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  1. Hi There, I need help but don't know how to start a new thread so sorry for hijacking this one but it is related. I completed form PE3 as per the traffic enforcement centres website but the local council is saying this form is not acceptable as i should have used form TE3, these forms serve the same purpose though. do they have a point or are they just being pedantic? Below is a copy of the Email from the council: (Note the spelling mistake lol) Dear Mr. Doyle I am writing to inform you that you have made a witness statement/statutory declaration to Northampton County Court relating to Penalty Charge Notice number LE41085837 by using incorrect form PE3. The correct forms TE3/TE9 were sent to you on 05/03/10 which you have to use and send it to Northampton County Court by 30/03/10. I am not quite sure where you managed to get the PE3 form, as it was not produced and sent to you by us. PE3 form relates to cases which are pre Traffic Management Act 2004, and therefore are not acceptable by Traffic Enforcement Centre. I therefore advice you to use the forms TE3/TE9 to make your witness statement which you must do by the given date of 30/03/10. If you have any queries or concerns please contact the Parking and Enforcement Team on telephone number 0116 2232148. Parking Team -- Penalty Charge Representations PO Box 8459 Parking & Enforcement Team Leicester LE1 8AW
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