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  1. Bizarrley my other issue ongoing should make me not have to worry about money anymore. This is the opinion of many I know and even jokes about medals have cropped up. However I cannot bank on this from happening, nor bank on the two books I wrote on it all being published and making money. Plus I always kinda thought there was some crafty things going on behind many public organisations so it was a win-win situation for me and I would educate and try to help others with whatever I found and still am. If I do end up wealthy I will refuse the DLA but until that day comes I will go along with it and discover what I can along the way. Then use that information and intell and send it to others, like the guy that runs the DLA Help Group website, called Ian.
  2. Ahh odd that you say that?!?! One thing I found out just over a year ago is that the DWP treat each ailment as if it is one person... So a problem with feet would be disregarded when they moved onto your knee, therefore NOT taken into account your feet. I read about this on BBCi one night and it was put to the government who then said they would look into it and stop that fromhappening. I remember it was the Citizens Advice Bureau that campaigned for it. This fact has stuck in the back of my mind as I thought how ihnuman it was but from what I have seen since they made that promise it has actually got a great deal harder. The guy that runs the DLA Help Group website first put me onto Atos Healthcare and it was he that told me they would go along and shut down websites for the disabled once they were telling each other about the underhanded tricks. I admittedly had missed this as I had, and kind of still have, a far more serious issue going on that is far, far worse than anything I have ever posted on CAG. I also cannot post it on CAG! I pormised the website I would look into it and was bound to have a run-in with them at some point. Then I was contacted by Atos for an assessemnt, lo and behold, to get me OFF Incapacity Benefit?! Then the 18 month wait regarding the hospital diagnosis came along unexpectedly and I counter acted their attempts to get me off IB with a claim for DLA, on the encouragement of everyone I know and my family members. Then the hopital letter failed to materialise then the letter from the DWP failed to materialise and the rest is all on here, lol.
  3. Hmm I cannot help but wonder if I have omitted to put snippets of information here as they have come to light to me. In which case I only have myself to blame. However I will state one thing...it turns out that my condition, which is well documented to cause my other pains in heel, ankle, shins, knees and back, is actually, err how do I put this, pain to see with the naked eye?! LOL. Yes a few dozen doctors missed it. Iput a photo of both feet on Facebook and several friends saw it?! IN fact my sister noticed it 7 years ago and said that it could not be right and I pointed out at the time she was being silly as I had loads of Doctors look at it and if it was unnatural someone would have spotted it. It was a defect and on the 8th February this year it was spotted by Dr Ray and Julian Livingstone of Barnet Hospital. It took less than a minute with no equipment whatsoever. The condition was complete news to me and I had never heard of it before. However looking at ANY Podiatrists video on YouTube and the ALL talk about the other pains it causes in the ankles, knees, hips and back. Something I have frustratignly battled with for over 8 years (back and knees) and 12 years for the three areas of pin in the feet alone. In all honesty and as frustrating as it has been it is really down to the NHS for not diagnosing it before hand. Podiatry at NHS only treat you if your under 16 or over 65. Shame as it would have taken 60 seconds and had I know that fact I would have gone private years ago, lol.
  4. Sorry if I appeared rude but you have not explained yourslef very well. If, for argmuent sake, you know how these mystical things work then say so. If also you can claim DLA without an assessment than that must be down to a diagnosis, which you already stated was nothing. Hence why I said that it was. Indeed I must now admit that your short statement I actually found a bit rude as it looked like you were telling me I was wrong with no real explanation. As I have been well aware that the very people being moaned about on here also trawl through these sites and make these short inexplicable statements I assumed you was one of them, in other words work for the DWP or DLA. As I said I have come across that before on here. That is why I probably came across rude. As fot the assessment you mention, well according to my GP it was a done deal. SIX weeks ago I had a letter, have it here, from the DWP stating they had written to my GP. I then had a terrible time getting the letter from the hospita who then kept apologising as they stated it had been sent and I was ignored, when it had not. When my GP finally got it and I went to her to chat about it she said no problem, I then joked about the letter from the DLA being there for over a month waiting for this letter and she said 'what DLA letter? We have not had one.' The government wants to save cash due to the banking crisis and from the involvements I have been in for the last year it seems there are no depths they would not sink to to save money. I believe that is what is going on with me and I have seen it with a great many other people, some worse of than me. Indeed that Police Officer who was blinded by Raoul Moat had same thing happen, until it hit a newspaper of course and they then backed down and paid him. I will and am handling this myself. I just wanted people to read my story in the hope that points within it may help them. In fact I have now recieved a letter repeating the lie about coming here and they are visiting in a couple of days, that will be intersting and possibly educational for me. I do not care about being assessed, though I think I need not be and nore do the help organisation nor my GP, and the 'visit' wil be a chance to discover more in the hope of helping others. I do not like injustices and the underhand ones most of all. I apologise if I caused offence.
