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  1. thank you .. do you have one on file somewhere i could kind of copy x
  2. thank you , one more question sorry , should i do another i&e or a letter to be getting on with ? x
  3. no thats the problem it wasnt on the court order , but ive heard you can get a transcipt of the hearing ? is that correct? id love to send them a copy if i could x
  4. sorry Ellen , no the shop fell through but i am running it alone ( it is still up for sale ), my husband has a job now so things are much better , i thought we were doing ok until i just spoke to them , i managed to hold them off till i make payment on tuesday but i dont want this hassle every month .
  5. hi all .. more help needed but not an eviction thank god . At the last eviction hearing when the judge suspended the order he said the first payment on 1 feb and asked if that was ok with me ,i said id rather pay at the end of each month and he looked at their rep and said i see no problem with that do you ? the rep said no i see none , so i have been making payments around the 28 of each month with no problems ..they call, i tell them, no problem .. this month a different story .. i have been receiving untold calls from them (im not answering) and today had a letter saying as im in default they have no alternative but to go for an eviction date , i called them and told them what the judge said and was told they need a new income and expenditure sheet and they would see if they allowed me to pay at the end of each month .Do i send another ? or just a letter ? any ideas ? Thanks x
  6. i think they are more concerned with mortgage help .. any idaes on that thank you for your help x
  7. so what can he claim ? and would they be entitled to mortgage help ?
  8. Hi Ive had loads of help on this site from Ell-en in the repossesions , but now im asking for some info for a friend. She and her husband are self employed but the last year they have lost a lot of their business and there is now no work for her better half . They are in reciept of working tax credit and she earns only about 60 pounds a week . They luckily have help with the mortgage from their parents but need to sort things out . She spoke to the benefits peopl today and is totally confused as to wat benefit he should apply for The lady on the phone said not income support and not contribution based jsa .. does anyone have any advice for her please they would also need to try to get help with mortgage payments .. thank you in advance for any advice
  9. yes he was really nice .. but yes i will sell the shop still .. even if just to clear the arrears x
  10. yes of course I got to the court about 30 mins early .. and their solicitor asked to have a word , he was really nice and explained he didnt work for the mortgage co or their solicitors .. i showed him all my receopts of payments made and explained that although i had missed a payment in september it was all up to date .. he said he could see that but technically i had breached the order .. so we go in to see the judge and he made me feel at ease as soon as i walked in .. He asked when the original order was made and the amount of arrears .. rent a solicitor replied Nov 2009 with 10500 arrears , the judge picked up straight away on that and said no your wrong it was a lot higher .. Rent a solicitor said its clear she cannot afford to pay this mortgage .. he asked me why i had fallen behind and i explained about the machine breakdown and produced my payment receipts and said my mortgage is up to date but the arrears have dropped by 750 in 6 months .. straight away he said im going to suspend .. in this day and age who can be expected to pay the mortgage and 300 off the arrears he lowered the payment to 100 extra each month .. he asked why we were selling the shop and i said .. because of the stress of all this .. it might be better to get a 9-5 job .. he then said .. think twice before you sell .. you seem to be doing ok x
  11. ok ive been reading the other threads re appeals .. but what reason would i have to appeal i also have just spoken to Acenden and although i am behind on the court order my arrears have dropped all be it by 500 pounds .. with the offer on the shop do you think i have a reasonable chance? payments due to Aenden aug to jan ... 5,504 payments made aug to jan ... 6050
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