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  1. I also have a major problem with them! can someone legal help me please?
  2. Thanks Jamberson, I filed the Out of time forms, the council said they have upto 28days to either accept or appose the out of time is this correct? I am astounded to say the least.
  3. Please help guys, bailiffs came by today and towed my car, based on a parking contravention in May 2010. Apparently they wrote to me in August with a NOTICE TO OWNER - I did not receive anything. I moved after I received the penalty notice, I sent an e-mail to the parking people concerned and e-mailed them an informal represention, I put at the end of the email in May2010 that I am moving and to contact me at new address or email me. They emailed me back and said thank you for your email we have a back log but will contact you with a decision soon.That was in MAY, I never heard anything from them, I called back on the 13th day just to make sure they are dealing with my ticket and not going to take it up. The lady I spoke to said so sorry we are inundated just hold tight and wait, there is nothing we can do, we will get back to you. She assured me it was on hold. In June I though thats enough time they still have not replied? I sent another e-mail AND WROTE TO THEM! No reply! End of JUNE I called them they said sorry no decision as yet, please wait for the NOTICE TO OWNER INSTEAD, then you can formally appeal it or pay the amount requested. I said well how long before you send the NTO - Council lady said not sure due to the back log! During this time I had informed DVLA of my change of address, changed the log book into new address. TODAY I GOT CLAMPED AND TOWED!!! I called them and they are saying we wrote to you! I asked which address and they wrote to the address I already informed them I was no longer at! But then another woman in the council parking dept. said they did write to the new address.. so one of them is incorrect.... strangely I did not receive any NTO!!! WHAT SHALL I DO?????????? PLEASE HELP ME. WILL THEY SELL MY CAR? AS I HAVE BEEN INFORMED IT CAN TAKE UPTO 6 WEEKS TO DEAL WITH THIS THANK YOU.
  4. Thank you dear for the honest words I am in a right mess to be honest no idea what I will do... I think I need to think about this... I didnt kniw that money from a friend almost a sister is not allowed! It's not like an inheritance just a loan which will b paid back I willhave such a large overpament I think and am not going to get through this easily and will have trouble explaining this
  5. no idea wat to do but will be as honest knowing they will try put word sin my mouth
  6. Thank you and apologies it's just that I have had any sleep and am worried sick therefore have not been able to be clear enogh! I have a friend who runs her own businesss, I wanted to take out a loan but as I am unemployed they would turn me down so didnt want to affect my credit rating, so for the past couple of years she has been depositing money and transferring at times around 500 into my account and at times she would transfer £1000. Each month she would borrow me roughly £1000-£2000 as I was saving up for something personal- so she was going to get her money back as soon as I started some work which I intend to start looking in a couple of months! I was completely unaware that borrowing money or lending money was not allowed as it appears (hence interview under caution only thing I can think of!) I'm just worried sick they are going to think that this is some sort of paid money i.e cash in hand... no idea how to prove she was borrowing me money! Quick question- would they not have checked the inland revenue system to see when I was last working in any case and surely that would prove I have not been working? And that this money is legitamate loan money?
  7. They were rpaymenta will this look really bad?
  8. Please help me would DWP see a personal loan as '''' ALSO are you allowed to bomoney from family or friends without being penalised for not disclosing a change of circumnce (if this is classed as a change of circumstance in the first place)> THANK YOU
  9. Hi just a quick question to the caggers on here I really would appreciate your answers... I borrowe money to a friend years ago, before claiming she has started paying back into my account however I have been on benefits for the past 4 years- will they consider this as an income???? Thanks
  10. Hello, I am unsure as to why I have been sent a letter for an interview under caution as they have not written the details of their aOWEVER I assume it's to do with lots of c into my account which I have not told them about! These cash ds ar and there are lots of them, which has clearly raised suspicions I am o. I am really worried as My frid these amounts in cash into my account and now have no idea o to if a to do PLease reply asap as I have an interview th Thanks
  11. Hi there I just called CRA- They advised me that they are general enquiries and DCA have the right as it's bsiness2 Business- should not affect credit rating or not be visible to other lenders as its not a full credit search just an address search, hope this helps?? I just do not trust CRA or DCA full stop !!!!
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