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  1. Its a single premium ppi policy though so percentages dont actually matter.
  2. Am I on the wrong site? Have I not seen many MANY people get help with their refund calculations? I saw you directing me to your link the first time you posted it!
  3. Its actually link number 1... However , Its not a link I asked for , its someone who is handy at doing the calculations to have a go and see if Im calculating it right !
  4. hopefully he sees my post and can help me out.
  5. Hi everyone. I have been told theres several people on the site who are very helpful with ppi refund calculations and so I am wondering if I could ask for some help. I have a loan with GE money and they have agreed that my ppi was mis-sold. As it was a single ppi policy - as in the amount of the ppi was just added to my loan as 1 amount the letter from GE states that my refund will be equal to the price of the original ppi + associated interest + stat interest at 8%. Is anyone willing to have a go at the sums for me lol. Loan taken out Dec 2006 Loan amount £10,000 ppi amount £2,740 FOR 5 YRS OF PPI COVER APR 9.3 loan length 12 years payments made 99 - ( 8yrs 3 months) payments remaining 45 (3 yrs 9 months) Month repayments were £150 per month but have now risen to £167. The loan CANNOT be restructured according to the letter I received from GE so the entire refund due is being sent out to me as a cheque
  6. Having "been there done that" where self representation at a tribunal is concerned , i just want to point out to others who may be reading that representing either yourself or a friend / relative / other at a tribunal is not as bad as you may think it will be. For those who have the luxury of representation either by way of household insurance legal cover or union legal cover then i would say excellent ! Make full use of the legal experience. But in saying that , we did not have this option available to us in my Partners case but i went it alone and am glad that i did ! It was actually no-where near as bad as i thought it would be. There are avenues of free advice which can be used , This site and the excellent posters on it being one which i can recommend and you're local CAB to name just a few. Dont let lack of legal cover frighten you off making or pursuing a claim if you really think that you have been unfairly treated by you're employer. At the end of the day what does it cost you to bring an employer to tribunal ? Very little financially , quite a lot of stress if im honest but worth it at the end of the whole thing. Us personally , we were not happy with the whole idea of having to pay a no win no fee rep 35% of any award. That however if something which only the claimant can decide for themselves.
  7. We lost our case .. you do realise that dont you ? Just seems a strange post !
  8. I would say the fact that you were not offered an appeal is a big flaw in the statutory procedure ! Are you just at the beginning of the tribunal route ? Is there anything i can do to help? Having just been through it myself i would be more than happy to help out if i can. Do you have a legal rep ? If not have you checked you're house insurance policy ? A lot of policies offer legal cover as standard and sometimes people dont even realise they have it. Worth checking and remember , if i can help in any way just ask . pm me if you would rather .
  9. Hey peeps ! Some may not believe this but i have not been getting email notifications that people have been posting on this thread ? I did however receive a pm from a user and that is what alerted me to come on and up-date. Apologies to all who have been awaiting the result. The panel took quite some time to issue their decision on the case and believe it or not the decision arrived only last thursday. It wasnt the good outcome we had all hoped for and to be honest it's not the one i thought we would receive. The case was decided in favour of the Respondent. We did not win. The panel informed us that they were not their to decide if my partner is/was a drug user . They were not interested if the sample tested belonged to my partner or if it was indeed the sample of the other person tested on the same day. They were not there to decide if the testing company broke procedure when the tester left the testing areana to meet up with the trainee tester who who had called him out of the room . They were not interested if the chain of custody on the samples had been adhered to . The only thing the tribunal panel were interested in was whether or not the respondent company complied with the statutory dismissal procedure. They did however state in their decision that the respondent company did not conduct adequate investigation . They also said that the disciplinary hearing where my partner was not afforded the right to speak was seriously flawed but they found that the appeal process corrected all of the flaws. For this reason the panel concluded that the dismissal was fair. To be honest it was a shock to find out that we had not won but in saying that , i can see that the panel are only interested in the statutory procedure. We have had one week now to get used to the idea of loosing and life goes on. Emotions are not as high as they were in the early days and to be honest to be free from the stresses that a tribunal brings is a "win" in itself. Life has returned to normal , my partner has got a new job in which she is very happy . She was honest with the new employer and assured them that she would at any time submit to random drug testing (she did one at the beginning of employment as standard) at any required time. Life is good. We are happy and content. The biggest loss here is the Respondents because through this whole situation they have lost my partner who gave them 18 years of loyal service . Thats not something which can be forgotten. Once agin , to all who helped us on this matter a big big thank you !
