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  1. Had to stop the champix at about 8 weeks my moods got REALLY bad:-x But I’m still smoke free :)even with all the crap that has been going on in my life….best thing I ever did….well apart from child birth…
  2. I can’t believe how good it is with in days for starting to take the tablets my smoking was getting less and less I used to smoke 20-25 a day…on day 4 of taken the tablets I got a pack of 10 that lasted me 4 days. I’m now day 10 and not smoked for 3 days:) For me the hard thing is what to do with my hands:confused: I do find that the morning tablet makes me feel a bit sick and my sleep is not right (but I can be like that from time to time so I don’t now if the is due to the tablets or not.)
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