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  1. Thanks for the reply and the links - most interesting. I sensing from your reply that the actual amount that the loan was worth is insignificant, and once the default has been added to the credit report the damage is done. My thought was maybe, because Egg conceded (after one letter) and paid back the PPI amount, I would have grounds for the default to be removed (on the technical detail of the amount being incorrect). But i can see now it is not that straight forward.. I believe that there was late payment penalties added but will have to do some digging to check. My aim was to attempt to have the default removed, but maybe I'll have to wait it out, i don't think it's too much longer. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, This is my first post, so hello people. I had an Egg loan in 2004 (at age 21 - why i was given this in hindsight goodness only knows!) and missed a couple of payments when i lowered my working hours and returned to university. Despite attempting to talk to them about reducing my monthly payments, they defaulted the loan and it was taken over by a different company. I never missed a payment again and settled it a couple of years ago. Last year i successfully won paid back the personal loan protection money that had been added on to the cost of the loan unlawfully, amounting to nearly £500, for which I was happy to receive. However, I have now come to realise that the registered default amount is incorrect (containing the unlawful protection insurance) - and am thinking of applying to Egg to remove the default from my credit file in this basis. My question - has anyone else successfully challenged a default for this reason? I know Egg are notoriously difficult, but have read that this type of technicality can work. Does anyone have ANY advice? Many thanks!
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