  5. You did not read and are not explaining yourself. My friend has sciatica and is pretty fit and was awarded it based on that without assessment. SOmething a mutual friend of 75 could not believe in hearing as they are trying to take his away along with his blue badge and bus pass. Of course a diagnosis means something. Sorry that is a mad thing to say, until you get a diagnosis, which took me TWELVE YEARS, I could be LYING. Well I cannot run, to further remark on you statements, in fact it is painful enough walking when I can. Your making a load of assumptions without actually asking any questions of me. Which is a bit naive I must say. My point in pitting this on here is NOT to get help, which in all honesty your not doing anyway in fact I am not sure what you are doing, it is purely so that other people who are being cheated by whoever is doing the cheating, DWP, Atos, Goverment etc on the things to look out for. EDIT: Oh and the full time job friend I mentioned? A Social Worker who said it was completely mad that he recieved the full DLA and that I could not when I could not even travel to his area of work ONE DAY a week! If I am unable to do it then I need help. As for the care, you need to explain yourself. It is down to ability then I am far worse off tha my two friends and something they both willingly admit and cannot understand what the DWP and DLA are doing with me
  6. Oh I will mention this... When they lied to me on the phone I had emailed a help organisation who then replied by stating that the DWP do not get Atos, or Atos Healthcare do NOT send Doctors to peoples homes to assess people for Disability Living Allowance, my sciatica suffering friend did NOT get assessed?! I had to reply and state that the letter is right here and I can scan and send it to her if she so wishes. I should also add that once my GP recieved the letter from the hospital, which took 6 weeks, I mentioned about my suffering and she had been aware for awhile, and on realising my diagnosis then said 'I do NOT see a problem!' after sitting there open mouthed for ten minutes. My GP had sent me for an inspection on my right knee 18 months ago only to be NOW getting a letter stating the problem with my feet, of which there are several, and that this has caused to knee, hip and back issues and that I had gone years without a proper DIAGNOSIS. Also the organisation helping me I referred to refused to help me at all a year ago as I had NO DIAGNOSIS. So I am sorry you cannot do ANYTHING without a diagnosis. So these two people believe I should get it, in fact the organisation aforementioned seemed to belive that I WILL get it, however I do not as I have had years of the trickery and underhand nature. They are supoposed to be the upstanding people cathing out liars, not be the underhanded liars themselves.
  7. First off, no offense, but that is BS. It might be the official line but it is BS never the less... I cannot be bothered to read back what I put oon here but just a few points... One 'ex' friend is in a full time job monday to friday which I cannot do, he recieves the FULL amount. I do NOT expect this but find this a discrepency. Secondly another friend gets it for SCIATICA ALONE. I get sciatica and a great many other problems which leave me not getting far or becoming 'unstuck' while I out. T the point where I end up at odds with myself on whether to call 999 or just suffer and return hone piece-meal and slowly. Thirdly I had a Doctor meant to come here and they failed to arrive, I CALLED them and they STATED they came here when they did not. Thay CLAIM the wrote a letter to my GP that they have not. They also pulled the same stunt just over a year ago. Care and mobility aften comes from diagnosis! I have spent 8 years telling them what I can and cannot do and as I stated they have NEVER ASSESSED ME! Now that I have proof, i.e. diagnosis by a SPECIALIST, I have fnally PROVEN all that I have been stating to the DWP, and even the NHS, for several years, which was the point in me typing all that, which seems to have been overlooked on this ocassion at least. Also I am aware of a great many websites dedicated to sufferers of disability who have had their website shutdown for diabled people telling each other exactly the kind of things I have been explaining here. Now I will put it as simply as I can. They are doing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE including some very underhand tricks to NOT pay out to sufferers. I shoud state, thought I did, that I have been at this for a great many years and seeking to find out what in the world is going on and how. I did that. I apologise if this was not clear and I hope I have cleared that up. I can easily provide a care list of you so wish.
