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  1. yes indeed. Up to about 12 months ago there used to be 3 people in our area to cover standby. The company decided they did not want to pay 3 people standby fee so said 1 person could cover it all. thats the key to it all really i suppose...its to much for 1 person. I think i will contact HSE and have a word with them.
  2. Hi and thanks again for your time. All i am really asking from my employer is a guaranteed rest period of 8 hours. Where i know i will not be called out. Multiple call outs at all hours really knocks the stuffing out of me.
  3. Hello and thank you for the reply. I thought we must be covered by some sort of rules on working times. But where can i go or where can i look to prove this. I will need to have concrete facts if i am going to challenge my employer. Do you think going to see an employment solicitor is worth it?? As there is one just down the road from me. Regards Chris
  4. Hello everybody and many thanks for looking at my thread. I will get straight to the point. I work for a water company 5 days a week 7.30am-3.30pm. Then i week in 5 i cover a standby rota which goes from 7.30 Monday to 7.30 the next Monday. Once work is finished at 3.30pm i must cover call outs until 7.30am the next morning when we all start work again. First off my employer says they are not subject to the EU working time directive because apparently utility company's are exempt. My problem is we get so many call outs during the middle of the night i struggle to drive the van to site(minimum
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