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  1. Yes loan was made to a limited company. Yes he signed some sort of a guarantee He is trying to sort out an account
  2. Sorry, but I am finding difficult to start a new thread. My query goes like this: My husband runs a company and it has an overdraft which was turned into a loan. This was not secured and Barclays bank sent letters for us to agree to have the debt secured on the house. I refused to sign mine as this was not the original agreement. My husband agreed to pay a certain amount towards the debt. Now the Bank has sent my husband a claim under a guarantee claiming that the whole amount should be paid plus court fees and solicitors costs. They have also written to him advising that they are clos
  3. I requestd for an agreement and a statement which they have sent. The agreement on one page shows the amount borrowed, PPI and monthly payment. Our signatures appear on the agreement. We only paid 8 instalments when my husband lost his job. However we continued to pay £50 for some time and later £20 when the situation became bad. We tried to negotiate with them sometime when my husband started a small business and wanted to settle the amount by paying £10,000 they refused. The last time we paid something towards the arrears was April 2008 when we paid £200. They have however continued t
  4. Thanks for starting a new thread for me. I am not sure about the CCJ. I think the case went to court and was sold to RobinsonWay. The origical loan was with Paragon. I am not sure whether there was PPI, but I will send a CCA. Thanks.
  5. Yes this is a different issue. I did not know where to start another topic. This is scarely, what are my options? I am overwhelmed by debt and am even struglling paying my mortgage?thanks.Kanana
  6. Hello there. I have received a letter from Horwich Farrelly solicitors who are stating that Robinson Way Limited have instructed them to apply for a charging order on our propterty for a £10,000 which was taken in 2002 and has now come to £21055. Are they allowed to do this on an unsecured loan? Would be grateful for advice. Kanana
  7. Dear all, A quick update, I wrote Halifax a hardship letter and also told them that I could only pay £60.00 per month. They wrote back agreeing to my suggestion and that they will review the case in six months time. They stated that charges will be at a reduced rate of 0% p.a. Hopefully they will stick to it. I also claimed bank charges, but they told me that the charges are in excess of 6 years. They also stated that they will not refund the £12 charge but only the difference because the OFT stated that they would not take further action where charges were set at £12 or belo
  8. Wonder whether someone can direct me in the right direction. I put my account in dispute and stopped paying. I just noticed that Halifax has taken out money from my account as cash after bombarding me with phonecalls which I did not respond to. This is quite vexing. It looks like we are at their mercy and they can do whatever they want. I need to pay what I think I can manage and not what they think suits them. I know I have no alternative, but just thought I could vent out my anger here. Anyone with a suggestion? Thanks. Kanana
  9. Sparky72, Has someone responded to thread since this one? I seem to be in the similar situation to yours and I do not kow which way to go as I read different responses on this forum. Hope someone will respond. All the best. Kanana
  10. Thanks dx. What is my next step and what does IMHO mean? My understanding was that the so called agreement was an application form for a Credit card. There is about £300 pounds in over limit fees and I am not sure sure about the PPI. When I put the account in dispute they sent me two sets of Credit agreements, one from Halifax and one from Bank of Scotland with the first page specifying my name and address and the bank agreement. I am also attaching the letter from Halifax and wonder my next move will be before they send a default. scanned images 011.pdf scanned images 010.pdf scanned imag
  11. Thanks dx100uk The letter just stated that 'since your card is to expire, you will not be abe to use it after the exprity date shown on front of the card). Normally we would send you a new cared before your current one expires. However, after reviewing your credit card account we have decided not to send you a new card and close your accout when your current card expires. You will not be able to open your account again once we have closed it.' Then they apologise for inconvenience caused and asked me to destroy the card due to security reasons and advised to cancel any regular payme
  12. Dear all Sorry for the delay. Please find now attached a letter and agreement from Halifax. I did send them a dispute account letter after I received their response. I will post their response later. I want to know whether these documents holds water in terms of an enforceable CCA. Thank you. Kanana scanned images 009.pdf scanned images 008.pdf scanned_images_007.pdf
  13. Hello there, Hope it will work this time. I need to write to the bank before 19th and advise them that the account is in dispute. Thanks for the advice. Kanana
  14. Try to enlarge this Elsa. Hope it will work this time. Thanks, Kanana
  15. Can someone please tell me if this agreement is enforceable. Background information. Had a Credit Card with a bank, but was closed sometime in August this year and advised to continue paying balance which meant paying interest only and have been paying minimum requirement. Sent for SAR and CCA. Have now received statement and agreement. Would be grateful for advice.
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