  8. Oh yes and as far as the 'evidence' I referred to, well word must be getting round. I have been emailed by three people belonging to organisations I have NEVER heard of requesting copies of my DVDs, err of which there four and more evidence, albiet slowing down, amassing all the time. As i said before, or think I did, will take awhile for the various groups to go through it all, do there varying background research. Snoop to find out anything else, that I did not. My estimations were that it would take well over a month for one person, and without much sleep. Two people about a month. well it has been about a month now and in one corner of the UK related to this there is a great deal going on, a certain Council has done an about face on their claims and lack of help. In fact falling over themselves to offer help and with knowing looks and stating they KNOW what has been going on, but without saying anything. Two non-existent, so I am told, CID appeared then vanish into the ether. I think certian organisations have been getting awkward questions from somwhere or other. I can tell you now that the recipients include: The Observer, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Guardian, The Independent, The Mirror and long with ITV News, Channel 4 News as well as the Manchester Evening News and the Liverpool Echo the last two due to their geopgraphy, lol. Oh there were some others too, Morning Star which i believe is some kind of left wing paper. I think that is all was hard to keep track and cannot be bothered to go through all my files right now but you get the general idea, well only if your reading this of course lol.
  9. OK an update for all you people... Sorry taken so long but then, HEY, these people take forever and are up to no good. As to up to no good you might want to know this... After finding out about the above ailments: Pes Cavus Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis and the cause of the calf, knee, hip and back pain I realised that these are not all seperate ailments, as the corrupt DWP like to treat them, but all the same. I also had to have repeated contacts with the hospital's Head of Surgey as my letter from them failed to arrive. Oddly though intially stated they sent it but when I stated I would for advice I suddenly had an email of apology. It also turns out that when they stated they sent one to my Doctor it was on my records that I myself was to be sent one too, and guess what? I never got my one either. The letter was worded very weirdly and cagey, like he was forced to word it but did not want to. I talked it over with my GP pointing out the clear errors and she burst out laughing. As to DWP and DLA she said absolutely no problem. Only it turns out that she had no letter from them at the time which as weird as I had a letter sitting around my house for FOUR weeks from the DWP stating they had written to her, a LIE then! It gets better... After writing to the DWP scorning them for a missing letter, that I now believed was delibrately NOT sent and I now suspected that 18 months ago when I applied they never actually got one then either, I suddenly get a letter stating that the DWP and Atos are now giving me a home visit to assess me?! Something an organisation helping me called the DIAP claim they do not do, don't tell me I am wrong ASK for the damn letters?! Anyhoo today was the day the Doctor from Atos was meant to be here, and believe me I am prepared and have been looking forward to this. I wanted to ask WHY they decided to come to see me when my GP said DLA 'no problem'. Just as it happened 18 months ago no Doctor. So this time I called them up instead of writing to them as I had done previous when this happened. I could not bleieve my ears when a woman on the phone said 'oh the Doctor called at your house but you could not have heard each other or you was not in?'. My reply? 'Eh?! I do NOT believe this, that is a bare-faced lie and not possible anyway and not only that I now realise this is the exact same thing that happened 18 months ago and I now realise you were lying then too!! Also my GP claims you have not sent her a letter even though four weeks prior to this I have a letter from you stating that you had written to her?! That was a LIE too!! Seems alot of lying is going on with you and now I know what your up to and how you do it?!' She kept apologising and stated that she would get hold of a Doctor to visit me, was to call me back in 20 minutes but I immediately thought that I would get NO phone-call and NO visit. Reason being that as I have been up to other very dangerous things for over a year that involves saving innocent lives, plus how I did it, that they would now be far too scared to send