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  1. well I scanned the pcn & removed the vrn & pcn number & location. Not sure what looking at it will reveal as it seems in order, no mistakes. & uploaded in a zip file. I am well aware that the issue isnt so much land ownership but PUBLIC access? But I cant see there is any public right of way on that bit of pavement - it seems to me no different to removing the walls of your front garden & laying down flagstones and using that as a car park? The only people who have any right of way there are the people living in the flats in the block behind - Some are
  2. Is this legal. How can it be? My motor bike was parked on the paved space infront of our block of flats ( privately owned). The flats are set back from the road so there is a space in between the public pavement and the flats. I been doing this for years, now this! The public pavement is clearly maked as it is tarmaced while our space is "paved" see the picture
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