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  1. Hi Many thanks for this, I will send the form and see what happens. I have others as well so I think I will send this form to them also. Regards Kim
  2. Hi Thanks for replying The original debt was a Citi credit card and I have been paying a regular amount since the 25th of February 2011. I do not get an annual statement of account. I think I should have looked into this sooner. Do you think that I should ask Cabot for an up to date statement or just wait. Regards Kim
  3. Hi I have been paying Cabot a regularly monthly figure for many years and now I have received a letter saying that they have passed the debt over to Ruthbridge. I have read many posts saying that I should not even acknowledge any letters sent to me by Ruthbridge, is this the case? Also should I continue to make my normal payments to Cabot or should I cancel the standing order that I have set up with them. I look forward to some help and support on this matter. Regards Kim
  4. Many thanks I will keep a diary and log any other letters that they send me.
  5. Not sure what the first sentence means. Unfortunately I spoke to them on the phone once but have not taken any other calls from them. They have sent me about 6 letters regarding this so far.
  6. The loan was taken out about 5 to 6 years ago although I do not have the original paperwork so am unsure of the exact date. The letter from Robinson Way states the following. We want to work with you to agree an affordable arrangement based on your individual circumstances, so we ask that you complete the attached financial statement detailing your income and your expenditure and your proposed payment to us. Alternatively we may be able to agree a reduction in the balance you owe and we may allow you to pay this reduced balance over three months. Please note that where this account i
  7. i have received letters from Robinson way asking for payment for £17,580.00. This was for a secured loan from Welcome Finance that was on my old home that got repossessed. As far as I was concerned when the house was repossessed the loan was paid off as I have had no correspondence from Welcome Finance stating that I owe them any money. I have checked my credit file and there is no mention of any loan regarding this figure on it. I want to write to Robinson way stating that I do not believe this money is actually owed but do not know exactly w
  8. Many thanks for the comments, you have certainly put my mind at ease. I am going to block their telephone number and send a letter stating that I believe the charge to be dead as it is secured on the old property that I had.
  9. Thanks for this, I will request all further correspondence in writing. Not sure when the loan was taken out, is there a way to find out now Welcome Finance have gone bust.
  10. Hi I received a letter in September from Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited stating the following and that I was to make payments to Robinson way. The first paragraph of the letter is as follows. " We are writing to notify you that MKDP LLP has assigned all of it's respective rights, titles and interest in respect of the above referenced account (Ex Welcome Finance Limited) to Hoist Portfolio Holding Limited effective 10/08/2015. The balance they say is £17580.00." This was a loan that I took out with Welcome Finance and was secured on my home which was subsequ
  11. [problem] Advisor reduced his rating from 48% to 10% after I contacted them the other day. Hopefully others will not get conned like I did.
  12. On the 6th of November my son ordered a moped online from a company called thescooterbox.com. He received an email asking him to do a direct bank transfer to a Lloyds bank account. Unfortunately it did not occur to him that this was not a normal process when ordering goods online. He was then informed that delivery would be three to five working days. A week later he had still not received his order when he tried to contact the company there was nobody answering phone calls or responding to emails. Now the website is down and I feel
  13. Thanks for the advice. The apprenticeship was for a year whilst they completed a qualification with the option to take them on full time. There have been some performance issues which have been documented. Regards Kim
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