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  1. Hello all just a quick post before i head of to work....woke up to a parking ticket =(.... The situation was that i had left my old resident parking badge on my screen as it didnt come of and was going to take it of on my day of tuesday..however i stuck my old one on with sum cellotape and from the condensation its fallen of overnight, now ive been given a ticket for it! ino its my fault but i mean i phone up the council and they said you might get a ticket but they might let you of...now im not sure as i allways have to end up paying the fine and, has you lot helped with my other pcn i though i may get some help with this Now should i go to through the route of saying it fell of? or approach them in a diffrent manner. The lady said that it invaildates the badge as it was not in view, but she said photocopy it and send it with the form. Thank you lot for reading, its abit of a mess havent re-read through the post has im going to get late for work.
  2. thanks everyone for the help, great fourm and people in here
  3. nope i dont have a disabled badge.... so the best thing is to ignore them and they will send out threatn letters saying they do this and that?
  4. i was shoping there for lik 10minz and then left as its in a shoppin area, and got side tracked of time.
  5. what should i do then? should i ignore it send a appeal?
  6. Hello all, i just recived a parking charge notice from parking eye saying i was parked in there for longer than 2 hours. anyway i herd that you can get away with it.... Its PCN and they want me to pay 40 pound what do i do? should i pay it or send a appeal?
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