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  1. I appreciate your comments regarding complications due to this being my former partner. Many items of mail arrive here addressed to her, and it is always forwarded without opening, so I have no idea what may have been sent for her attention in the past. My local council is aware that we live separately. I am one of their tenants, and subsequent to my wife leaving me, she is too. It should be a trivial matter to verify her address from council records. I am in receipt of single person's Council Tax discount, however since I am off work disabled, I never get to see it. My Council T
  2. '... didn't and can't...'? So it's just an intimidation tactic? The muppet said they'd verified her address with DVLA. Doh! I need to get them off my back, for peace of mind. I'd like my address removed from Marston's radar.
  3. Hi all. My wife left me nearly 2 years ago. She didn't give DVLA her new address, her car was clocked with no tax, and Marston's tell me they have a warrant for removal. I called Marston's. They won't take my word for it that she doesn't live here. Only that if she doesn't pay £615 immediately, they break my door down and take my stuff. I have a chronic mental health problem, and I'm not in a good way. I need to get the stress off if possible. What do I have to do? My budget doesn't run to an expensive solicitor. Thanks.
  4. Can anyone give me details of how to forward this to OFT and make a complaint?
  5. I think on balance, it is best not to reply at all. To do so would confirm to them that I have received their email, and therefore the email address they hold for me is correct.
  6. The email address given begins with 'auto'. My experience of 'auto' email addresses is that anything sent to them results in an 'undeliverable' or similar error message being returned.
  7. My credit rating is rubbish. The Child Support Agency has seen to that, I've been destitute for years. Thanks for your reply; I'll ignore them. I do object to having emails sent from debt collection agencies on Sunday mornings. Call me old-fashioned, but I consider Sundays to be off-limits for money-lenders.
  8. I have opened my email this morning (a Sunday) to find the following waiting for me. (I've hidden anything in this which identifies me). ----------------------- Private & Confidential - For Attention of MR [name removed]. We have been supplied this e-mail address to contact MR [name removed]. If you are this person, please respond via telephone to 08444115751 quoting reference number [number removed] whereupon further detailed information can be provided. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Yours Sincerely, Mackenzie Hall
  9. What I want to know is if there's a way to get the liability order set aside if I wasn't given a proper opportunity to go to the hearing and challenge it.
  10. I've reviewed the Summons I received recently. I quote... [Matter of complaint] That a Liability Order ('the Order') was made against you by the Aberdeen Magistrates' Court on 6/1/03 under section... (etc.)
  11. Thanks for your reply. This is very odd. You have said in your reply that I cannot have a Liability Order from a Scottish Council, and you have gone on to speak about Council Tax matters. This is not a Council Tax matter. Can an organization other than a Council obtain a Liability Order in a Scottish Magistrates' Court? Forgive my ignorance of Scottish Law - I am English, and (I thought that) I had no need to be worried about the Law during the several years I lived in Scotland. Are some of the terms you have used specific to Scottish Law? My original post did not mention a 'Council'.
  12. I am now resident in England, but for some years I was in Scotland. I found out a year ago that a Liability Order was obtained against me in Aberdeen Magistrates Court in 2003, for a debt which allegedly accrued up to some date in 2002. I never had any previous knowledge of the LO, and I think that was because the various papers were served to an address I had left long beforehand. Was the LO properly obtained? If not, how do I go about getting it removed? I'd be grateful for help in a hurry please. I am now facing a Warrant of Commitment case in an English Magistrates Court for failing t
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