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  1. PIP is given for you to spend on whatever will help YOU. You may need to replace your car so that you can get out and about, or spend money on taxi's. You may want to get some help in to clean your house for you or look after your garden. Have a new bathroom fitted to make your life easier. You may need to buy a new bed, TV, cooker, washing machine etc. I would take out £500 each time you are getting near the £6,000 so that you have cash available to be able to treat yourself whenever you want to.
  2. I would request it all to be confirmed in writing to you so they can't backtrack and deny the telephone call took place.
  3. I have been suffering due to illness thanks, which has been made much worse by the actions taken by the DWP, JCP staff and the evil assessment process! I would like each one of them follow a claimant through the whole process to really see how badly people are treated.
  4. What about the people have no access to public transport and can't afford to run a car? Will the DWP cover the cost of a taxi?
  5. Am I alone in hoping that many of the staff are laid off and so have to sign on!
  6. I was told that when anyone puts in a request for a mandatory reconsideration the decision makers are instructed to uphold the original result BUT you need to go through this insulting rubbish before being allowed to appeal. It is only at appeal will your evidence even be looked at! You will then have a chance to put your case face to face to an independent panel. I have done this now twice with success. I put together a file of evidence. All my doctors, hospital notes, appointment details etc along with personal letters from friends to support my case. I took with
  7. I am so sorry that you are being treated so badly by the DWP, this seems to be happening to everyone. Did you put in a Mandatory Reconsideration on the assessment?
  8. Opps! sorry I meant the DWP Housing Dept who handle help with mortgage interest.
  9. I have just been told by the DWP that all mail is scanned onto the system within 9 days of being delivered and then goes to the Decision Makers. They have no deadline by which they have to respond. If you ask for them to confirm anything in writing to you they don't have to do so! All departments seem to have been combined into either PIP or ESA or JSA. There is no separate Housing Benefit dept. etc any more. Where has the care gone?
  10. Hi BurleyBoy7, I hope you don't mind but trying to gather information on all options in case I can't afford to buy another house after my house is sold because of this evil 'loan' situation. Can you tell me how you manage with services to your motorhome. Do you use PV panels to charge batteries to run your electric supply? How do you get rid of your waste from sink, shower and toilet? Do you have a TV? What does the licence cost? How long can you stay in one place before being moved on? Many thanks for any advice you can give me.
  11. I have been told that letters sent into the DWP without a clear heading like ESA Mandatory Reconsideration Request will be deemed to be 'white mail' and so will not be looked at by anyone until the writer telephones to find out what is happening about their letter. I ask because my ESA MR request dated and sent on 25th Nov 2017 has only just, yesterday 13th Feb 2018 arrived at the correct department! I did telephone about it on 7th Dec and was told it can take a few weeks before you will hear from them. Over 11 weeks to get there! It will now take 7-10 days for them to make their decis
  12. BBC Money Box this morning talked about the new 'help' with mortgage interest payments which is changing to a loan from next April. He stated that rents would still be covered even though in a roundabout way it would paying the mortgage of the owner of the property and that many rents are far more expensive than mortgage payments! So what to do? Set up the loan and end up owning less of your property or sell up, downsize if you can or rent? People in need being punished again!
  13. The loan will be registered on your deeds at the land registry so in the future when you sell your home the loan will be repaid in full. This may leave you unable to afford another home. If you die It will be paid from your estate. Either way the DWP will get their money back with interest!
  14. Can anyone recommend a telephone recorder. I am so fed up with being given information by DWP advisors which I am then told by another is incorrect that I want to record their messages. One that is easy to set up and use please. Many thanks
  15. I still think that this 'loan' could mean that the long term sick could end up not being able to sell and downsize as they may not in a few years time have the funds to do so. If they are given more time to consider their options it could be better for them to make to move sooner rather than later. This is all going to happen to quick for many to have any other choice but to take the 'loan'. I can't see how the DWP can bring this in for those in need who have a mortgage and not include those that rent. I do think this will be the next evil step of picking on the dis
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