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  1. I`ve still got all my statements so just need to request the money so will this address be ok? Barclaycard 1234 Pavilion Drive Northampton NN4 7SG
  2. I started paying interest as soon as I used the overdraft and it looks like I paid between 1.22% and 2% depending on whether I`m within or outside the limit but now its 1.22% as long as I pay off the right amount each month and I`m still about £500 past my overdraft limit. The charges were £200 for referal fees and they`re not charging me now only interest for being over my overdraft limit. Far too complicated for me to work out what I can claim!
  3. Don`t know what to do now because if I can claim the interest for going over the overdraft limit which is £16 something a month I am still paying that at the moment and will be for a few months yet so maybe I should wait until I`ve got back within my limit. And if they do demand it all back I`m in trouble which they said they will if I cant pay back what I m supposed to.
  4. Ok thanks guys may as well do that if its only a pound!
  5. Yes I think it probably would or very close to clearing it at least! I`ll dig out my statements and work it out. So I should be able to claim now even though I still owe them money?
  6. Can I claim back my fines now for going over my overdraft limit and for my direct debits going out even though I am still about £500 over my overdraft limit and paying back about £40 each month including their £16 interest they add on each month? I`m worried they might demand it all back if I do. Plus I have to pay back about £180 at the end of this month for the next 3 months until I`m within my overdraft limit which I wont be able to afford. Help!
  7. Sorry if this has been asked before but I cant find it! What address do I send it to , the customer services one in northampton one and does it need to be recorded delivery as I read on another forum?
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