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  1. thanks, will let you know when i get it what do you think of post 268
  2. what do you think pt, are the dca right with this letter
  3. letter off the dca today, its about that cpr request i think we write further to your letter dated 2nd may 2010, the contents of which are durly noted. with regards to your request for the original signed agreement, further to the case of carey v hsbc our client is under no obligation to provide the original signed credit agreement. we will however request a reconstituted agreement/terms and condision from our client. we would like you to contact this office to discuss the account. fairfax solicitors
  4. i think the best way to go is left up to pt. he has the most experiance, in and out of court. we all need to do some research on Carey v HSBC and Southern District Finance v Turner. pt must ask himself is it worth doing, is the chance of wining above 50%. i know there is no way of knowing the outcome, but in his experiance is the out come is low. then its not worth it. what do you think pt
  5. the only thing that looks positive is to seek pt advice on what he said on entry 234 he has done this before and won.
  6. our wires are getting cross here, the judge said i had a judgement by default in the bradford court, but i had the ccj ( judgement) in wrexham where i failed. i think the courts papers was just a error , tried to ring bradford to shed light, but cant get thru
  7. now i read it again i see what you are saying
  8. no wish me well, i said that because the judge said i had no chance, i have rang many soliciors, who all said the same. pt is right on the set aside, its been to long. i said i think he is 100% right
  9. as the judge and pt said the set aside is out the window, i think he is 100% correct, but he knows another way, and this is where i must listen, quote: If the agreement is defective however, then a counterclaim can be brought even if there is a possession order, you can bring such a counterlcaim on the basis of the Court of Appeal Judgment of Southern District Finance vs Turner My opinion personally, is it may be possible to have the judgment set aside on the grounds of legibility, it would require a detailed witness statement from yourself, the application notice, and a d
  10. why cant you do it,because if i go to court i dont know what i am saying
  11. do you think i should ring bradford court or am i wasting my time, also pm me about cost ect if you are interested on what you said on page 236 thanks
  12. that is what i thought, but i went to my court for a ccj where i put a poor defence about wrong account numbers, then had a charge order because i had to pay forthwith, charge order done automaticly, then went to court to try and stop the final charge order, never looked at my defence, now yesterday order for sale, yet the judge and the dca rep said they had a judgement by default in bradford but the judge did not why, the dca rep said that is where our offices where, so is it possible there could be 2 ccj on one account. just thinking , way before the ccj i tried to make payment, i giv
  13. pt2537 the judge and the dca said they had a judgement by default in bradford. yet i thought i was in court in wrexham for the ccj, does this mean i have 2 ccj, can you explain please
  14. hi, pt2537 is right in what he is saying. the set aside has way gone. the judge said 3 week at the most, unless you got strong ground, not so much in the proof by why its taken 2 years
  15. thank for now , got to go to work. i will log on to night to see if there is a update
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