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  1. Sorry, I just realised I hadn't made myself clear. I have already sent them the stuff on 4 April (they confirmed receipt) and then paid them again in 11th April. I have spoken to the bloke at BOI who is truely unhelpful. I have copied him the latest payment from my bank when I heard they were applying for the warrant he has since ignored me. Are you saying I should do this again?
  2. thanks for that I have the print outs of each payment and the letters/e-mails from the bank saying the the payments were made and apologizing for being late. What are the chances of success? I heard today that the boi person is moving dept so basically I think he is just trying to get me off his desk. I know this is a curve ball but do I have any options regards the self cert bit. As they are now illegal and its interest rate is punitive etc? Maybe reclaim interest in some way?
  3. Hi I have a 300k self cert mortgage at 7.99% which started in Nov 2008 (height of the credit crunch) I was in the middle of buying my ex out of the house and as i am self employed was left with no options as I was self employed. My income has been variable but bank of Ireland were a nightmare from day one, not setting up DD's taking it without warning or not completing the mandate so I ended up with arrears from almost day 1. They also failed to allocate payments to my account. I have repeated complained about the way my account was handled and got the usual fob offs. Anyway i
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