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  1. thanks for all youre private messages those that told us they read the forums were right so continue youre private messaging its surprising when you write what they want to hear how quickly they come out of the woodwork make sure what you are really doing stays in private messaging only
  2. :confused:we were told by the police that if we give them back the car in the original condition that we have to put back the engine that was took out but we had the engine put in by a garage in september and didnt find out about this loan till last sunday the original engine has been scrapped and we have no intention of giving them it
  3. UPDATE been to the police today only to be told by them we dont have a leg to stand on we bought the car and we bought the debt because we didnt hpi the car, it didnt even matter that when we bought it it was with a blown engine and just really scrap so we are now very CONFUSED! they say legally we cant do anything that the car belongs to mobile money. things seem to go from bad to WORSE!!!!!!!
  4. we have the reciept from the engine we bought and the garage we had it put in by also a reciept from the person we bought it off we are awaiting instructions from a solicitor we have the car hidden they are not having it without a fight!!!!!
  5. we bought a car in september last year in london from a neighbour of my brother in law it had a seized engine and was the worst for wear, the seller was a soldier who explained that he had the logbook but because he moved around a lot he would drop it in. We applied for a logbook in december as the car needed taxed and by this time we had a new engine put in it, new wheels new seats and the car has set us back approx 1700 pounds. Last week we had a guy turn up at our door in cornwall to tell us that mobile money owned the car that the soldier had taken out a thousand pound loan on the car in august and that they wanted the car.We refused and since then we have been in contact with this company given them the soldiers phone number and even the registration of the new car he has but because they cant get any money out of him the told us to settle out of court and we can give them 1000 pounds and then they only have to get 500 out of the soldier.We have told them to do one and now they are trying to get nasty we have hidden the car and they wont get it we have been told by the police to go to the county court and try for an injunction:mad:
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