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  1. Hi Mikey, Many thanks for your help. I found out today that the War Pensioners Mobility Supplememt does give me the disability premium for means tested benefits (as DLA mobility did) but even with the premium, my War Pension takes me over the threshold for Income Support. However the premium is given on my Local Housing Allowance (were my War Pension is disregarded) so I retain full LHA and Council Tac Benefit. On the whole I think I will keep my DLA claim open as there maybe the odd thing in the future that it can be a passport benefit for. The DWP did say as the DLA claim i
  2. Well I contacted Motability this afternoon and got that part sorted. In case it happens to anyone else, Motability will just take the DLA Total Allowance amount out of the WPMS amount and I will get paid the difference. When the benefits increase in April whatever the new DLA Total Allowance is will be deducted from my uprated WPMS and they pay me the difference. My next Motabilty car should have a lower Advance Payment now I am on WPMS and I will also be able to claim upto £690 grant as I need an automatic car. So with that sorted, I really just need to know if there are any 'spin off'
  3. Hi, I have just rang DLA and they said it is upto me whether I close the claim or not. They said they couldn't advise me one way or the other! I am just wondering if there are any 'spin off' benefits to keeping it open and how the change from DLA to WPMS affects Motability. Thanks Bob
  4. Hello, I am a newbie looking for a bit of advice if you please. I have a live claim for Disability Living Allowance (I was awarded High Rate Mobility indefinitely a year ago). I also claim Incapacity Benefit, Local Housing Allowance and Council Tax Benefit. However, my War Disablement Pension has just been increased to 40% disabled and I have been awarded War Pensioners Mobility Supplement indefinitely. I got a letter from the DLA people on Saturday saying the DLA payments have now stopped as apparently I cannot claim both together. Are there any advantages in keeping
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