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  1. Hi guys, thanks a lot for the link and assistance, have just been to see HR aswell and they've assured me they will look into it further so fingers crossed for a resolution. Only thing which worried me was being told that I'd not be paid until the money was recovered & the prospect of someone having spent it already, though I guess Barclays would repay my employer and then recover the cash from their client. Will provide updates.
  2. Hi Honeybee, thanks for that, I'll have a more indepth look through the search function aswell to see if I can find any related information.
  3. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone could help me with an issue regarding my wages being paid into another persons bank account. Background information about the problem, apologies if some of it is irrelevant; - I used to work for my current employers before being made redundant at the end of last year, however a month ago positions were re-opened so I reapplied with several other people and was accepted for the job. - During our induction and training we were setup with HR/Payroll accounts, however for some of us who had previously worked for the company there were issues with getting these setup. The standard login would be . however for myself I was required to use .x.. - Upon login into the payroll system I discovered that rather than being a fresh account everything was populated with another persons information who shares the same name as myself and lives fairly local, I believe he was a previous agent here as I recall someone who shared my name doing training then leaving last time I was here. - I removed all of the information and filled in my correct details along with submitting this information, however it appears that while I submitted the information it was never saved as the system requires submitting and saving of the information. - 1 day after our monthly wages were paid out I discovered that the details on my account were still this other persons and informed my manager, however as the pay had already been sent out I was told that it would have to be bounced back by the bank in question, I queried this as I could see no reason why the bank would reject the payment since I believed the details to all be correct. - I have just found out today that the cash was transferred into this other persons bank account and payroll have requested that I contact my bank to see what they have to say, I am currently with Lloyds TSB and the cash was paid into a Barclays bank account so I am unsure as to what my bank will be able to do to resolve this matter. Just looking for some general advice as to what I can do to get this resolved ASAP, should my workplace be able to resolve this for me or will I need to get it sorted myself, kind of get the feeling that they're not chasing it up by getting me to contact my bank. Also does the company hold any responsibility for setting me up with someone else's details, though I do appreciate that it was my failing at saving the information (however not having access when rest of people were doing it did play a role). Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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