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  1. This is the first time I have used a Consumer Forum, and will add that it will be my last time, given the type of person it attacts, such as yourself. On the point of "Help" I must declare that I was more interested in making others aware of the pit-falls of the "Small Print" rather than soliciting actual help as such. I do not recall "ACTUALLY" asking for help or advice..?? In the past I have taken on and won many a fight against those who "think" they can ride roughshod over consumers. This is another example of yours truly standing up for what "I" thought was right and in the
  2. 11 May 2010. Good Sir, you have missed the point regarding help. Help was requested regarding the problems with Dixon-Curry-Mastercare. I was not soliciting help for correct use of the English Language as you so "pompously" seemed to have thought. Anyway... Mastercare seemed to have grasped the points being made.... "In The End".... as .... I have now received a "PROPER" and sincere appology along with a cheque for full reimbursement for the replacement washing machine. Yes I agree... Good Day.. !!
  3. here we go again... another lecture on how to write English.. !! for gods sake ... shut up about the "English"... !! Not interested in your views on how I should or should not use full stops or any other aspect of "MY" style of writing... so... please "DO" shut up about this matter.. I will not comment further....
  4. Thanks for your comments.... OK... I must confess... I did not obtain a degree at Oxford in English...But... I do hope that the general issue is of sufficient clarity to understand..?? So... let us please concentrate upon the general issue of the warranty terms... the lack of communication from Mastercare...etc... As mentioned in my "Thread"... I have had experience in the past with a warranty provider ... Domestic & General... who... under exactly the same circumstances, several years ago, acted in what I would regard as a "customer friendly" way, promptly and with due considera
  5. "IF"... you had been the person or persons at Mastercar from stage "1" you would know how hard I tried to get an answer to... what is going on... what are you planning to do..?? when..?? etc.. but NO ONE would tell me "ANYTHING...!! apart from... we will contact you about it in 24 hrs.. but never did..ever.. (sorry about the over punctuation !!) As said.. "IF" you had "ALL" of the info... then you would be better placed to make a constructive comment. The Old washing machine was taken away for scrap by the new supplier... so... no longer available for repair... but...
  6. To Keep the story as brief as possible. Bought a washing machine from Currys over ten years ago. Took out extended warranty for 5 years ( 4 + 1) to start with, then renewed every year. recently a fault developed, called for engineer. engineer inspected a few days later. I phoned Currys a few days later to enquire as to what will now happen... as... the cover is for "repair" or "replace" (new for old).. was told... will get back to you in 24 hours. 2 days later I phoned again... same story... 2 days later I phoned again... same story!!... now getting "brassed off" with this..!! wrote to them..
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