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  1. I wont - will be doing that tomorrow. I've done the survey and made a donation to the fund - sorry it's not bigger but I've been on benefits for 4 years :oops:.
  2. Hi everyone, called my bank today and found that Barclays deposited my money yesterday, so my case is officially over. I'm buying a new vacuum cleaner but the rest of the cash is going to pay off some of the debts I've racked up after 4 years on the sick. Once again thanks to everyone for everything, Heather.XXXXXX
  3. Hi there, go for it - I claimed compound contractual interest (CCI) at their unauthorised overdraft rate 24.9%. Today I have been offered 100% of my claim including CCI. Only claimed for last 6 yrs with Barclays but now about to deal with Barclaycard and Capital One and will be going for 6+ yrs AND CCI where appropriate. It's not quite as scary as it seems when you first start, just keep calm, read as much as you can on here and ask for help when required, there's always someone with the answer. Good Luck.
  4. I'VE WON!!!!!!! Oh happy day. Hooray, today I received an offer of 100% from Barclays. I am faxing my acceptance to them tomorrow and the cash will be in my account within 3 days (due to backlog). Court date is 25th June so I won't tell courts its over till cash is in my account (just in case they try mucking me about:razz:). THANKS TO ALL FOR YOUR INVALUABLE HELP. DEFINATELY COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU.
  5. Post 13 - Ha ha ha sooo funny I nearly wet myself:lol::lol:
  6. Thankyou both, very useful info there. I'm not sure about making any payment though - under the advice of the CAB I haven't paid them anything since informing them of my financial difficulties. According to the CAB Barclaycard are notorious for not dealing with customers like me until about 6months of non-payment have elapsed. Bearing this in mind should I still do as rory32 advises? What is a CCA? When you say 'the debt is unenforceable once they default' could you please explain exactly what that means. Sorry if I sound a bit thick, sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in. Thanks.
  7. Hi, is it possible to reclaim charges from catalogues such as Additions, Littlewoods etc. in the same way we reclaim bank charges? If so, is there a place on this site to post the relevant threads cos I can't seem to find it. Thank you.
  8. Hi, I've almost completed (successfully) my action against Barcalys Bank and have now decided to start on Barclaycard. I've had money problems for some time but, with the help of the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), contacted all my creditors before things were totally FUBAR. All my creditors were great and accepted my offers, froze my accounts and stopped charging interest EXCEPT FOR BARCLAYCARD! No, they chose to totally ignore all communications from myself and the CAB and continued charging me interest,over credit limit charges and late payment charges. This months statement arrived today and as well as all these charges etc there was this covering statement. "Your account is seriously overdue. Please be aware your card has been withdrawn. You must pay XXX immediately followed by a further XXX to reach us by XXX. Mercers debt collection agency is now dealing with your account. If you are unable to meet the above terms please call immediately on 0870 410 0391 blah blah blah" What I'd like to know is this - am I dealing with 2 separate issues here ie. debt and unlawful charges? should i contact these Mercer people and reiterate my original payment offer ? Will they now freeze my account automatically or what? Should I wait to deal with the charges issue until Mercers have been dealt with. They've been adding interest at £50 ++ a month despite asking them to freeze everything. Is it possible to reclaim some/all of this as well. Thanks.
  9. congratulations on finally getting your dosh - now get over to my thread and help me with my court bundle lol:D:D:lol:
  10. Hi there, well today I spoke to the person dealing with my case and told them I have a court date.. They weren't aware of this as they haven't had the paperwork yet. What follows is a rough and fairly accurate account of our very pleasant conversation based on notes made during and immediately following the call. BB. want to settle before court date but wont pay compound contractual interest (CCI) only the 8%. Courts have judged that CCI not payable, only 8% ME. Can u give me details of this case BB. DAVID BARRY KANK V HALIFAX ME. Judgements made in count courts are not legally binding across all courts. People have been getting CCI BB. Not many ME. Not many claiming, they've been taking the easier route BB. More than you think but not getting it. ME. I can't argue this point as I don't have the facts and figures to hand BB. wont pay CCI @ 24.9% as too much:p ME. We could say the same to you when you charge us at this rate:rolleyes: BB. Yes but then we'd refer you to the contract you agreed ME. then we go down the road of the legality of that contract which is why we're where we are now. BB. Yes and I'm not allowed to discuss that with you ME. I'm not willing to talk about it with you either BB. Need to speak to my boss but as your claim not very large they will probably pay it. It will take a couple of weeks to sort an offer as we're very busy and got a backlog ME. I appreciate that but if you want to avoid court and extra work then I need an offer fast as paperwork is due by 11th june and I'm trying to avoid a claim for time. BB. People aren't getting the claims for time, they're being refused ME. well that's not the information I've heard but again I'm not going to argue the point as I don't have the information to hand regarding time costs and CCI BB. Can't advise you on any of this ME. wouldn't accept your advice anyway under the circumstances BB. Will talk to boss to try to speed things up and get back to me as soon as possible ME. If it's going to take that long for an offer I will carry on preparing the paperwork for the courts. Contrary to how this shortened version sounds, it was a very pleasant conversation and I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed it. I can smell the end of this but the thing that pees me off is the time it'll take to get an offer. This means I've still got to prepare all the court paperwork in case their offer doesn't materialise in time. Cazcatjoe and Dar£n I think I'm gonna need your offer of help with this, thanks.:grin:
  11. Thanks Caz and Dar£n. Will try calling Krysta tomorrow and let you know what happens.
  12. Hi everyone, today I received my court date with Barclays - before District Judge Freeman at Weymouth. The documents orders that: 1. listed for hearing 25th June 2007 2. Listed with all other outstanding claims for refund of bank charges etc. 3. parties shall file and serve witness statement with copies of all relevant documents annexed by 4pm 11th June 2007 4. Judge will use his case management powers to decide whether to make any agreed order, give directions for further conduct or to proceed there and then with hearing 5. likely that any seriously contested case will be given directions and later hearing date 6. probable that Judge will deal with cases in batches where there is more than one case against a particular Defendant 7. if a party fails to attend Judge may strike out the claim or defence as he sees fit and enter judgement accordingly. Ok guys, this is where I think I need some help. I've looked at the 'basic court bundle' and the 'court bundle for cag' documents and I'm starting to panic - I don't understand half this stuff and I'm really worried I'll mess it up. It's not helped by having Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as 2 of the major symptoms are extreme exhaustion and a 'fuzzy' brain. This means I've got a very small window of time in a day when I feel well or can think clearly. I've also got to have a major stomach operation on 30th May involving nearly a week in hospital (if all goes well) and a few weeks recovery after. Do you think I should ask the court to put my case back as I realistically only have a week to get the documents sorted? Can anyone tell me roughly how long it takes to do the paperwork needed? Any help and advice gratefully received. Thanks, Heather.
  13. Thanks for your answers. Todge - I don't actually need any info at the moment, I just thought it would be a useful bit of knowledge for the future. Thanks again, heather:-)
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