  10. UPDATE - Hi to all . Ok , an update. The case is now finished . We managed to get our submissions squeezed in on Friday afternoon at the very last min . Just finished at 4.20pm. I had been feeling very very confident up until my partner was called to give her evidence. Now , because i know my partner , i know that she was finding the whole situation very stressful . I knew that every word she was saying was the truth as i have been through this whole horrible situation with her from the day she was suspended BUT i have to be honest and say that she fell apart during the crucial stage of the hearing. The barrister (who was very good to give her her dues) just seemed to know the questions to ask to tie my partner up in knots ! She was firing off question after question and wasnt giving my partner time to answer each question. She then began at the beginning again and asked each question over again but in a differently worded format. She also (in my opinion) put words into my partners mouth For example : She said to my partner "so , you say that the two collection agents met outside of the testing area " My girlfriend replied "yes , thats correct" . Barrister then said "but you couldnt see them outside whilst you were still inside the room"? Partner said "No , i couldnt see them whilst they were outside the room , but i could HEAR them outside , talking " Barrister then repeated " but you confirm that you couldnt see them outside the room" To which my partner again replied " no i couldnt see them but i could hear them talking" . The barrister then said "Mr Chairman , as you are aware , the Claimant is now alleging that although she had previously stated that the collection agents left the testing arena with the sample in his possession , it should now be taken into consideration that this is not the case " ." I put it to you that the collection agent DID leave the room but that the sample to be tested REMAINED inside the room with the Claimant at all times ." I believe that the claimant was aware at every stage that the collection agent DID NOT remove the sample from the testing arena. "The claimant confirms that she was unable to see the collection agent during his period of leave from the arena so i call on you to see this case as it stands , that is a case in which the claimant is a drug user who is merely using an innocent absence of the collection agent during the testing procedure to HER own advantage. "I further call on the Tribunal panel to remember that there are no witnesses to confirm the fact of whether the collection agent took the sample in question outside of the arena on the day in question" "Panel of the Tribunal i urge you all to see this as nothing more than a situation in which the claimant has disregarded the respondents policy on drug testing . Testing upon which the claimant has shown little regard . The claimant has willingly consumed drugs and is now using the innocent exit from the room , an exit which has no bearing on the result acheived , to be to her own benefit." So guys as you can see , im not feeling confident now. My partner kept saying "i am not and never have been a drug user " But its over now and all we can do is await the decision. Thanks to all who have been reading . Sorry for the long post . I will update when the decision arrives. Guy.
  11. hI ALL. No offer of settlement was made on the first day of hearing im afraid. We have just completed our second full day and in my own opinion things arent going too badly . It is nt as nerve wracking as i expected. The judge is taking our non represented status into consideration and explaining things to us if he feels we are not understanding the process. As mentioned before , the hearing was listed for 10 days , the judge has now recommended that the case be shortened to 5 days so it is expected to be finalised on friday of this week . This is a good thing for us ! As you will all know , its impossible to call things such as this , so im not going to give an opinion on which side is "ahead" lol. I will report back to offer another update.
  12. Hi there. I dont recognise your user name so im assuming you have been following my post . Im glad to see that people have been following and are offering suppot , i have to say , the support is very much appreciated ! My girlfriend is a bundle of nerves today but im fired up and ready to go lol . Everything is prepared , we are organised , we have spent ages drafting a statement so at this point in time theres nothing else for us to do . Of course support will be welcomed from all lol . and i will post up to let you all know how it goes . Thanks again to everyone
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