anyone to me. A shame as, as I stated I was PREPARED for this visit! Well at the time I am typing this it has been over an hour and guess what? No phone call back as yet. Shame, I really thought they would play int my eagerly awaiting hands. Now I believ that what they do, certainly in my case and performed twice now, is state they are writing to your Doctor. Then state you will ge 'assessed' as they refer to it. Then their Doctor fails to arrive, deliberately otherwise why else lie? You get a refusal a week or two later and the unaware victim ASSUMES it was down to the GP getting back to them and taking a long time doing it?! Only due to others I have caught out with similar tactics I was already well aware that something would be tried and waiting to spot it. So there you go, bona fide proof that the DWP lie and that Atos lie too and that the Doctors, do they not have to swear an oath?, used are under intruction to find whatever reason they can NOT to pay out! Adding insult to injury I had a visit from a friend a few days back. He has a back pain and sciatica, similar to mine. I suggested a couple years back he should apply for DLA, my god not only dd he gget it, middle rate @ £130 per week, but was awarded it no questions asked, no visits, nothing?!?! Added to my Type 1 diabetic ex friend who gets the full amount while doing a 5 day a week full time job I cannot help but wonder how they really DO assess people?! Both these guys are far, FAR fitter than I am! Go figure
  10. Oh and everything I do ALWAYS serves more than one purpose! Oh and I personally am not expecting anything to appear in the Media until around the 15th August. If anything does appear before this date I for one would be VERY surprised.
  11. Dr Day is actually Dr Ray, lol. Well I have been doing a great deal of research since this post and my findings have been interesting to say the least. I might also add that my 'corruption antenna' is hovering high at the moment... My appointment whereby these revelations occurred, quite unexpected I can say, took place on the 8th February 2012 at 1pm. Due to an angry letter and a CD sent in with some 'details' I was called in beforehand by the Head of Surgey and Head of Security. During this 'meeting', that they denied was because they feared for the saftey of members of staff due to my level of frustration, it turned out they had my GP's name wrong. When I corrected them they seemed confused and not totally convinced. Though the names were similar one was a definate British surname while the real name is Indian. The Head of Surgery said she would correct this before the letter was sent to my GP. Well after three weeks of visiting my GP and discovering the letter had not arrived, despite my GPs assurances that it would, I emailed the Head of Surgery and STATED that the letter had not arrived. This was around the 9th March. She replied she would look into it and another email stated that they had sent the letter on the 23rd February, so any idiot would know it should have arrived by then, but had indeed NOT had the GP's name corrected?! Go figure! I requested that the letter be resent. Around a week later I entered the GP's surgery and expected to be told by reception the letter had arrived, I had previously left them a copy of the email from the Head of Surgery. It had not!! I asked if the Doc could contact the hospital as this was now becoming ridiculous and frustrating and they said that they DO NOT do that. So that evening, two nights ago on the 15th March 2012, I sent another email to the Head of Surgery re-requesting, new word hmm or is it rererequesting, that the letter is sent and that I should have been suspicioous when she failed to respond confirming my LAST request. On a funny note and around 5 days after the initial appointment, and idea bought up in a conversation with someone I know, I suddenly realised I should put in another application for DLA. After all I had bene told what I had long suspected anyway, that I am gradually losing my ability to walk. Indeed it is not without the maximum allowed pain killers, the right shoes and orthotics with some strecthing and icing thrown in that I am able to get anywhere at all, while still in pain or discomfort. Well considering the amount of time it takes the DWP to do absolutely anything, unless it is to remove help from you or take you to court under false allegations or paying outside contractor to use underhand tactics to save money, there has been a letter to my Doctor from the DLA that has now sat there for around ten days?!?! I am also having difficulty finding a solicitor who has a medical advisor that has a brain any bigger than the size of a Pea?! As a result of this I have had to do my own