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  1. Hello and welcome. You need confirmation that the remainder if the balance will not be sold on or pursued by a 3rd party and as you say the balance needs to be set to zero if you are to make a F&F settlement. Send a letter with those requests and get confirmation before you send any money. I'm sure you could come to another deadline with MBNA. I have done a couple of f&f with these conditions which were agreed. You need to be careful as I guess you are aware, they may sell on to a DCA. You may want to request a CCA or claim back any PPi first to reduce the amount but £400 is a good offer if it is genuine. F&F are good if done correctly, it can give you that peace of mind. Have a read around for some contents of letters. From my experience, MBNA tend to sell debts on quickly once defaulted.
  2. I guess from your research that you're aware the landlady HAS to give the deposit back before issuing a s21 notice (where no scheme has been used). Had she used a scheme, they would require evidence of her receipts in order to resolve disputes/decide the proportion payable to the tenant. Also, Environmental Health Housing could request to see her up to date annual gas certificate and electrical installation (lasts 5 years).
  3. Thank you so much for looking in The Mould and re-affirming things, it helps to build up my confidence to deal with these people. Read your other posting earlier, hope you get well soon, best wishes to you and Mrs Mould.
  4. Sorry to jump in but would The Mould mind revisiting my old Halix thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?405122-Halifax-sold-account-whilst-in-agreed-payment-plan-now-with-Lowell/page2
  5. My last payment was 1st March 2010 then the final one was due 1st April but the account was sold on to a DCA before 25th March.
  6. I am awaiting passcode for Experian but got the Equifax online earlier. It says Credit Card from Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd and the default is registered at March 2010. Last updated Sept 2013 (guess this was Lowell adding their name). I have spent this evening drafting some sort of letter stating estopel and then offering a F&F, not sure if they would accept. If not, my next plan was to get them to pass it back to Halifax, although this might be back to front! So confused.
  7. I am now at a pc so can type better! Thank you for merging my threads. I have not checked my credit files yet although I will do. I normally request a paper copy, however I may try noddle? not sure what they are like. Now for a proper summary of events to save reading through and to fill in gaps. Fell into financial difficulties in 2009. DN served December and satisfactory. Jan 2010 Rang Halifax agreed reduced payments. Received letter confirming they have accepted my offer of £25 pm as an informal arrangement, which will be reviewed in 3 months time, in May at which time the account may be passed to their recovery team 1st Feb and 1st March I made my payments. 25.3.10 Letter dated from Iqor asking for debt in full. I did not know what to do, or who to pay or if I should pay my 3rd instalment. Wrote to Halifax twice to ask if they had passed it to Iqor, and had no responses. Sent SAR to Halifax. It had been passed from DCA to DCA. In August 2010 I wrote to Halifax setting out that we had an agreement and pointed out breaches of DPA. October 2010 I made a small F&F offer to Halifax. Their response "a reduced payment arrangement does not prevent Halifax from referring the account to a recovery agent". Been to several DCAs and solicitors and I have pointed out above. Today I have received another letter from Lowell advising me they are preparing to send my case to Fredericksons. I see this as my last chance to respond as I have been ignoring all their letters so far. I am inclined to advise them of the above, but should I offer a F&F payment or ask them to return it to the Halifax? What are Lowells like at accepting F&F offers? Any advice gratefully received as I am getting worried about their nasty tactics. The more I am reading on here the worse I am feeling. I know I should've dealt with this earlier but have not been feeling very confident.
  8. I was in a 3 month payment plan with the Halifax and they informed me it would be reviewed after that time and nothing would happen if I kept to my payments. However, I kept up my payments as agreed, but after 6 weeks out of the blue they terminated the account and sold it on to a DCA. I did contact the Halifax but had no response and also wrote to their legal department but they dismissed it. It's been to a couple of DCAs since and has recently been sold to Lowell. From reading on here I am concerned I may get a SD or CCJ. I have ignored Lowells letters so far thinking that if I got court papers I could use estoppel and it might be in my favour. However, I am now thinking I should deal with this before it goes legal and would appreciate some thoughts on how I should proceed. Should I be revealling all my information to Lowell and be upfront? Or keep some things to myself? I am thinking of making a full and final offer just to get rid of them, and the debt, or should I tell them to return it to Halifax? It might be better if I had a different DCA as I know Lowell are difficult.
  9. Just read this thread from the beginning, can't believe it! Keep up your fighting spirits Wendy, you've done well to get this far. Your strength has increased day by day from this forum especially with all the help posted here. I am so pleased you have the support of a local solicitor. Stay positive, those nasty trustees/lowells know you have a case that will go against them, but at least you are not on your own now. My thoughts are with you. Nice to hear from the Mould, hope you are feeling better.
  10. This is now active again. A quick summary (as title does not reflect issue). I had an formal written agreement with Halifax to make £x per month for 3 months, but after 6 weeks, although I kept to dates and amounts, they terminated the agreement and passed the account onto IQor. It's been to various DCAs and they've returned to Halifax at my request. I then made Halifax a full and final offer quoting estoppel and this was declined. Just recently, this has been sold to Lowell. I would like to deal with this to get rid of it once and for all and would appreciate caggers thoughts on whether I should make a F&F offer to Lowells to settle this. They have sent me various letters which I have been ignoring and they note that they are aware of no known issues. I know I could request that they send this back to Halifax, but I got no-where with Halifax so believe this is pointless. Any thoughts on how I stand with Lowells?
  11. DN dated 8th March, remedy by 25th March, terminated and sold to DLC 16th March. DLC wrote to me requesting payment proposals 22nd March, ie 3 days before the remedy date!
  12. I will not be sending them a copy of my DN but feel I need some bargaining tool ie unlawful rescission (the correct wording is required ) to assist with a full and final offer.
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