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  1. I have nothing to offer, but bumping it might mean someone who does will see it. So... bump!
  2. From what I gather, Wonga's method of 'pay-when-you-want' helps them add massive interest charges and late fees to it. Probably better to go with someone with a fixed interest, who don't have administration costs... do any do that type?
  3. I agree with the 3 months repayment plan, would get them their money back, would help the client to repay, and would probably improve relations.
  4. A very thinly veiled threat it seems. Well, at least you know if you take it to court you can get harassment charges against them.
  5. Yeah, go for a pre-paid if you're worried about them getting in to your account. Most companies can find a way to force the payment through.
  6. I read up on these on the MoneySavingExpert forum (Judas, I know...), experiences on there suggest they're a [problem] company.
  7. I've been sent a letter by these guys and it said I would be charged £18 a letter, so extortion is their game.
  8. I thought these guys had the lower rates out of a few of them? Do they hide charges all over the place then?
  9. Has anybody had experience of contact with him? Is he easy or a pest?
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