research, i.e. do THEIR work for them which they will no doubt want to capitalise on for a large fee, when I have spent weeks compiling my reports and medical reports from the National Institute of Health & others, when it is finally done! They still insist on making claims that are simply not true and never do I get the same reponse twice?! In fact one guy from a well known firm came back to me with a negative view from their advisor and actually tld me he did NOT agree with her and that he strongly urged me to keep looking as he personally beleved I had a case. He then went on to say that he knew someone that suffered with what I had and his friend suffered quite badly but it was nowhere NEAR as bad as my case and was amazed I had put it with this in both feet for 12 years will very little help from anyone. Then I decided to tell him about the several other serious issues I had to contend with during all this time and at that point I thought he had gone into cardiac arrest?! Now once I had finished my report, or more exactly - reports, and if I do manage to get anywhere with regards these useless medical advisors to solicitors and if I can find one that has compassion and actually a brain I will post any findings on here. There are a great many things involved too that I have not posted on here. Indeed there are several actions I have taken that I have NOT posted on here that would be of great interest to a great mabny users on CAG. One of these I have held back is that in my compiling of the last couple of years I managed to amass a great deal of 'stuff'. This is made up of various scanned documents in my possession and also audio recordings I did in secret and a great many other things besides. Might not sound like much but I can tell you this ... I can not fit it all on FOUR DVDs?! I know this because I have burned a great deal of them around two months back and went through several whole packs of BLANK DVDs. Once I did this and verified each was able to be read I then created a recipients list, mainly of Tabloids and TV News Networks with a few others thrown in. Trying to hold back the last 6 months from doing this a few weeks ago something in me snapped. Around a DOZEN copies, 48 discs in total, were sent off. I knew that any researcher would be buried with what I had sent in and that it would take a single person around 6 weeks or more to work through it all. I figured that over time and once the srious nature of all that it contains came to their realisation that possibly others would be recruited to help. I figured it would take at least a month before they had the BIGGER picture. I never asked them to email me only that they can make of what I sent them whatever they wished, I had done my part. Now at a far distant location a TV camera was spotted out of place and with no other possible reason for its being there. Also one large government organisation being doggedly stubborn has now performed a 180 degree about face?! Somewhere someone has decided to start taking action and I also think startng t make enquiries and ask some very awkward questions that has made certain organisations I have battled with realise I have made good on my innuendo's and claims I boldly made about what I had, without giving them details, were indeed not just idle boasts but indeed very, VERY real. What did they do to make me realise? Oh only offered a 3 bedroom house to someone I was helping, in whatever area they wish regardless of how expensive or exclusive it is. Oddly enough we also discovered that they had been sent a letter saying the property they are in needs to be checked for ...ASBESTOS?! Also an engineer discovered that their boiler had not been properly checked and that the flat was filled with high levels of carbon monoxide?! Four children were also staying in the property for several days at a time. Now if anyone that reads this think they now have a grasp of the severity of the situations I have had to deal with while bing shafted by all these usless government organisations believe me when I state that you do not. The full details will have to stay offline for the time being. I stated ono ther posts a couple if years back that I would NEVER let that particular thing that happened go. Well I kept that promise very much alive but in so doing I uncovered a great many things and had other very serious issues crop up. Now I have to place my hands on the chins of family and friends and close their mouths on a regular basis, while listening to aplogies and watching people crying now that the realisation has set in. The late Kenneth Walter Bunn seems to be going to get his wish, I only wish he lived long enough to see it. i will keep things posted. Keep plugging away.
