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  1. THE LONG AND SHORT OF THIS STORY - ARNOLD CLARK STAFF xxxxxxxxxxx PROABLY SO HEAD OFFICE DONT GET ON THEIR BACKS I had a CRV which due to high running costs I decided to trade in, (SMO4 BJE , 60,388 mileage , 04 reg) After looking at several cars I went to Fiat AYR and decided on a VW Golf 1.6 FSI , (5 door, 04 Reg, 63148 mileage, ) initially when we went in the price we saw on the website was lower than the price in the showroom, we advised we had been to kilmarnock who offered a trade in of our CVR of nearly £5000, but the car we looked at meant we would have to pay £488 di
  2. Hi all Just reading threads on getting defaults removed i have one with BOS, i already had a dispute complaint in regards bank fees etc.., after no luck getting fees refunded i offered to reapy at £10 pm but they refused this, was passed outwith BOS and i later made agreement with a collection agency to repay debt at £10 pm which ive kept to...anyway now noticed they have registered account as a default can they do this? :? looking at prev thread re banking code para 13.6 i dont think they can does anybody have and advice? is it worth trying to get refault removed than
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