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  1. hi all got pip 24 points and 12 mobilty had my atos assiment but can i see this report
  2. well after 9 months waite got my pip phoned them today full rate mobilty and care back dated as well thank you one and all this site was my life saver always in my heart if anyone wants help i will ans to my best
  3. well claimed in nov 2013 got a f2f atos on july 7thafter getting mp help phoned dwp yesterday30th july they had the report on the 10 th july should hear in 3 weeks from the date report recieved to day got a letter to say got all reports and will contact me shortly the letter was dated 23 rd july its taken a week to get to me when can i expect a letter now i surpose a month b4 i call gain any ideas ps live in the london area
  4. your personal advisor should be sacked she/he should have told you this if u ask for pip papers the the claim is live good luck hope it all works out i am waiting on atos to send report back to the dwp it can take months
  5. thanks all just to add they seem so nice etc it is to drop ur guard be carefull ie not handing my stick to me it fell on the floor if i had picked it up which i could have not she would have noticed that when i was waiting on the return cab the 2 girls on the front desk kept a watch as well the lady that came with me noticed this go through ur form that u filled and dont be bullied like what she said to me , but can do ur shopping and cooking cant you smiling at me be strong will let u know when i get it or not she said it might take a one month to hear if i wanted phone the dwp after that if u want to claim ur transport u have to phone them before you go the will ask why u need a taxi etc when i had my assiment she knew that i was claiming expences as ask why come by taxi be carefull but tell the truth god bless
  6. bump i thought i might have helped
  7. hi all just some info about what to expect from atos assisment excuse my spelling i have m h and osterarthritis ibs and seizures on 11 meds plus control med well my appt was for 1.30 got their at 1.15 1.40 no sign of calling me by the way i had a m h lady with me from mind she ask why delay next i was called young nurse was very polite she said sorry that she had a load of notes to read etc the lady gave her new letters from my consultant as when i filled the form ibs and seizures was not on there i am waiting 9 months for this anyway back to the assisment she ask me about my mobilty and mh how it affcted my life how did i sleep how did i cook did i look after my meds did i need help dressing she had my form on computor she went from page to page as to what i written down on the form then she ask me to sit or lie on the couch she had it low so i ask her to raise it didnt hand me my stick i had to ask her for it little things like this trip u up then had to squeese her hand then she ask me to repeat 3 words which i did then which i found strange she ask me to subtract 7 from 100 down all the way confused by now i coulnt that was it she took us back to the front reception photo copied my lastest letters from drs then said good bye thats it if you to ask me anymore questions please do
  8. do i send the new letters to atos or dwp assement on the 7th july ie my new health issues
  9. hi all got a atos appt next week find it difficult to get someone to come with me a friend will u see m h hearing voices etc also since i filled in the form i have ibs and seizures which now on meds for both mind have no one as holidays and my m h consultant is trying to get a nurse but not hopefull so i am not eating with worry sent off papers to atos and the dwp today of my new meds etc i live in london area
  10. new claim cross with mp as she only emailed them want paper
  11. hi cliam form sent nov 12 2013 dwp got it atos got it 5 dec 2013 no news at all m p has witten one month ago she still not heard anything back from them either is this a record
  12. hi all my mortgage is going on a fixed rate from a variable will bring down the cost a little get help with it from dwp do i let them know or will my lender forgot to ask and where do i send it many thanks
  13. when u send ur pip to dwp they then send it to atos can atos send it back to dwp to give you pip without they seeing you
  14. and on my pip appl the recived it dwp on nov 12 2013 went to atos dec 5 th 2013 phoned them they said 26 weeks waite from date they got it but london now are on 8 mts behind its comes uo from a computor and you have to waite and see how sad
  15. oh dear he can only pay 400 can if i lose c/t and monies esa support i am out of pocket
  16. hi all iam on esa support waiting on pip i need help as i have mh promles and mobilty have a friend can move in for 1 yr will have to put their name on c/t and help with bills they will pay me to stay with me as i will be helping as their flat needs work what will i lose as i get help with my morage etc
  17. thank you for getting back to me told him what u said done a bit of searching my self i think once they put in his national insurance number i think it will flash up and keep and eye on it thats my believe but he is a ill guy and his drs are backing him up so good luck to him he will have to have a dwp dr to see him anyway as filling in form is only one part of the claim
  18. hi all got a chap that was given admin penality for dla fraud in 2009 it should have got that far as his solictors sold him down the river anyway quite ill he has esa suport can he claim for pip or will they not take it on as he has his dla stopped 2009 his family gp and consultants want to support him any ideas
  19. had to send all outgoings etc they ie mind fought with them they were quite rude about the whole lot
  20. well mind phoned them will take what i can afford will review me in 6 months thank u all ps got a fast payment on fri 18 th payment should be 21 st why i wonder never had a fast payment b4
  21. its was dla overpayment no increase in my household still on benifet esa support so annoyed that is stopping on monday a lot of money
  22. hi all paying back 5 per week as agreed 3 yrs ago now want 18 per week can they do this letter late so starting from monday
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