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  1. Quote from stewy:- " I'm seriously considering exiting this existence before I even have the stress of it to deal with...bad enough living with my condition but really can't see a future worth living once this all comes into play...IDS is a heartless, inhuman creature who actually believes he is doing the right thing by sick and disabled people.." I feel the same. Suicide may well be my best option if they stop my money (which is very likely).
  2. The programs have made me realise how hopeless I feel for myself and all the others who are affected. I'm to be migrated within 6 months and I have no chance of getting ESA or earning enough money in a job. They haven't just moved the goalposts, they have buried the goalposts. The Danny Alexander thing highlights the hopelessness I feel about politicians. PS. Dr Bick was my doctor for years but I switched because he wouldn't prescribe anything strong; but he knew I was a recovering addict so I'll let him off. It's funny cos I had him down as a right-wing toff when he's more of a left-wing toff. (No offence meant by the word toff in this instance).
  3. Channel 4 Monday 30th July at 8pm. I am looking forward to this! They've done some undercover work on how the disabled are assessed. Should be good. Shame it won't stop it happening.
  4. True. And that's why people who are debilitated are being assessed as fit.
  5. If they are" professional", they often are not qualified to diagnose the type of disability they are dealing with. "Neil Bateman, a solicitor who handles ESA appeals, said on two occasions his clients had been successful because, among other reasons, the doctor assessing them had qualified in Romania and registered with the GMC but had not been licensed to practise in Britain." http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2011/aug/13/atos-doctors-improper-conduct-disability
  6. A lot of you will have seen this but I think we should make everyone aware of these reports because ESA is killing people. http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/investigations/2012/04/32-die-a-week-after-failing-in.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter - dj
  7. I can only speak for myself but I would not risk losing my benefits by not doing all the things I have to do to get them. I would give them my number and fill out the forms etc. because it's so easy for them to just stop the money. - dj
  8. You do not have to claim JSA, they frequently tell people this but it is false information. You should receive ESA at the assessment rate up until your appeal tribunal. Good luck - dj PS Congrats to eliot npt
  9. The only other thing that occurs to me is that if you were getting contribution- based ESA it would run-out after 12 months. Then you need to claim income-based ESA after that. I am sketchy on the details of this though. - dj
  10. Yes, you need to keep ringing and writing until they pay up and explain themselves to you. You should have all your back-pay within 2 or 3 weeks of winning the appeal. - dj
  11. I'm guessing no-one knows the answer to this because it must be another incredibly stupid and damaging mistake by the DWP. They have lost your claim somehow. I would be angry too. - dj
  12. When you are ready to appeal get your doctor to back you up specifically on the descriptors you should have won points on. I gave my doctor the form they had sent me with the results on it, ie. how many points I didn't win for each descriptor. My doctor said that it helped immensely and a short letter was enough to win me the appeal. Good luck. - dj
  13. ....and it comes as no surprise that we are bottom of the pile:- http://www.uswitch.com/news/money/uswitch-quality-of-life-index-uk-is-the-worst-place-to-live-in-europe-900002286/ - dj
  14. What a terrible situation. I would speak to Citizens Advice about this. This is the benefits entitlement page on the directgov website:- http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Diol1/DoItOnline/DoItOnlineByCategory/DG_172666 You do need to keep speaking to the DWP to find out what you can live on for now. It might take several tries but they have to help you. - dj
  15. Congratulations Sod'em. Great news. I don't understand why you say they are not backdating if they are paying you from 3 days after the assessment. But I'm glad for you. - dj
  16. You must have filled out an ESA50 the best possible way. I have heard that a well written ESA50 can get that result with no medical. I am very pleased for you. - dj
  17. They mean someone to appear at the tribunal with you to speak for you.
  18. http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/gl24dwp.pdf Gl24 - dj
  19. Great news. (I know the feeling:whoo:). So glad for you. - dj
  20. Have you sent in sick notes? Are you getting ESA at the assessment rate? Your appeal goes to the Tribunals Service and you should send them a letter from your doctor backing you up on which points you should have won. The Tribunals Service is an independent body that looks at the decisions made by Atos and the DWP. Many appeals are successful and it looks like you have a good case. - dj
  21. It's not a case of a re-appeal, it's just that they look at the decision again before it goes to the Tribunal Service. You should keep your sick notes going and wait for an appeal date. It could take 6 months to a year. I wish you luck and please stay in touch. Don't be afraid to ask questions. The government is putting us through hell so we need support. - dj
  22. Not changing the decision is pretty much the norm. The real appeal is with the tribunal service. You need to send a doctor's letter backing you up on the points you should have scored in the first place. Read the "stickies" at the top for how to word your appeal. Good luck, - DJ
  23. Good news but I thought most of them are not doctors anyway. Someone on this site did say a while ago that complaining to the GMC could be effective. - dj
  24. Yes I have read that you can request a copy of the computer print-out. I think it said ask at the beginning of the assessment and remind them at the end. And don't be fobbed-off, they have to give you it. - dj
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