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  1. ok..... all my statements finally came within a week of speaking to the nice abbey lady on the phone. Ive filled in the calcualtions spreadsheet with all my charges and it totals more than i expected.... £2,501.50p in charges. £626.20 in interest. Totalling 3,127.70p. So before i had received all the statements i got a partial pay off of £385.00. so i take it that when i fill in the court claim form that i deduct this amount received from the total or do i mention that they have paid this much back so far? And do i fill in the n1 and send it to my local court or is this part of the online court claims website where i had registered with and started to fill details in with allready?
  2. Right thanks you two, ive calmed down, i think i just spent too long yesterday going round in circles.. Ive taken the advice and ive got my non compliance template 3 letter ready to rock and roll. first off though i managed to speak to someone who works in the same department as Sheena Small. A receptionist said they were all in a meeting but that they would get back to me today or tomorrow morning and that id gotton through to a good department,I said i know as ive been reccomended this number! Anyway an hour later and Sheenas other colleagues got the message and rang me. She tells me her department deal with this and she says ill be wanting 6 years statements, so i guess they are working on people claims full time now! Theres no records of either requets and asked who i dealt with and she couldnt have been more helpfull, i explained that i had been very patient and they were well over the 40 day cut off point. She said she will personally deal with it and they will be with me as soon as she gets them and promised to keep me updated. I couldnt beleive how helpfull and nice she was, i was expecting a fight and having to get a bit angry about it all. Im glad i sent my ten pound cheque and statement request to Mike Ward as ive been able to point the finget at abbeys complaints department. So now at least i can go home for xmas, relax and pick this up in january when i have all the info i need. Meanwhile as ive been looking into what the court claim bit entails im a bit more up on it before ive reached that stage so at least itll be easier once i have the statements and have added the charges to my spreadheet.
  3. rang sheena, shes out of the office, so 2 other numbers i could ring were for jackie scott, shes out of the office too surprise surprise...other nmube for maxine watts, shes not answering her calls and go to voicemail. will leave a message. thanks for the phone number.
  4. Im looking in the bank templates section and im not seeing any non complience template letters. I think ive spent too long looking at this stuff, im more confused than when i started and my brains fried! lol Thanks for the updates, i just need a little guidance because as you cna see ive followed the course of letter writing ect but because they messed up with the statements its like im back at stage one.
  5. Update, i checked out Martin Lewis website to see if his simplfied version could help, i managed to get a nice little cut and paste to put in my money claim online form but still its impossible for me to do as how can i put date from which the charges start as the bank hasnt let me know and also i cant tell them how much interest they owe me as havent got a full breakdown of all charges yet. if i put a claim in without al the information theyll laugh me out of the courtroom surely. i asked for my statement for the second time on the 4th of october and theyve took the money for them so what should i do as the 40 days is well and truly up.is there someone who can maybe give me some help please on msn messenger or by email as i cant see anyone else on herer to relate to as everyone seems to have their info before the court stage and im totally lost, im thinking about giving in, ive spent all afternoon on trying to find an answer and nothings turned up.
  6. Your claim must contain at least the following information: -- Your account number Date account was opened The date from when your charges began That you have already supplied a schedule of charges That you will be supplying a further copy That the defendant has levied charges and interest That the defendants contractual term which allows charges is unfair and contrary to common law Total amount claimed Section 69 statutory interest statement The alternative argument - S.15 Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 Costs im now really out of my depth even with reading through all the info... That you will be supplying a further copy (is this a copy if it goes to court or is it once i sumbmit my claim online that they will ask for this info to be sent in the post?) Section 69 statutory interest statement (what is this on about, and does this also get sent in post at a later date or brought to court if it goes that far?) The alternative argument - S.15 Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 (this needs to be added to that box too on the online claims form??do i copy and paste this in that box? i know it sounds like im being really dim but the legal jargon and basic details without an explanation in laymans terms is really perplexing me. thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for that,i missed it earlier. Spent today at work printing out the bundle for if and when court happens and now im about to put my details in for claim, do i mention that they havent sent me all statements still so its an estimate or just go ahead as if its a final claim?
  8. Tried posting this in my own thread but the sites so busy these days it ends at bottom of pile as everyone tries to get advice in their own threads so will try here..... ive managed to fill the money claim online form in with my details and bank details and what they owe...what im looking for is a proffesional looking paragraph explaining why im taking them to a small claims court so it looks like i know what im on about and isnt amateur looking. also where do i stand if it goes to a court and ive guestamated what i owe as they STILL have not sent me all my bank statements even though they took my money for them back in early november, could it effect my case or even delay it once i contact the courts?
  9. Statements still havent arrived and due to personal circumstances, havent had the time to push for my money till now. I did send the letter stating thanks for the part payment but will be taking it to a court, they sent back a letter just saying what they always say, the charges are more than fair ect. So now im busy filling in my details online at money claim court. What should i write in the particulars of claim so im not wafflling and get to the point???
