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  1. I have not had any communication from marlin since those first letters dated 2nd January (BPF did not have my phone number I cancelled my contract when they started to harass me). I did call them once to inform them they should not have been allowed to buy the loan second one was to ask for a copy of my credit agreement which the rep admitted they did not have (which is I suppose correct since they do not have our correct credit agreement numbers)... when I realized that.. I told the rep that they should not have even tried to contact me without proof of ownership and the fact I had informed
  2. That is what I am trying to make experian understand they seem to be taking what marlin says as gospel and ignoring what I am telling them. I asked for them to send me the evidence that marlin has given them.. so far no answer. If the continue to refuse to listen and take marlins side then I will have to assume they do not work in my best interest.
  3. At the moment its gone quiet with Marlin, apart from their initial envelope at begining of the year with the 2 letters one supposidly from BPF both dated on same day and with no names of signatures on them.. Dont forget to check the account numbers, Marlin do not have them neither do they have signed copies of credit agreements they admitted it to me on the phone, they also refuse to supply signed copies of deed of assignment when asked, I asked for proof they brought the debt, they said the proof is the letter they sent us.. I replied then that is not proof, because I could also make up
  4. Also still here, yes its gone quiet on this forum do not know the reason why. I do not think the majority of us had our problem resolved.. just made worse by bpf who seem to not care at all about their customers. Next month the amount you can claim through county court goes up to £10,000 so now would be a good time to start getting you thoughts together about taking this to county court. Because now not only can you claim for the amount of the loan but there is also extra money to claim for stress, damage to your credit worthiness as well as interest and anything else you can think
  5. By the way has anyone seen the latest CAG email, first item is about the increase for county court claims to £10,000 so now we can add extra compensation claims.. damage to our credit worthiness for one, Stress and ill health are also valid claims. I was tried to open a bank account a few weeks ago and was refused by Hsbc they sited the default on my credit file, I never thought about it at the time, will go back and ask them for a copy of their record for evidence in my claim.
  6. The rest of us are being harassed I am on my 5th DCA now with marlin.. and none of them have taken me to court. I am still unemployed as I was when the loan was given to me through advent. my own situation I have posted on this site often, I did not even get to start the course and to be told by barclays where I can study is not a solution to the situation.. the S75 states the finance company may offer an alternative.. the key word is offer.. it makes not mention about they are allowed to impose or that I must accept what they offer. barclays/marlin want to take me to court they
  7. He could start by taking the default off our credit files and amending their records.. that will help with giving marlin a kicking since if the original creditor agreed that we do not owe the debt.. then a DCA cant. also with the increase that can be claimed in county court will be able to claim for damaging our credit worthiness.. you can claim up to £8,000 just for that.
  8. I have noted its very quiet on this forum, none of the CAG moderators have responded except for Caro. This subject is being discussed elsewhere
  9. No that's a new one, but its what I would expect from a company like marlin, have you seen the ch4 dispatches program its about under cover investigation into debt collectors and marlin was the main focus. you should be able to watch this on 4oD or maybe download it on a torrent? Do not offer to pay them any money yet since I think that means you acknowledge you owe them money. Either way I think sending you threats of court is not allowed specially since they only just "brought" these debts and as of yet have not proved they have own them. You will find they do not have the a
  10. Well done you beat me to it, I was just starting to create a letter to send to him, I have been chatting with others in similar situation, and I proposed that we create a joint letter with a quick summery of our situations our views of the situation and how we felt about the treatments we have received from barclays. I want that we all sign it and post it to him registered post. what address did you use to write to him on?
  11. I also am waiting for same reply. I had my documents from my SAR request and there is no copy of that letter that arrived in envelope with the letter from marlin stating assignment of the loan... marlin printed it.. that's why the account numbers are wrong. also marlin put a default on our credit files with even issuing a default notice.
  12. I just had my documents from barclays arrive today mainly letters they sent me, there is a large amount of what looks like print outs and in it shows something to do with marlin so it may well be its sold.. but how can it be if i am still in dispute with BPF. like you I noted that marlin had put a default on my account.. its dated over a year before they sent us letters informing they had the debt.. how can they do that? and how can you be defaulted twice for same debt? its like being killed twice. I also will be contacting experian through my account with them.. also will contact
  13. CCA is a request for a copy of your credit agreement, marlin have to supply this otherwise they are committing a criminal offense. DOA deed of assignment you can ask marlin for it but when I asked on the phone for it they refused point blank which suggests to me they are hiding something. I am thinking of sticking them with a subject access request they have to by law provide copies of all data the have on you.. I am assuming that also includes copies of deed of assignments, but it also means they have to supply notes and other things including recordings. if you look at the 2 defa
  14. Yes I agree with you.. but I have noticed a distinct lack of interest in this thread even though there are other CAG users in same position as us here.. where are they??. Keep me posted about what Experian tell you because we need to pass on this info to others,, I also know some students from Skillstrain that are in exact same position as us with BPF.. and with marlin after them
  15. Marlin rep admitted they did not have my credit agreement and refused to supply the DOA said they are not legally required to provide me with it when I phoned, I will be sending a CCA to marlin now. I had response from barclays about my subject access request they wrote they will comply but did not give me any dates on how long it will take them though they accept the 40 days deadline as stated on my request letter. Will see then if its really been sold.
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