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  1. Cheque and letter recieved from Abbey on 4th may 2007. 2 weeks exactly from the day court settled in my favour. This can be moved to succesess now i guess. Oh this may be of relevance to some also too, i never mentioned at court my good will gesture payment as i think its a grey are if it should be included as part of the settlement figure. I imagined that if it was to be that Abbey would have mentioned it. Well ive been paid my full figure so i got an extra £380 odd quid aswell! bonus!
  2. It doesnt give a deadline and also doesnt state what will happen if they dont, its very basic document which is more like an invoice really! lol It does state that the letter was wrote on the 26th and that they owe me it fom the 20th.
  3. So ive been succesfull on an abbey claim so now going after my current bank i use, Natwest. They owe me round the £900 amount so ive done my calcuatlions spreadsheet today and prelim letter and will post them off today. Anything i need to know about Natwest and the way they go about this compared to Abbey?
  4. Well a week later and my general form of judgement or order came from the court stating Abbey owe me £3376.85p. So just waiting for them to send the cheque now, taking their time as usual no doubt.
  5. Thanks Phil, i will post as soon as i recieve the cheque and when ive come down from the ceiling!
  6. Didnt get back to me but i won at my hearing anyway. woo hoooo!
  7. Well for anyone whos in the early stage of this and is crapping it like i was....dont! I can honestly say i still havent a grop on the legal termonology and ive just walked out of court today over 3 grand better off!! Congrats to the others there who all got their dosh back, about 42 of us i think i heard..only down side was having to wait hours after time meant to go in but once in it took less than a minute and the judge more or less just totted up the amount owing and said they have to pay in 28 days. Id like to say a very big thankyou to KARNEVIL who gave me soo much support and help its untrue, i couldnt have done it without her and she is truly a credit to this site. Now ive just got to watch the postbox for that cheque and crack on with the next one!!!
  8. Cheers, you had any word from your bank Mimward? if not...... "Hi all, Abbey's cheque arrived today. I have spoken to the court and let them know. They advised me that I don't have to attend, just to fax them that the payment has been received and that we will only withdrawl the case once the funds have cleared into our account. Popcrash, Call Inga Kirkman on 0207 756 4332 at Grabby. She sorted out my payment."
  9. Cheers for that, rang em just now and gone to answerphone so left my claim number name and phone number saying id like to discuss settlement.
  10. im not sure what i need to take kapalika..i was thinking of taking all my letters ive sent and received so far plus my breakdown of charges and as anothe rpage to it adding court costs and not sure i should mention good will gesture payment or not that they gave me. Im excited but unsure of what i will be asked or how i will be able to answer any legal questions as ive so far winged this pretending i know what im on about. So far havent received any response from abbey on a settlement but i only received my court date yesterday anyway.
  11. Shouldnt you still turn up at court on friday though to let the judge know theyve agreed to settle and they will make sure they pay out when they are meant to?
  12. Allocation this friday (the 20th) at 10.30 at kingston county court. Looking forward to it, i see others have had response from their bank settling who have same date as me so we shall see.
  13. Mines at 10.30 at kingston court and im claming against abbey. just received letter today too, was a bit shocked so quick!
  14. Mines at 10.30 at kingston court and im claming against abbey. just received letter today too, was a bit shocked so quick!
  15. Mines at 10.30 at kingston court and im claming against abbey. just received letter today too, was a bit shocked so quick!
  16. Mines at 10.30 at kingston court and im clamiing against abbey. just received letter today too, was a bit shocked so quick!
  17. Started to print some of it out ages ago so shouldnt be too hard, that and i have a lot of free time at work. thanks for the info guys, another month, my this is taking its time.
  18. Right ive had a letter from the copurt saying abbey aree defending and also a letter from abbey laying out the defense they have put in to the court. Ive got my questionnaire from the court and filled in like the templates suggest with the attatched suggested draft directions and am sending it off today. The draft directions state that if i dont give the courts all the info in 14 days that i will be struck out....so does that mean i do my bundle now and get a copy to both the court and the bank?
  19. Thanks for that, it makes total sense now! Upwards and onwards!
  20. Im sorry, is it me being completely thick but im still not understanding what im meant to put in there. youve more or less told me what ive allready read and not understood. the overdraft interest is the 8% that is calculated on the spreadsheet right? so how can you calculate the day between judgement and settlement as nobody knows how many days itll take to settle? the calcualtion in the template is in red so this isnt emant to be on the n1 form i take it. I dont think im ever going to get this claim in. can someone who can explain to me in laymans terms so i can understand please pm me as it may be quicker than wasting peoples time on this forum. thanks in advance.
  21. Charges £xxx.xx Overdraft Interest £xxx.xx Interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984 £xxx.xx Court Fee £xx.xx TOTAL £ xx.xx Plus interest pursuant to S.69 County Courts Act 1984 from date of issue to date of judgement/settlement at £xx.xx per day {(enter daily rate here - (CHARGES+OD interest)x 0.00022 = pence per day) }OR at such rate and for such periods as the court deems just. this interest under county courts act is flummixing me, how cna you work it out if its date of issue to settlement?
  22. Thanks for the advice people. I only started a new thread as i never seem to get an answer very quickly or if at all in my own thread and know from previous experience the mods are straight on a new thread to put it where it belongs. Hmm the advice is all good, i will have to read the wording on my good will gesture. It does seem sensible to leave the calculations as is and just point out that they have paid some money back and leave it to the courts. I have done my spreadsheet starting with newest date going back to the first one so would be easier for me not to take away the latest charges from them. Once the N1 form is filled in how do i go about sending it off, i take it this has nothing to do with the online claims form? Havent seen anywhere that really explains the contacting the court bit of it really cept the whole go online and fill in the online questions and pay your fee.
  23. Im about to put in my court forms but not sure how i go about extracting the amount ive received as a good will gesture and mentioning it in the overall claim. Do i just take it off of the total amount and not mention it unless it comes up later or do i say this is the amount i want and theyve paid me this much back? Many thanks in advance.
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