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  1. Many thanks to all of you have replied to my thread!! very informative indeed! I do know a little on the subject (being a social worker) altho not the finer details, so every little helps!! Knowledge is power and all that! I have passed all the details to my friend and she is in the process of digging out her tenancy agreement so as soon as she finds it, I will post on here.... I will also get the details of the repairs which remain outstanding too.. Once again guys, thanks! :D
  2. Hi there, I have a friend who has lived in a private rented property for over 7yrs, has always paid the rent on time, as with other utility bills and CTax. Now the landlord has told her she has 2 months to get out of the property (he has not supplied a formal written NTQ) on the grounds he believes she is in breach of her tenancy for allowing people to frequent the property for immoral purposes...she is a spiritualist/clairvoyant/does tarot readings for friends and friends of friends, but the landlord has always known this from the outset and has readily accepted rent from her without issue until now. He has no other evidence to back up his reason for evicting her so can this be a valid reason / would it stand up in court? He has been letting himself in the property to show other prospective tenants around the property, and has arranged for an estate agent to view the property next week without her knowledge or consent, and has been allowing his family members to park on her private driveway blocking the tenants' access, (he and his family live in their own substantial property down the road!) his wife pegging her own washing out in the tenant's back garden etc.... surely this constitutes harrassment??:mad: my friend tells me there are many outstanding repairs that need to be carried out by the landlord, whom she has asked repeatedly to sort out, but has failed to do so. I told her that he has a legal requirement to complete an annual gas safety inspection of the property (she has open fire and GCH) but has never had one in all the time she has occuppied the property! Can she withhold some rent? issue counter claim against the landlord for breaching his obligations as a private landlord? what is the prescribed format for issuing a NTQ, and how much notice is required given it has been her home for over 7yrs? My understanding is that as she has not been served with formal written notice, she does not need to leave the property without a court possession order, and suggested she tell the landlord the same. However she is not in good health, nor has confidence to speak to him directly, (very timid lady) and so I would like to support her in the best way I can to assert her rights. She does not want to move home, and the visitors to her home do not presnt an anti-social nuisance. I have asked to her to dig out a copy of her tenancy agreement, and owuld like to help her draft a strongly worded letter to her landlord (with some very helpful relevant bits of legislation etc) can anyone please advise?? Many thanks!!
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