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  1. No its not that. The number remains with the original supplier even when its ported and it requires that the suppliers make an agreement to allow for usage information which is related to any specific number is transferred from one user to another when numbers are ported. BT Mobile in particular has failed to make such agreements with other suppliers except for Vodaphone and O2 and as a result these 07777 numbers can only be used with these 3 suppliers. OFTEL will not force the issue with them unless and until enough of us register a complaint with them. If want to port an 07777 you can ONLY transfer to Vodaphone or O2. Complain to OFtel 'till BT get their skates on!
  2. Hi, I'll join you in any action to resolve this issue I have the same problem with BT and T-Mobile - seems that these two parties have so far failed to reach agreement to allow that they can transfer 07777 numbers between the two parties and that they think there is no reason that they should be taking action to do so. Both parties blame the other. Oftel and the consumer guidance is quite clear - all UK mobile numbers should be transferable between all of the main players. Lets push it together unless of course you've found the solution that works.
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