  12. Greetings I have posted on CAG in the past but not for awhile. Indeed I have actually posted regarding this subject before... HOWEVER, I now had had something confirmed, which was a bit strange as the appointment I thought was about me knee.... I have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for 12 years! In this time I also developed clicking/painful ankles, prior, right knee pain (PF started and worse in right foot), hip pain and back pain. Around August 2010 I was referred to Orthopaedics for what my GP, and locum, suspected was a torn Meniscus. My previous GP put them down to 'your funnyisms'?! Finally I attended an appointment on the 8th February 2012, yes 2012, and expecting them to look at my knee, back, hip and possible feet I was told that.... Dr Day: ‘…yourplantar fascias are like guitar strings’ Dr Day: ‘…yourheels are very high’ (not flat like I keep hearing from uninformed people) Dr Day: ‘…youhave a rare variant of plantar fasciitis and that is why it is painful gettingaround’ Mr Livingstone:‘…your fascia will get shorter and shorter until you just will not be able towalk any more’ Dr Day: ‘Whotold you to buy these (Skechers Shape-Ups) shoes?’ Me: ‘No one, Ibought them’. Dr Day: ‘Theyare no good; they will seem comfortable for a while but will hurt before long’. Me: ‘That isexactly right, they were OK for couple of months, like most shoes I buy, I LIKEhim! (I am pointing at Dr Day while looking at Mr Livingstone and the Nurse)’. Mr Livingstone:‘Who gave you these Insoles?’ Me: ‘No one, Ibought them from Amazon’. Mr Livingstone:‘But these were made by someone!’ Me: ‘Yes, ME.’ Mr Livingstone:‘You made these?’ Me: ‘Yes, Ibought two items from Amazon and simply glued them together.’ Mr Livingstone:‘oh…right’. I was given my first Night Splint in 12 years! I was given a pair of Vasyli + Dananberg Insoles (very expensive!) More exercises (the fifth lot of exercises in ten years) I had never heard of HIGH ARCHES BEFORE! Instead hearing 'well you don't have flat feet' I recently had all Anti-Inflammatories (but no blood vessels involded) Foam Inserts Orthotic Inserts (rock hard and painful not Vasylis) Corticosteroid Injections Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy 2 each of: Podiatrists (initilly refused), Rheumatologists, 3 Orthopaedic Surgeons 4 Physiotherapists (same one twice at different hospitals) Also... · Was refused point blank to be seen by NHSPodiatry, as they do NOT treat anyone between the ages of 16 and 65?! · Heard the following by every health person I metprior to 2012 ‘…well you don’t have flat feet.’ · On 8th February 2012 and for theFIRST time in 12 years told ‘…you have very high arches’?! · For the first time on the 8th February2012 I was actually given a Night Splint, only one mind you! · On 8th February and for the firsttime heard, and was given, a pair of ‘Vasyli + Dananberg Signature Series OrthoticInsoles’ which would cost £70 approximately?! I have recently read somewhere that as the PF has gone on for so long I may now be stuck with it. The Podiatrist, should state above, that I recently saw stated that my PF will degenrate and get shorter and shorter until I just will not be able to walk anymore. Oddly I had suspected the latter for the last 5 years and had often told the DWP/Local Council and Health Profesionals this but fell on deaf ears!! I was in a real state of shock for a few days, was not expecting that at all. Kind of strange to say but felt vindicated but at the same time shocked/worried (wheelchair bound) and angry (that this had been left for so long). Two X-Rays is all the NHS has managed in two years, which to be honest I am well aware are pointless as the only thing they can show is a SPUR which has nothing to do with the pain and not all PF sufferes develop it! As far as I am concerned and for one reason or another it has been failure after failure, arrogance beyone belief (never listening to what I said ad assuming I did NOT do the exercises at one point and tried to catch me out?!) to the point where I am now cursed with this nasty condition. I wil explain with some things I suffer from with it I had now READ about in a book... ‘…it (PF) is unpredictable’ ‘…people ask how you got it but you cannot explain as itcomes out of nowhere’ ‘...within couple of weeks it started to fade’, ‘wentrunning and back to square one’ ‘…standing in place in the grocery store became painful’ ‘...healing is tricky and complex’ ‘I wanted to walk normally again. I wanted to be able tostand in place without pain. If your suffering from plantar fasciitis, howevermild or severe, you will know what I mean’. Sufferers end up Cycling No one understands, even those close to you, what you aregoing through. You describe your condition but they don’t seem to ‘getit’ Maybe they think you sound like a hypochondriac. Until someone suffers plantar fasciitis, they can’tunderstand the intricacies of your suffering. …‘expert sources’ repeat consistent themes. ‘...things like walking and standing in place becomeexcruciating’. Can appear to disappear and re-appear without warning Can feel like you have stepped on broken glass Experiencing no more plantar fasciitis pain does not MEANit has gone! Getting plantar fasciitis to go away can be a seriouschallenge People cannot stay off their feet indefinitely. No recovery time line. No single cause can be blamed for its existence. Avoid going barefoot. Sufferers do NOT like showers. Biking: Chapter on Biking for Exercise! Cycling should keep knees in?! (I have done that for years) Cycling with MID part of foot?! (Do that often too!!) No FLAT shoes and no HIGH HEELED shoes. Sufferers shouldwear Trainers only. You cannot explain it in a ‘sound-bite’. No steep Hills. 