doesn't have to be handed in until late Dec I wonder if its best to do it now or leave it as late as possible. It's silly being reassessed after such a short time as I have only just started getting help treating my condition -.-
  4. Hi I just received a 2nd ESA50 ESA questionnaire is that normal? I claimed ESA from mid February, had the assessment with ATOS early May and on the 24th June found out I passed the assessment and was put into the work related activity group. Why are they sending me a 2nd questionaire so soon? the whole process has been extremely slow I have only just started attending the work focused interviews despite being in the work related ESA for months. Thanks for any help this is getting me stressed out it doesn't feel like that long ago I filled out the first one. -.-
  5. I just found out that my grandparents gave me premium bonds and I had no idea that I had them because I was a kid at the time.. -.- l Maybe that is the problem because they're considered savings? I don't even know how to withdraw the premium bonds as I said my grandparents and parents set it up and neglected to tell me -.- It's only £100 but it could be causing the trouble.
  6. I checked my savings and they're nearing £6000 not quite there yet (unless I have money I don't know about) O.o I thought if your savings go past £6000 it means your money is just reduced a little? I'm sure no one has given duff information as only my family know I'm on ESA. The letter just says bank states but no date is given.. Thanks for your help What if my savings are slightly past £6000 does that mean they're going to lock me up? If I have passed the £6000 it must be recent.
  7. Hi I've been on ESA for several months now and today I received a letter from the jobcentre's customer compliance team. Any idea what this is all about? Here is what the letter says.
  8. I don't know if I should start a new thread but.. my medical certificate ran out and when I went to my doctor he said that he received a note from them saying I didn't need one anyone because I passed the assessment? O.o Is that right or is he mistaken?
  9. I passed and they backdated me as I've been on the assessment rate for many months.
  10. I was scared to death about my medical assessment because of all the horror stories read on the internet, but to my surprise it wasn't nearly as bad as people say. The man who assessment me was very kind and understanding of my condition and I was allowed to bring my partner for moral support which helped lots. My only complaint is it's taken nearly 2 months to find out if I passed or failed. Just thought I'd share that experience for all those worried about the assessment.
  11. Does anyone know how long it takes to fin out if you passed or failed the atos assessment? I had my medical assessment nearly a month ago and still no word! I am still getting the assessment rate paid but surely they should have contacted me by now? Thank you in advance.
  12. Thanks guys I found out the reason I haven't recieved anything is because I missed a medical certificate. You see I claimed sometime in feb but was unwell and didn't get to see my GP until weeks later. Now I'm going to have to go back to GP and see if he can backdate but it was so long ago..
  13. Thanks for your help guys! do you know how long my medical certificate lasts? its dated 4th march and just says 1 month, i'm not sure if that means it runs out on the 4th of april or what.
  14. Hi, I claimed ESA on the 4th of march, sent in the medical certificate (only 1 month atm) got a letter from ESA saying they recieved the medical but I haven't heard anything since!. I receive a work capability questionnaire last week which I filled out and sent it but I'm confused about what is happening. As I said the medical certificate is only dated for a month but my gp is likely to give be a longer term medical after it expires. Should I phone them up and find out whats going on? they're taking ages and I have no idea what the process is for ESA. Thanks in advance for any help.
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