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  1. My partner test drove the car and noticed that he had to raise the clutch pedal very high to catch the bite. He queried with the dealer if the clutch was ok and the dealer got into the car, tried the pedal,and said that it was ok and all zafiras were like that.
  2. do you think it is worth going any further with this considering that I have had the car repaired by a different garage. I want to take this further but my partner doesn't due to the threat being made. We have 3 children and he is worried that if threats have been made already then what type of people am I dealing with.
  3. Because I was told that I was only covered for 30 days I have already had the car repaired. Is there any way of finding out if this dealer has had other complaints made about him. I have had a quick search on the net but couldn't find anythinganything. Thanks
  4. I purchased a 2003 vauxhall zafira 5 weeks ago from a car dealer and the car broke down so I had it towed to my regular mechanic as the car dealer told me that I was only covered for 30 days. It turns out that I needed a new clutch,fly wheel, coil spring and a gear box mount totalling £1,300. I rang the car dealer and spoke to one of the salesmen who told me that I had a bargain, and that the clutch wasn't covered as it is a movable part and he just fobbed me off. I then managed to contact the owner of the car lot,and he said that the clutch wasn't covered even though my partner querie
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