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  1. Hi Margaret Thanks for your reply , they are forcing people into work or your left with no money to live on. I just don't know what i'm going to do now so worried about the lost of my money and not being able to work? All i can hope is that i get called back in and get put into the other group this time. Thanks for your help all the best welshmishy
  2. Can anyone help me just been for my second Work focused interviews to be told that my money will stop in November 2013 as it will go over to income based but because my husband works full time they said I will not be getting any money from them? so where does this leave me and how can they expect my husbands income to cover both of us. I have only just filled out another ATOS form and am waiting to see if I need to go for another assessment with them, what was the point if I am now not entilted to any more payments? I don't know what to do now can anyone help me. My husband said
  3. Hi Margaret Thanks again for your help, i do agree with you that they have got my letter wrong and it's not worth writing again to ask for the items again so i will just wait for the subject access info to come. I have filled out my ESA50 and have answered all as best i can so fingers crossed it's ok they never agree with what i put down anyway, i always go to pieces at the assessment and go out of my way to try and do what they ask of me just incase they say i didn't even try which is what happened the last time? I have said in the last one i couldn't walk for long about 50
  4. Hi I have now asked for my info by subject access request and have been told that it will take up to forty days. The letter i sent before this asking for my points awarded and about the tribunal decision also why they placed me in the wrag group when over the years my health as gut worse but all i had was a reply saying to send them proof of my health deterioration. Not what i was looking for so what do i do now? do i just wait ? They don't seem to want to help me much and i have to get the new medical questionnaire in by the 8th july 2013? please can anyone advise me on what's be
  5. Hi Margaret Thanks for your reply that's very helpfull and i will get straight onto doing that, the lady at the CAB has told me that i will lose my money away when it goes to the income base esa so it does make me feel is this worth all the trouble if i'm going to lose it away or get so little i can't afford to stay on it. It's just got so confusing ? Thanks again welshmishy:wink:
  6. I was told in writing that they had changed the decision{ from one address} and then it was a couple of weeks later i had another letter from a different address telling me what group i was in and that was all, no how it was changed or how many points. So i think it didn't even make it to the tribunal panel, i even had a lady from the CAB helping me but she wasn't very helpful. thanks welshmishy
  7. Hi No i didn't know i could do that, who do i phone as i get letters from 2 different places? Thanks welshmishy
  8. Hi Margaret Thanks for your reply i have sent a letter by recorded post to ask for the tribunal decision over a month and a half ago but still haven't had id , i have now sent another letter asking for it again 2 weeks ago again by recorded post and i'm still waiting. I will put it in the questionnaire if it come's in time but at this monment i don't know why they changed the decision or how many point's was awarded to me. My job centre adviser just don't seem to listen to me and is very pushey even not letting me have the choice to do the interview over the phone which i know you can.
  9. Hi can anyone help me please i have been on incapacity benefit for 20 yr due to back problem{ since the birth of my fisrt chid} i have a prolapsed disc which causes back ache and not being able to lift any thing with weight, i can hurt my back if i just move wrong. Last july i had to go to atos for a medical assessment and came out with 0 points? i have the added problems now of both knees are really bad due to athritis and having been told i will need knee replacements but not yet as i'm only 43yrs old and will need them done again if i have it know. At the time of my medical i had a ba
  10. Thanks for your reply, it was along time the fos said they are very busy. we did get the charges back as well ,but the new company enaged credit are now putting extra interest on the fees from mars so we will have to sort that out now. mars was told by the fos that they took us to court to quickly and that we could prove no missed payments so they should not have gone down that route, it's been a long time but we got there in the end and have now not missed a payment for 3yrs thanks
  11. Well at last we have had a our outcome from the FOS and it went i our favour so we are getting all court cost and interest back, we have since been sold on again to some called engaged credit , they seem to be ok for know. Fingers crossed these will be ok and i'm glad the other one is over now
  12. Hi onlyme thanks for your kind words , we feel a little better now with a new company but are not sure what they are like, will have to wait and see how its goes! hope all is well with you. thanks welshmishy
  13. Well we have now been sold off to a new company! we had a letter in the middle of the month to say mars have now sold us and we need to pay the new mortgage company engaged credit which is another one we have not heared of? still waiting for the out come from the fos about the way mars treated us , so lets hope it's good news after all this time and that the new company are a little more willing to help us.
  14. Hi survivor have you taken it to the FOS as we took a complaint to them for mars and they are looking into it, it has been going on for over a year now and we are waiting for their reply and outcome of our case. Mars have since left us alone for now. hope this helps welshmishy
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