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  1. THE LONG AND SHORT OF THIS STORY - ARNOLD CLARK STAFF xxxxxxxxxxx PROABLY SO HEAD OFFICE DONT GET ON THEIR BACKS I had a CRV which due to high running costs I decided to trade in, (SMO4 BJE , 60,388 mileage , 04 reg) After looking at several cars I went to Fiat AYR and decided on a VW Golf 1.6 FSI , (5 door, 04 Reg, 63148 mileage, ) initially when we went in the price we saw on the website was lower than the price in the showroom, we advised we had been to kilmarnock who offered a trade in of our CVR of nearly £5000, but the car we looked at meant we would have to pay £488 difference, we advised we only wanted to pay a couple of hundred pounds or ideally just do a straight swap, after various discussions we eventually agreed on a straight swap of my CRV for the golf, we just had to pay the road tax. The deal was done, we were to collect the car in a few days time, Long story short - within the next 2 months the car was back to the garage 5 times for faults with brakes and engine management etc anyway they have now agreed we can either swap our car for another similar one (although they have nothing in books around same price as origianl so this is a no go) or we can get a refund refund is £4500 & £85.25 for the road tax as per the paperwork?? My problem is that as it was a straight swap and no money exchanged hands, the paperwork which states £4500 & tax is incorrect.At the time we took the car this wasn't an issue as it was a straight swap and I had no intention of returning the car. Firstly my CRV is worth more than £4500 as we were even offered more than this for the initial trade-in when we went to both kilmarnock and ayr branches. Secondly the Golf was advertised at around £5488 but the website stated £4988, they then agreed to honour the website price as it was still advertised, and then we reached a deal to do the straight swap of cars. So I have no idea where £4500 came from and why this amount is on the paperwork, this could have been done to make the branch paperwork look better for head office or for some other reason but these amounts have been falsified and should not be showing £4500. Manager is adamant this is all he will refund us, so after a heated conversation with him today, he advised me to speak to customer services again. So I called and spoke to Graham at customer services and he said the same as Mark and wouldn't take into account what I was saying, he advised they will always side with their branch and stand by the fact they will only refund £4,500.He said my only other option is to seek 3rd party legal advise on this matter. I went back to customer services again today to get a manager to call me , but I didn't get any call back . surprise surprise .. what my argument is, is the fact that £4500 never came into the conversation when we signed for the car, technically any amount can be put in the paperwork as no money was to exchange hands and no balance was to be outstanding, so based on this and further proof I have collated I am not accepting a £4500 refund. I have proof that £4500 for a 04 reg, Golf, 5dr with 63148 miles is a fictitious amount,as they currently have a 3 door Golf FSI, 04 reg with 62.772 miles on website at Kilmarnock Queens Drive, for £5988 and that's for a 3 door not 5 door. so how can the car I bought be £4500, that would mean a similar car that you are currently advertising, with similar mileage and same spec being discounted by £1488 !! which is not possible (and that's not even taking into account my original car was a 5 door) I have also looked at several other websites for prices of the same Golf and they are ranging from £5495 - £6000 for the exact same car, same reg, similar mileage etc Even Glass's guide is stating a dealer retail price of £5600 for 1.6 FSI Golf and I know this is one of the companies Arnold Clark use to price their cars. I have also looked into the trade in for the CRV - Glass's guide states over £5000 and WHAT CAR list it as £5230. so where does £4500 come into it???????? what a bunch of xxxxxxxxxx, they end up with my old car which is now sold, making a tidy proft there and i get offered a ridiculous price . now emailed sales director to see what he can do ...............fingers crossed
  2. Hi all Just reading threads on getting defaults removed i have one with BOS, i already had a dispute complaint in regards bank fees etc.., after no luck getting fees refunded i offered to reapy at £10 pm but they refused this, was passed outwith BOS and i later made agreement with a collection agency to repay debt at £10 pm which ive kept to...anyway now noticed they have registered account as a default can they do this? :? looking at prev thread re banking code para 13.6 i dont think they can does anybody have and advice? is it worth trying to get refault removed thanks
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