95% ofsufferers overcome PF without surgery. 25% that havesurgery still have pain. After 6 months, surgery or Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ultrasound) All of the above have applied to me and I read about these in a brilliant book, Injury Afoot by Patrick Hafner! I LOVE THAT MAN!! My relationships with family and friends have also suffered during this time and I am angry that none of that which was in the book was EVER once explained to me. In fact they did such a bad job that NEVER was I convinced I had Plantar Fasciitis?! Indeed my thread from a few years ago may actually state that I strongly believed i did not suffer from this. So I never purchased a book!!! Also in this time I have been repeatedly refused DLA and a Freedom Pass and it now seems that the overuse of my feet, i.e. these refusals, have contributed to taking away months of my life whereby I will still ba able to walk!! Now anyone who has any kind of advice on this, or indeed knows or has heard of anyone with such a doggedly stubborn case of PF like I have, I would be extremely grateful to hear about. Also remember that I have now been told in no uncertain terms that I am heading for a wheelchair, no time period provided. A few years back I thought this would be in my late fifties, I am 43 now, but in the last couple of years I have told people that it may be in my mid to late forties! Right I could go on with more details but I think I will leave it there for now. Thanks ahead of time for anyone that would take time to read this. Also if I can be of advice to anyone feel free to ask.
  13. Hey Erika I would be more than happy to
  14. Ahhh the famous Atos. Yes I heard about these people. Someone I had been chatting to sent me details about them. Lo and Behold I have now had a questionnaire from them. However as people have come to realise in the past I am not that easy to deal with. As some on CAG would probably now guess about me. In fact this is the first time I have been on CAG for some time due to some very serious matters I had to deal with. Also since I was last on here a great many things have occurred and situations changed dramatically. Of these one is that I wrote two books and these are in the hands of literary agents right now. I have alreay had a great deal of lone agents express great interest in what they have read and stated that I added a bigger agency and that I would be published very soon. I hope so. These two books have been about the many things I have talked about in previous posts. One of them is about something I could not post on here at the present time. I would not be believed anyway, so to save myself from being accused, or indeed labelled, a madman I shall not. Plus it is to protect certain individuals too. SO I had a look at the Atos people after the DLA Help Group sent me information on them. I have a chapter prepared in one of my books just for them. In the meantime I am sorry to hear of anyone who is having difficulties. I am sure this is now where I am heading, though they have a few shocks coming their way this time. I will keep you posted. Be wary of people omn here offering help, lol. They are not who they claim or make themsleves out to be at times
  15. No Bipolar, phew!! After couple of discussions with a psychiatrist I have realised a few things. Someone was out to convince me, or people that I know, that I was losing the plot! My psychiatrist stated that it was no wonder I was suffering anxiety considering the things I had been through the last year, plus any stuff that had happened previously. She said I should write a book as the way I used words in the two lengthy diaries I left her were quite impressive. So I pulled two manuscripts out of my bag and showed them to her! lol. I also finally have an appointmen with Orthopaedics and I am over the moon about this. My new doctors have been quite brilliant. Oddly I saw two seperate Docs who both immediately stated I had a torn Meniscus. On informing them that my last GP's best guess after three years of asking was 'funnyism' they looked at me in absolute horror! lol. Then had one or two things to say about that. It is amzing how I have made so much progress in just a couple of months when I previously spent three years running to stand still. A nice feeling I am having now. Talk to them about my feet too, should be vey interesting and hopefully quite fruitful. Thanks to anyon who helped me on here. I will keep you informed.
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