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  1. 30 day right? This my thing is what is reasonable for a second hand phone? I think personally as it was 250 they should at least look at repairing it
  2. Hi All, I purchased a Galaxy S7 at the end January 2018 from Cash Converts for 250. It has been in a case since buying it with screen protector. Last night the screen has got a line through it . I looked at receipt and spoke with Cash Converters and they only offer 6 months warrant - No help at all. I am aware there should be a less expectation regarding the quality of second hand items and the fact warranty is optional. I am more interested in my rights under the CRA. A 250 pound phone should last longer in my eyes than 8 months! I have no experience with civil law. I just wanted to get a feel from people on here whether it is worth the effort pursuing this? With the fact it is a second hand phone. Thanks
  3. Just checked my report and it is showing on there!! This is even worse disgusting as o2 have advised me not to pay them as they credit my account!! as the mistakes are on there behalf. What do i do now, i am very very angry!
  4. Why do i need to check my credit report?? I hope to god they have not messed that up
  5. Hi already tried getting pac code i cannot have it. Its because they say my number is lost in there system. They cannot understand why the sim works at all its a computer error. They are unable to locate my number or something, hence why they think i am pay as you go. This is the problem the number i have is a very very good number which i bought 10 years ago so i do not want to lose it. My number according to them is lost in their pay as you go system so they can not allocate a PAC to it until the error is sorted.
  6. Right here goes I have been on o2 pay as you go 10 years about. Anyway I decided to get a sim only deal on a 30 day rolling contact (So I only have to give 30 day notice to cancel) Anyway it has been mayhem!! I am meant to get 600 any time min and unlimited to o2 mobiles. It was all fine in month 1 until I transferred my pay and go number to my pay monthly. They sent me bills for £150 £200 etc so I complained by phone. Anyway this was to no avail. So I emailed and wrote to the CEO of o2 and he had somebody from his office call me back. He assured me it was a major computer error and would e sorted within a week. That was 2 months ago and I am still in the same situation, without joking I have spent around 20 hours on the phone to o2 and wrote 2 letters ( recorded delivery) & emails. I am still in square one its beyond belief.They keep sending me big bills, and then when I ring they tell me I am a pay as you go customer so I shouldn’t get a bill. They even give me the log on details to someone else’s o2 account. It really is unbelievable and now I am trying to cancel but I can’t until they sort the problem out on their end. Its mad when I ring to try sort it I am on phone for about an hour and I always end up in square one. They say it’s all sorted then next month massive bill. Then when I ring to tell them about the bill it’s another few hours proving I am not pay as you go and I should get these allowances ( so I get a credit on my account). I get letters saying they are cutting me of and everything. I can never check my bill as none of my services work as it still thinks I am pay as you go. So I avoid using my phone as its just running up massive bills. Anyone got any ideas on what I can do?? It’s just now I am fed up of paying for nothing, tomorrow a supervisor is supposed to call me back P,S I did say I wouldn’t pay them anything and they just told me they would hand it to debt collectors
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