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  1. I too will be in that position in September but it's not a salary you get it's an NHS bursary and as far as I'm aware I can only claim housing benefit and council tax benefit. I'm finding it difficult finding out if there is anything else I would be entitled to.
  2. Thankyou really worried about it can't really afford to pay for a silly lapse of concentration. Next time I will make sure the badge is displayed properly
  3. Hi I received a parking ticket this morning at a shopping centre in scotland from a company called ukcc. I was parked in a disabled bay as I had my teenage son who is disabled with me we went to the shopping centre as it was close to the hospital which is 30 mile from my home for something to eat before his hospital appointment. The blue badge had been displayed but slipped slightly down between the dashboard and window covering a small part of it over 90% of the badge was visible. I have been told by people to ignore it but can't find information regarding this in scotland. does anyone
  4. Thanks for your reply the reason i am claiming through my insurance is because the other driver was verbally abusive so we did not exchange details. My no claims bonus is protected so i still do not understand why i have to pay so much its over 200 pound extra a year. My 1st renewal came in the day before the accident then a few days after the accident another renewal came in for a much larger amount. I do have legal protection with my policy will this help me if i disagree with the other insurance companies decision.
  5. Hi i am looking for help with my car insurance claim, 10 days ago i was involved in an accident on a roundabout, its a large roundabout with 3 exits and two lanes i was in the right hand lane other driver in left hand i was taking the second exit when the driver in the left hand lane seemed to change his mind about going straight on and all of a sudden veered in to my car. I watched it all happen in slow motion and could not stop in time the other driver was totally unaware i was on the roundabout until he hit me. At the scene he verbally abused me so i told him i was going to the police.
  6. hi i was in a similar situation my boyfriend who does not live with me got his mail sent to my address, everything to do with his work and his driving license were all at my address he was also on my car insurance ,the reason for this is that where he lives it is not safe to get mail sent to. Some spiteful person who i do know reported me to the dss and to cut a long story short those nice people called me in for an interview under caution over a year ago and iv not heard anything since. My lawyer at the time told me that the investigators need 3 items of proof that someone is living togethe
  7. hi rozzadozza go and seek legal advice do not go to the interview without getting advice and take someone with you. An interview under caution when you have not done anything wrong in my experience is horrible, they will try to trip you up at every turn. Good luck
  8. hi pato before you go to your interview under caution please speak to a lawyer i had an iuc in january it was not the best experience in my life. I spoke to the cab who told me they couldn t help me as this was a legal matter and they gave me a list of lawyers that would help me i told my lawyer the full story and he told me they needed three different parts of evidence against me which he said it sounded that they did not have iv not heard anything since. Take someone with you dont go alone and if you do get upset stop the interview good luck
  9. thank you st24 for your reply. I think the interviewer was trying to scare me when i went for my iuc to see if he could get me to admit i was in the wrong maybe that s why he tried the one of you will lose your benefits by the end of the week tactic. I read through the list of questions and the majority of my answers would be no the question about my car came up in my interview because he is named on my insurance policy but i have more than one named person on my policy and none of the named people stay with me. i have them on my policy as my son s health is not good and he can take ill at a
  10. if it helps i will tell you what you have done to upset me you a you did not post any advice b then you thought it would be helpfull to slag me and anyone who offered support to me
  11. Look surryguy i came to this forum for advice not to be brought down this is not constructive if this help s the man im seeing is estranged from his wife they are in the midst of divorce not because of me they live together due to a mixture of things in their family such as mental illness drug abuse and alcohol abuse. I would rather of kept it simple by saying an affair with a married man i know i dont have to prove anything to anyone but your views are upsetting:-x
  12. you are welcome to your opinion but i would not dare make asumptions on any part of your life so i think you should keep your opinion to yourself i only asked for advice and your advice was not helpfull it was downright arrogant.
  13. thanks for your reply during the iuc i was told by the end of the week that one of us would not have our benefits (myself and the wife) and they had more evidence to say that he lived with me because he got his national insurance tax and taxi badge sent to my address. I contacted income support about the letter i received and they told me to to disregard it they dont know why it s been sent out and couldnt bring up a copy of the letter they had sent to me and as far as they know after the 17 april my claim is still live. So here i am waiting and worrying about whats going to happen next:sa
  14. the last time income support was paid was 12 march i have not received any letters except from the one yesterday which says i am not getting income support after the 17 april but it gives no reason
  15. Im worried sick iv been accused of benefit fraud in jan i attended an interview under caution where i was told that i had a partner staying with me this is where it gets complicated i do not stay with a partner but i am having an affair with a married man he stays with his wife who claims that he does not as she is comitting benefit fraud. His wife has mental health issues and does not want him to go to work she destroyed all his documents for work (he is self employed) so i allowed him so send work only documents to my address this is the evidence that the dwp is using against me. I have he
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