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  1. Thanks for your reply Bookworm. I'm not seeking compensation as I don't feel I have lost out, however, I just thought I'd make people aware of what happened, and also feel a little better about the incident in as much as I know it's not me Regards Sarah
  2. Well, I've just about calmed down sufficiently to post without ranting! Last Sunday evening I ordered a Stoves 600DSLIM (I think) cooker from Dixons.co.uk - the transaction was processed, and the order confirmed by e-mail, and the correct sum of money was immediately taken from my bank. I looked forward to hearing from them about their 2-4 day delivery. Nothing odd there, you may say. By Wednesday, having heard nothing, I telephoned their Customer Service line. I explained that I hadn't heard anything about delivery of my shiny new cooker - with working oven which makes it insta
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