  10. Thanks for that....the cheque has cleared into my account, those pesky statements i paid for have still not materialised so will go ahead with court claim with an estimated amount.minus the amount paid me back...
  11. hmm......so doesnt look like anyone has time to give some guidance... so ive banked the cheque of part payment... i also sent a letter that was in templates section about i wont accept this as full payment but modified it to say i want full amount which is a rough estimate untill i gte the rest of my statements whcih they have took money for allready. im assuming this is all i can do right now
  12. Cheques arrived with a letter saying heres your final payment, i havent cashed it yet as i really need to know what to do next. still waiting for final statements and they have got my tenner for them now.....any suggestions what to do people please, im worried if i dont act now i will mess this up.
  13. Anyone any suggestions then? Wait till i get the missing statements and send them a thankyou i will accept part payment letter?....i dont wnat to balls this up at this stage and as its not exactly going in the same order as the step by step guide id appreciate some words of wisdom rigth now
  14. Aha! At last Im finally getting somwhere with Shabby! A few days ago i noticed the £10 came out of my account so looks like i will finally get the rest of my statements... Yesterday they sent the standard letter about not breaking codes of practice and wont refund the money, however as a good will gesture they will offer me £385.00. Im so happy to finally get this letter which to me means "we dont have a leg to stand on but we will try and bluff our way out of it anyway"! so it says i will get a cheque in 10 days and they also apologise for cocking up my originalrequest for statements so i have that in writing as evidence too now! ive registered on the claims court website thats linked on here and i understand i have to pay £150 once i start court claim.. This is where i get a little confused..i think i need to wait till those statements come and qucikly add to my spreadsheet before going ahead right?? and then in the meantime what should i be telling abbey? a letter saying thanks for the part payment but i want it all?
  15. no worries, that why i posted it, for an opinion! will change that and get it sent off today, many thanks for your continuing help.
  16. how does this sound as ive sent both dpa letters before and doesnt really respond to their letters of my complaint...... Dear Sir/Madam, I have enclosed your letter of response to my complaint. It is correct that I have received all the statements that you can from your computer records, thank you. It is however incorrect that I have not asked for or offered to pay for further statements from your microfiche system. I have been sent the "request of transaction form" before back in June after I received the first batch of statements. I filled this in and gave permission for the ten pounds to be taken from my account. I fulfilled my side of the task but Abbey have unfortunately not, hence my initial complaint. I have enclosed a copy of this letter asking for payment for your reference, as you can see its dated 21st June. The form was filled in and returned straight away. I am well aware of this microfiche debate and they are covered by the data protection act, the fact that I have requested them and given permission to take payment for them and I have not received them leads me to believe that abbey are deliberately using stalling tactics. I will however fill out this form again which I have enclosed but will also continue with reclaiming back my unfair and illegal charges and will be sending a letter asking for an estimated amount before court action, while I wait for the statements from the microfiche system as I will no longer be so generous with the amount of time that I have already wasted waiting. Yours Faithfully, is that ok to send?????
  17. many thanks Karne! will get on that right away!!!
  18. Really needing some advice here please people as the longer i wait to make the right move the more worried i am that they are going to beat me. Please help
  19. Abbey have put a spanner in the works now, was just about to send the lba letter with a guess to how much they owe me when i get a snotty letter finally getting back to me about their investigation into my missing statements. The short version is they say i have received as many as they can for free and that if i wanted more id have to fill in form and pay ten pound as rest are on microfiche. Ive allready had this form and said take the money from may account so they havent done this and now are making it sound like they have no knowledge of it. Do i go ahead with the lba or now do i have to send back this form and complain that ive allready filled one in and wait untill these statements show up? Im so stuck and its like theyve took me back to the start of the complaining process again!
  20. Abbey are now officialy doing my head in, no reply to my prelim letter with guestamated amount they owe me, no sign of any more bank statements, no reply to this supposed investigation into why my statements havent come after so many months. This seems to be dragging on and i feel this slipping away from me as works taking up so much of my time recently. I wont let this slide though! So whats my next step as i havent heard of anyone going ahead with the next letter after prelim who hasnt had all their statements turn up. Do i send next stage letter with the same guessed total and send the spreadsheet. How do i add guessed charges to the spreadsheet and how do i manage to work out how much apr they owe me, its all getting a bit out of my league now! It seems abbey are working on the assumption if people havent got the evidence to back their claim theyll back off.
  21. Thanks for that, yes i guessed i should send it to thesame place as where their letters have been coming from. I have written the letter and put in something similar to what you suggested. I think its amusing that they think stalling will put anyone off!!
  22. Should i send it to the same address as the previous address, which is the complaints section? And do i say that i have guestimated based on an average months charges due to the fact that they still havent sent me my information for all the months?
  23. Theyve just sent me another letter saying as they said before they are looking into my complaint and its taking a while as they want to be thorough, in the meantime no more bank statements have come through. So i think i should send an estimated amount and see what they say, right?
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